Xiaomi Mi5S Review: Step forward or backward?

In late September, a Chinese manufacturer still labored presentation of two new products: XIaomi Mi5S as though it advanced version XIaomi Mi5S Plus.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: Step forward or backward?

Personally, I think Xiaomi Mi5 best smartphone the first half of 2016. The successful combination of price / quality found was simply impossible.

I recall that Mi5 was presented in late February and early March 2016. Release to the exhibition MWC 2016 and, admittedly, has riveted the attention of journalists and members at the expense of the super durable ceramic caps in the senior modifications. The noise on this particular verse slowly, many different versions of yourself buy news and have started to use the device for your pleasure.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: Step forward or backward?

Nevertheless, in the middle of the summer it became clear that the coming release of the new generation of devices on a slightly advanced chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 821. Fuel to the fire poured Vitus internets rumors about the imminent release of Xiaomi Mi Note 2, which, incidentally, was revealed to the world just a couple of days ago. And not only it was shown in China, but also a smartphone concept that it is possible here to take and buy. I’m about Mi MIX, of course.

In late September, a Chinese manufacturer still labored presentation of two new products: XIaomi Mi5S as though it advanced version XIaomi Mi5S Plus. Gadgets for the title would be like and similar, but in fact they are two different devices. I use the second week with two, and I can confidently say with Sway about it.

In connection with all these events in the user’s head began to appear quite fair questions. Transitioning to whether Mi5 on the S-version? What is the actual innovation in isolation from its predecessor? I will try to review Xiaomi Mi5S everything to tell about it as detailed as possible.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Equipment

XIaomi Mi5s – it may not be the flagship device makes it possible for the recently announced new products, but expensive, one of the top – that’s for sure. The outer box is quite standard, but inside everything is arranged with individual attention from the designers.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: Step forward or backward?

Recently box from under the device from “Xiaomi” not encouraging. Everything is simply, thin cardboard, accessories inside although not hang out, but are folded to back off.

5S – not like that. Under the device hides a separate box with necessary accessories. Side mounted neatly clip to extract SIM-cards. Inside, each in his office, waiting for their other accessories: power supply (voltage 5.12 V, the current strength 2.5-1.5 A) and the USB cable Type-C.

Experience unpacking me something reminded headphones Xaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones (Hybrid). There was also a lot of boxes, partitions, everything had to be open, to pick and so on.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Design

XIaomi Mi5 and XIaomi Mi5s seen with the naked eye. I’ll tell you about the main changes.

Building “drip” on all fronts. If the smartphone was a spring with chopped edges and the frame around the display even slightly cut into the palm, in our case, nothing of the kind. All joints carefully “spill over” into each other. Despite the common features of its predecessor, XIaomi Mi5S – this is a different machine.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: Step forward or backward?

Xiaomi does not throw to set 2.5D or 3D-glasses in their products. Rounded panel appeared in their smartphones almost no later than the rest of the market. If my memory serves me, it all began with mega strange Xiaomi Redmi Pro. And rounding in all the latest devices purely symbolic. In addition, unless the Mi Note 2, but there he curved display, and that’s another conversation.

Some people like the fact that these screens protective film glued much better. Take, for example, iPhone 6, and more recent models. Glass cover no more than 90 percent of the front surface and it looks very mediocre.

Due to the curvature of the smartphone has become worse lying in his hand. I mean, ever-present danger that the device slides out of the palm of your hand to meet the asphalt. With Mi5 we had problems of this kind, but the S-version even turned into myltse. Jump out of the hands or slip out of the shallow pockets – it easily.

At the plate can be clearly seen that XIaomi Mi5S slightly fatter in comparison with the “old man» Mi5.

Accordingly, there is no backwards compatibility and covers all cases not wait. Oh, and its competitors, it looks big. Fortunately, the actual operation is not felt. Not the diagonal to make a difference in one millimeter more or less noticeably felt in his hands.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: Step forward or backward?

The third change – this strip antennas that are exactly the same pattern is repeated iPhone 6. At least the upper insert. Why? What for? I can not imagine. Someone to whom, but certainly not Xiaomi is looking towards the “apple” of the candidate. Devices are playing in different niches, and the Chinese have their own design achievements. One of the best in China, we have to admit.

Strips, by the way, are made in the body sound, so do not be too noticeable. This makes me happy.

Regarding the assembly have no complaints. Nothing is loose, the body elements fit together as precisely as possible.

