Xiaomi Gives Away Mi 10 Flagship and Pays for Travel 2020

Xiaomi announced the launch of Mi Explorers program 2020. Xiaomi will send you the new Mi 10 smartphone for free and bring you to the presentation MWC 2020.

Xiaomi Gives Away Mi 10 Flagship and Pays for Travel 2020

In 2020, one of China’s most popular companies — Xiaomi — is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The Chinese brand decided to thank its fans around the world. Recently, Xiaomi announced the launch of Mi Explorers.

The main idea of ​​Mi Explorers program is to give the fans the new flagship smartphones. You can also be invited to presentation of new flagship phone.

If you want to participate in Mi Explorers 2020 program, you have to register on a special page.

Xiaomi gives away flagships and pays for travel 2020

Last year, Xiaomi brought twelve fans to Barcelona for a presentation of Xiaomi Mi 9 flagship smartphone at MWC 2019 as part of a similar program.

In 2020, the new flagship smartphone is called Xiaomi Mi 10. If you will be selected from the list of all participants, Xiaomi will send you the new smartphone for free, as well as bring you to the presentation. The Chinese company will pay for your flight, hotel and all expenses. That sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Who Can Participate in Mi Explorers program 2020?

However, there are a few nuances. Unfortunately, not everyone can participate in Mi Explorers program. You have to be a photographer, video maker, writer or YouTuber. If you are one of them, for example, you have a popular YouTube channel or blog, then you can participate in program.

Registration is open until February 4, 2020. On February 5, 20 lucky people will be selected.

We’re in!

Our team of Wovow.org has already registered in Xiaomi Mi Explorers program, and we are waiting for the winners to be chosen. If a Chinese company chooses us, we will go to the presentation of a new smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10. Wish us luck!

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