Vikings : the heroes of legends

Historical drama Vikings invites lovers of serials plunge into the world of Scandinavian sagas intrepid mariners! The first project in the history of the multi-channel History Channel

Vikings : the heroes of legends

Historical drama Vikings invites lovers of serials plunge into the world of Scandinavian sagas intrepid mariners! The first project in the history of the multi-channel History Channel viewers will appreciate the brilliant acting, a strong script, great location shooting and spectacular battle scenes. Vikings historical epics give fans a unique opportunity to learn about the life and adventures of the legendary Ragnar Lodbrok.

Young Viking dreams to go on a journey in search of new uncharted lands.However, a thirst for adventure Ragnar faced with misunderstanding and many relatives of the local ruler. With the support of a skilled master flock, claiming to be a descendant of the god of cunning and deceit Loki Lodbrok taken for construction of the ship, capable to realize his dream. Names Ragnar and his true friends, a journey to the land of the Anglo-Saxons, are destined to remain in the centuries …

Creator of the series made ​​famous by British screenwriter Michael Hirst. Copyright magnificent biographical drama “Elizabeth” clearly manifested itself in a number of well-known to our viewers of television projects. In 2007, Hearst gave the world the historical drama “The Tudors» (The Tudors). Great success with the critics used and produced by Michael series “Camelot» (Camelot) and The Borgias. In an international team of directors Vikings includes Swede Johan Renck, Irishman Ciaran Donnelly and Canadian Ken Girotti.

Vikings : the heroes of legends

Proved no less striking and the cast of the series. Travis Fimmel, who playsRagnar recently finished filming the highly anticipated film adaptation of the popular video game series “Warcraft”. In the Vikings of his colleagues on the set became Katherine Winnick (“Love and Other Drugs”), Clive Standen («Camelot»Camelot), Jessalyn Gilsig (“Heroes of» / Heroes), Gustaf Skarsgard (“Kon-Tiki”) George Blagden (“Les Miserables”), Donal Logue (“Sons of Anarchy» / Sons of Anarchy) and Gabriel Byrne (“The Usual Suspects”).

Team Viking has decided to take the show in Ireland, preferring instead to field surveys covered pavilions and green screens. Most of the work took place in the most beautiful locations of the ridge Wicklow. History channel guide does not skimp on the creation of large-scale scenes, committing devyatiseriynogo production of the first season of the historical drama $ 40 million.

Vikings : the heroes of legends

“Historical series are always in high demand from viewers – said Dirk Hugstra,executive vice president of History Channel. – Michael Hurst ready to once again grab the attention of the public, inviting them to the wonderful world of the Vikings. “

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