Some people are somehow interested in whether the display is forced under strong pressure. I do not know what conclusion the relative smartphone by this parameter they are doing, but, anticipating the questions, answer. Burst. However, you need to press very strongly – on the verge of breaking glass, of course, if it is possible. I’m so smart break is not tried and do not intend to. In any case, I find it hard to imagine the use of scenario, when you press on the screen with such force that float around the colored waves.

By the way, XIaomi Mi5S – this is the first smartphone that has received the display, touch sensitivity.

Above the name of the function have not soared, deciding to borrow it from a competitor, Apple I mean. Meet the 3D Touch!

Let me remind you that the feature is only available in the version with 128 GB of internal and 4 GB of RAM. It is this, I myself and ordered to test the chip. Having experience with such technology on smartphones iPhone 6S (7) and Huawei Mate S, I would say that I really like this functionality. In general, it is, of course, useless, but put pressure on the screen and get additional work – it’s cool. The attitude to the display as if he has become “soft” and it is a very interesting experience.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: Step forward or backward?

However, the sensitivity is slightly lame. Sometimes smart thinks I’m not trying to pressure you, just clamp the icon to drag it from place to place. The ratio of successful attempts to approximately 7 to 10.

Some programs, such as a calculator by using pressed with pressure to open additional, perhaps unknown to you earlier functionality. So, go to the current exchange rates or forward mortgage (you need to enter your input) via the context menu. Converter of length, weight, and other things – all at once.

Third-party utilities are deaf to strong pressure. I hope everything will change soon. The best and the mass party.

Frames – another sore point for many sufferers. Again, I do not understand the general hysteria on this subject. If you are using you look at the display, and the rest simply do not notice the color of the frame and the body dissolves.

Side frames display Xiaomi Mi5S practically invisible (need a properly fitted wallpaper)

However, they are here, there are quite significant. The screen is turned off completely merges with the framework and the impression that the display here from edge to edge. As smartphones Nubia.

We illuminate the screen and see that on each side there is a small but still visible black stripes. In theory, 5.15 inch can be stretched to the brim (others such as it turns out) and get something like 5.2 inches. In practice, the engineers something prevented to do so.

Here pictured compare this parameter older brother – XIaomi Mi5S Plus. He entered the screen to the body almost back to back, but the white edging wider than our hero. There is no perfection in the world.

I have to test the white-silver version. At the time of purchase, find a black modified, so even with 128 GB of memory was extremely difficult. Therefore I ordered that was.

Bet dark version will look impressive. On the other hand, the white model and quite off-putting. On the contrary, the impression of neat, well-downed devices. And the black phones around is full.

Rarity – this, of course, gold and pink versions. They also live I have not seen, but I bet the last modification will be very specific to the species. It is not for everyone.

Another point. The cross, the texture of the metal strip in the Redmi Pro, are present only in black and gold colors. The silver and gold versions are normal, anodized aluminum housing.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: Step forward or backward?

The camera and dual LED-flash is slightly recessed into the body. Nothing sticks out, then, should not be scratched. In the previous generation, the lens was covered with a sapphire crystal, but what we have here – is unknown. Official information on this account no. From this simple logic – you did not say, then do not.

At the top there is only a hole for headphones with a standard 3.5mm output. The infrared port is removed, but left it in XIaomi Mi5S Plus. Logics? Yah!

Connectors Xiaomi Mi5S

Below and to the left there is a perforation under microphone connector USB Type-C and symmetrical holes multimedia speaker has the right. At the expense of the latter I can say the following. He is average in volume. On a busy street, you can easily miss a call. The sound quality is quite normal, the ears do not feel offended, but the angelic light trills speaker is clearly not capable of.

Xiaomi Mi5S: fingerprint scanner

Powered disgusting. And on the finger does not respond and does not recognize the fingerprint.

The ratio of successful unlocks approximately 3 to 10. Tends to blame for this disgrace raw software. Compare with OnePlus 3 (same solid state scanner) is meaningless. By comparison, in XIaomi Mi5S his count there. If still unlocked device, then no vibration this process is not accompanied. It makes a sound from the speaker, and that’s all.

Now that you can do with a hard button. One click – access to the home screen. Long press – single action, adjusted from the menu. By default, not assigned.

The fingerprint reader works with the screen off. Attached, I felt pad print and the screen is unlocked. Adjusted for the quality of implementation, of course, which I have already mentioned above.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: Step forward or backward?

Block can be a whole apparatus, and an account (memory sharing), as well as a separate application. This is convenient in a different way in today’s device can not be. If anything, the app lock setting is separately in the root directory of the settings and there appears only after you activate the function, see the prints. Not very logical, but what to do.

