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Probably, many wondered how such a service can earn as Twitter? Obvious to everyone that service alone so vast network costs a lot. But we do not see in

Probably, many wondered how such a service can earn as Twitter? Obvious to everyone that service alone so vast network costs a lot. But we do not see in the tape huge advertisements and promotional tweets are not evident by the very format of short positions. So what’s the secret?

The secret is that the more often we update the microblogging tape, the more it earns on Twitter: fans constantly “delay” tape messages on smartphones with every update so give “Twitter” a tenth of a cent. Moreover, all the monetization model is based primarily on such compulsive or involuntary upgrade tape. And advertisers pay for it views as the most invisible advertising or promoted tweets. Moreover, advertisers like the fact that subscribers are constantly updating Twitter feed, as in this case, the tape will be more likely to attend paid “sponsor” tweet.

February 5, 2014 Twitter plans to release its first quarterly financial report since the release of an IPO. Recall that the action Twitter steel trade on the New York Stock Exchange November 7, 2013, and during the day their rate increased from the original $ 26 to $ 44.9, resulting in the company’s market capitalization on the first day amounted to $ 24.46 billion

Twitter will actively attracts advertisers from around 2010, when she began to officially offer so-called “promoted tweets.” Then came promoakkaunty representing adware tab recommended accounts that demonstrate the interest of the users of this theme. Finally, the issue of mean-promoted trends topmost post tweets advertiser when searching for some popular hashtags.

According to data for the first 9 months of 2013, 89% of revenue is accounted for Twitter advertising, the company stressed in a targeted advertising, as evidenced by responses to paid posts, retweets and mentions them in the posts of other users.

In Twitter believe that views the tape – it is the best way of measuring the interest of users. Another photo considered opening Twitter or inquiry about showing new tweets. According to the company, in the third quarter of 2013, such views were more 158 billion – or 685 for each of the 231 million active users.

Here is a chart showing a profit that “Twitter” gets through to its users, update tape.


Here it should be noted that the mass of information is lost when the subscriber access to Twitter through their own customers as TweetDeck and Twitter for Mac . In these new clients tweets loaded automatically, so feed update actually happens. In addition, these customers are fully relieved of whatever was advertising. How many users on Twitter lose these customers, it is not clear how and what of why this is necessary.


Just the other day on Twitter announced a curious shift that is already logged in client for Android, and will soon appear in the application for the iPhone. Its main feature – crop and rotate images right in the Twitter-client before sending the post.

But, in addition, it provides for another curious thing, is directly related to the topic of our notes. After installing the update of the tape when the upgrade will not be available for any new tweets that could be loaded: instead, you will see the recommended tweets, trending topics and offers Follow new accounts. American subscribers will also be able to read the latest news, announcements broadcast and sporting events.


For example, in the picture at the top of the tape displayed information about the debate surrounding the sports club Manchester United FC, which, if desired, you can easily join. While nothing is said about the principles on which such proposals will be selected, but it is quite obvious that these places are very attractive to potential advertisers.

Interestingly, the phenomenon of obsessive reloading pages is almost as old as the Internet itself. This is especially true of news resources and other constantly updated sites: almost all permanent visitors regularly update their page to see if there are any in it some new content.

Thanks to modern web technologies such as Ajax, we no longer need to manually update the page in many Internet applications: for example, a new email message in the web interface, the postal service appears automatically. Nevertheless habit refresh alive and well in smartphones. Many mobile applications, including Twitter, are made so that they upload new information only when it starts, and then they need to be updated manually.

Not everyone knows that it is the company’s Twitter, Inc. owns the patent on the “update trigger when scrolling”, ie by way of content update “pulling” the windows down on the touch screen. This gesture has become commonplace for many mobile applications that includes an option for renewal, thus unlikely that all developers were generally aware that this method is patented.


But Twitter did not stoop to the level of patent trolls, and instead proposed a so-called Innovators Patent Agreement (“Agreement innovators Patent”), according to which all patents employees transferred company, it can be used only to protect, but not in aggressive claims against other companies. In other words, Twitter is not going to discourage the use of their patents by third parties, unless they do not directly threaten the business itself Twitter, Inc. Curious position that the company also intends to promote .

In “Twitter” the most important thing is what is at the top of the tape, though some certainly would have preferred some other hierarchy display content. But one can hardly argue with the fact that the cult of the freshest tweets – this is exactly what has made Twitter so attractive, it is for him the tape open microblogging nearly two billion people a day.

And the company plans to make full use of this passion, especially in the U.S., where growth in the number of subscribers has slowed. According to official statistics, every thousand views tape in the recent past has brought Twitter $ 0,97 profits, while U.S. users gave as much as $ 2.58 per thousand views. To improve these figures, the company will either have to show more ads, or sell it more expensive. And, of course, develop other ways to monetize like selling access to databases for tweets marketologicheskih analytical agencies and cooperation with TV channels who are interested in maintaining interest in popular programs and series.

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