Oh yes! The scanner then we ultrasound. Confused? Yes, no. While his work is not fine-tune how to talk about his work, when the finger is dirty or wet, it does not make any sense.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Display

Nothing essentially new. IPS-panel at 5.15 inches with a standard resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The pixel density of 428 ppi.

Unfortunately, there is no conventional arms “mipyat” because comparing the two generations of head-on can not. It is only on “paper Speck” it is clear that two identical panels in front of us.

However, why should not I make a comparison with the older sibling Xiaomi Mi5S Plus? Here can be observed in the image Xiaomi Mi5S (or right below it) and its Plus-modification (or top left).

The viewing angles are good, there is a stock of brightness, but the eyes of imagination and he does not hit. Nevertheless, the photo shows that the matrix of our hero “floated” and under the greatest deviation climbed out whitish mist. In the model with an index Plus it does not exist, then there is a better screen. A little bit.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: Step forward or backward?

In the sun, everything remains readable. Here in the photo is not too noticeable, but the bulge their eyes, something to consider, it is not necessary.

The menu is not rich in a variety of color adjustments. You can choose a contrasting picture, or a standard car. In the latter case, the smartphone itself will adjust the image under the surrounding circumstances. Frankly, I never noticed in any moment all this is happening. And it even happens.

In addition, there is now a fashionable display yellow glow when clipped allegedly harmful blue rays, which irritate the eyes before going to bed, make a discord in the family, spoil the assessment diary and so on. Starting the Profile can be hung on a stand-alone application, or to adjust its work otherwise.

Additional Information. The device “factory” is available about 118 GB of free space. You can free more about one gigabyte, removing any Chinese software, which in our area of interest to very few people. Fortunately, many tools available to remove by regular means.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Performance

The speed of the animation, and in general maximum interface. Switching between tasks and applications too, not lame. In general, the system is optimized for the most-most iron very well.

At the expense of gaming performance to say anything unnecessarily. All games are started with the best available graphics settings and just fly. If something will slow down, then blame the developers specific title, but definitely not smart.

For example, the AnTuTu test schedule (cosmic landscapes, Japanese Panorama) is not something that does not slow down, there is generally a single delay. Everything is very smooth and beautiful, so developers time to update their application for gadgets overtaken and outstripped the stressful conditions of the system application.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: Step forward or backward?

From the point of view of synthetic Xiaomi Mi5S performance, of course, breaks away from its predecessor on the 820th “ETC”. The difference is about 15 thousand virtual parrots.

However, for my taste, chasing performance here just not worth it. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 – is still very current processor that will easily pull all current tasks for at least another year and a half.

Should I say anything about the attitude of the smartphone to the “heavy” video to 4K, for example? The device itself takes such rollers, so that the performance on this subject is clear.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Features photos and videos

In this section, we offer to evaluate the benefits that has received relatively new standard Mi5. Let’s look at the figures on new modes for shooting, sample photos, and so on. Already a full test I do in the review Xiaomi Mi5S Plus, which is expected in a week.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Front-camera

Shoot selfie on Xiaomi Mi5S – a pleasure. There are all necessary settings, including touch-up and applying filters in real time. The trick here, of course, fixed, but frontalki another and do not need.

In comparison with Mi5, the new product, we have not received anything new. The same image quality, the same functionality.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: Step forward or backward?

The only nuance. I advise you to turn off the skin retouching. Xiaomi tells us that the machine is able to smooth out the face as much as 36 levels, but as for me, do not need any. This is because the tool is strongly lathers picture. Not only the person, but in general the whole picture. Strange some behavior and example below, eloquently confirming it.

Xiaomi Mi5S: main camera

First of all, let’s compare the capabilities of cameras two generations between them in theory.

Panorama, HDR, Burst, face detection, video recording in the resolution of 4K, Slow Motion 720p and 120 frames / sec, and so on

The saddest thing is that the new product is no optical stabilization, as in Xiaomi Mi5.

It was only the electronic stabilization, which can be activated from the menu.

The second “unbearable” loss – lack of sapphire glass.

I have already said that his presence never manufacturer declares, therefore, it is not. Usually such things say with pride, if there is, of course, talk about anything.

The focal length is very large – about 9 centimeters. In other words, remove the close-up and any bugs spiders will not work.

Xiaomi Mi5S I really liked the camera.

Maybe it is not the best on the market, but one of the – that’s for sure. Below I compared the two pictures, the first of which is done on the Samsung Galaxy S7 (left), the second shot on the camera of our hero (right).

Comparing the pictures of both generations (Mi5 and S-version) I did not see much of a difference. Those who are in the hands of ordinary Mi5, can relax. Switch to the new version of the device is no sense.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: Step forward or backward?

Now I take a look at examples of photos from the camera Xiaomi Mi5s:

Original images swing here and has been studied for more carefully on your computer.

Separately, about the panorama. The process of shooting is very simple. Photos are glued together without errors and obvious vertical bands together. But most importantly – always a good detailing, ie mode is not made for show. You can zoom in and see everything that nasnimal until hovered around its axis.

HDR function work on the face. Fortunately, the developers have created an automatic choice, because the user can not think whether he should include data in HDR lighting conditions or not. For it is already thought, and successfully, we have to admit.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Videography

Shooting 4K-video – the prerogative solely of the flagships. Despite the installation of powerful processors (Helio X20) in its other smartphones, Xiaomi does not seek to make the technology of mass for all of its devices.

The quality is obtained with our apparatus is quite decent. Shoot videos can be simple, but count on some serious creative possibilities, probably not.

I do not really like and detailed image and sound recording. In a market full of smartphones, which remove Ultra HD is much better. For example, iPhone or the 7 flagships of the LG series G, and now V. And I’m still not talking about Samsung’s devices. All of them in terms of video footage of our hero is not reach.

However, due to a good matrix video, shot in harsh lighting conditions, obtained quite tolerable. Below is an example.

It is possible to shoot video Slow Motion, where without it? Resolution is not greater than 720p, and the frame rate is a long time trite to 120 frames per second. And then my producer approach is somewhat discouraging. Why not make at least 120 frames / s for 1080p resolution and 240 frames / sec to give mercy to 720p? Iron allows, and competitors are not asleep (iPhone 7, hello!).

However, most annoys me that the camera app does not remember the previous my choice. I expose 4K, I took video and forgot about this feature for a couple of days. Then I open the camera again to shoot video and only some time later was surprised to find that filmed in HD-resolution. It turns out, a system reset my choice to the default settings, that is, to HD. Bravo!

Xiaomi Mi5S: Sound quality

There is an equalizer and seven bands, and a variety of presets for him, as well as profiles for different branded headsets. The latter, for my taste, useless. Sound through favorite headphones is good in itself, and if you need to tweak it further, then there is an equalizer.

In general, a proprietary utility player I really like. It is a stylish, minimalist, with easy sorting, automatic download of covers and so on. By the way, a cover of the track, which is executed at the moment, stains background utility in its own color palette. A trifle, but nice.

Also, the player is able to load the lyrics (swipe right during playback). However, he does it is not always correct. That incomprehensible lyrics some podsunet, you will not find anything at all. On top of all the automatic scrolling text and more slow. In general, we are waiting for updates.

I recall that in the case of custom firmware versions of the software, all the “China” from the player, including avtopodgruzku covers and lyrics will be cut.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Software

Of course, the smart phone works on Android 6.0.1 and a private shell MIUI 8.0.

The unit was recently released in China. His fate in terms of sales elsewhere outside China is still unknown, hence the appearance of the official firmware with support for English language and Google Play services.

What to do with localization? Two outputs: use of English, as it is, or unlock the bootloader, to roll all the “recovery” put custom firmware on the MIUI community and so on. Fortunately already something. If these issues are new, the “congratulations”. We’ll have much to understand, poking around and kill a pair of free night on your gadget. For advanced users, should be no problem, though I did not do anything with your smartphone. I enjoyed as it is, from the factory, for the time sewing smartphones I have not. And my job is to tell us that directly gives the manufacturer. A finished to fit your needs, make the most of the filling device can almost always.

With Google’s store is very simple. Go to the official store Mi Store, an icon which hangs on the main screen. Everything in hieroglyphs, well, okay. In the search box enter the word «Google», turn on the blue icon with some paw and from there download the Google Installer for Xiaomi Mi5S. It weighs a little, about 167 kilobytes. Through it and it will be possible to establish all the necessary services. The main thing is to allow the installation of the process programs from unknown sources (the system will ask about it).

Unlike Xiaomi Redmi Pro all applications from the official Google store installed and run without any problems. No glitches, crashes and other bugs of services also do not give out. Even contacts synchronized with “Google” cloud that all nonsense for devices from Xiaomi. And with the device from this Chinese company is the first time that everything was got by yourself.

Notifications – this is the most painful issue for the “gray” Chinese. What’s wrong with them? Yes, they just do not come.

There are some procedures, which partially treat the sore, but not always and not for all utilities. So, in our case, nothing really new. Notifications come from some of the programs (the VK, for example), while others sit silently in the background currently. In general, this is a long-standing disease gray devices from China without any “global” firmware.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Sound quality and speakers

Pro features MIUI I have already said enough. You can read more about the system chips in the review Xiaomi Redmi Pro or Redmi Note 4. Why are only the division of the memory into two sections or creating duplicate applications to bypass any type of software curve Parallel Space and so on.

Instead, a little bit about what’s important to know. In addition to the removal of garbage is the Chinese to limit the activities of the different notifiable pesky applications.

For example, some utility Video can not be deleted in the standard way, but she likes to spam some information on hieroglyphics. Give her a hand is very simple. To do this, go to the settings in the Applications section, find the most insidious program and in the tab «Custom notification» remove all ticks. More, it will not bother.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Battery

Section for show, because all modern flagships work one day with 3-4 hours of screen work and exposed Auto Brightness. And our hero – is no exception.

Of course, there are background tasks, regular notifications via the cellular network or Wi-Fi, Internet surfing and everything else that is done on any top-end and not the device. The screenshots below are my results autonomy (normal use).

The battery in this case, non-removable, 3200 mAh. It is slightly larger than its predecessor, but in fact no special difference.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Positioning

Drawing inferences about Xiaomi Mi5S, we first need to decide what is the place given to him in his native product line.

  • Xiaomi Mi5 – this is the base model. The device is for those who want to get the flagship iron, but maximum savings. Any device already on hand, this review is for you simply entertaining reading. I can not get.
  • Mi5S, in fact, our review of the hero will be a great asset to those who do not have “mi fifth,” but he likes the brand, they like MIUI and maximum performance in one package.
  • Mi5S Plus – is essentially the same, only with a large screen of 5.5 inches.
  • Mi Note 2 – is the flagship with a capital letter. Maximum today spec flavored most advanced chips, including a curved display and an advanced camera.
  • Mi MIX – the device is not for everyone. Concept, an interesting experience, glamor, glitter – history quite massive because it compare with other products of the company on the subject of “what to take for such a sum,” is meaningless.

And in respect of the market? Here Xiaomi Mi5S looks one of the most interesting players. Among the Chinese companies an obvious competitor is only one – LeEco Le 3. However, this is a dark horse. To me is on the way, when will test, then we will see that in such a device.

Meizu hiding. November 3 scheduled premiere Pro 6S, which should finally get a Snapdragon processor 821, for MediaTeK Helio X20 / 25 – this is certainly good, but they are not the most productive chipsets on the market. And X30 we wait until March.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Colors

Compare Xiaomi Mi5S with iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 (nothing else from them is not present), in my opinion, it is meaningless. These smartphones are playing in completely different leagues, they are completely different, non-overlapping audiences. Anyone who is interested in Chinese gadgets and understands what it is, will never seriously consider the same S7 to buy. And vice versa.

Huawei – it is the third manufacturer in the world in terms of smartphone sales. However, the Chinese are clearly targeted to the big leagues. There, where it reigns Apple and Samsung. Accordingly, their price is slightly higher devices.

At the expense of companies known except that bylymi merits, it is very easy to say. Xiaomi – is tomorrow, and Sony, LG, HTC – is yesterday. And the reason for the fact that something will change there. The LG, however, try their products traditionally obtained interesting and technologically advanced, but the prices … they are not competitive.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Conclusion

Xiaomi Mi5S I liked. Interesting design, a top “iron”, great camera, nice, however, as always MIUI. Impression darkens except soft curve, but it’s all fresh traditional behavior of devices. With the passage of time and update all the roughness must be removed.

I have a claim to the machine are only two. The first – a fingerprint scanner. Though he and ultrasound, but it works out of the ordinary bad. I hope that something will change in the near future.

Secondly, I am embarrassed by the lack of logic. For example, what happened to the infrared port ?! Why removed the sapphire protecting the camera lens and optical image stabilization? Is Xiaomi Mi5S should not be more advanced solution with respect to the base model?

However, the main question is to all stakeholders of the global output of the firmware, which means that the presence of the Google-services and English language right out of the box. So far, there is no one to answer it. Maybe Xiaomi start sales in the same India, and then the desired firmware version will be available in the public domain. In the meantime, two options: use the English interface as it is or to go to specialized forums and ask for help from MIUI-community.

Where can I buy Xiaomi Mi5S?

Current price for a novelty in China, $ 295 for a younger version, ie with 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, and $ 340 for an older model of the relation of memory 4 + 128GB, and with the function of 3D Touch. Personally, I am for advanced configuration, for not much happens of RAM, built-in even more.

I bought a smartphone (version with 128 GB). If that s sold on the 64 GB model. In any case be sure to use the promotional code when placing GWsuperG purchase. The bonus goes protection film and cover for the first time.

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