Typical tourist in Spain: how to avoid mistakes while traveling

Solid conviction that bullfighting in Spain can be seen in any city - typical tourist misleading. Recently, Catalonia (Barcelona and in particular) refused this bloody entertainment.

Typical tourist in Spain

Tourists in Spain can be seen immediately: they are certainly distinguished by having a backpack on his shoulders, the desire to photograph everything and a lack of knowledge of the intricacies of the Spanish mentality. Of course, with the serene backdrop of a siesta locals visitors look fussy and become a “victim” of the tourist traps or violate the accepted rules. How to experience an authentic cultural experience in Spain and avoid common mistakes?

Look closely at the daily routine of locals

Spaniards are known for their unusual preferences regarding food intake. And “unusual” this shows not in what you eat, and when you eat. Try to use a modest breakfast between 7-10 am. Often on the table – a coffee with milk or hot chocolate with churros. Dinner Spaniards by our standards late – about 16:00. And if you roll up in a cafe by noon, you can head to give a foreigner.

Typical tourist in Spain

Accordingly, the desire to make money from tourists in restaurants wakes up at this time. By the way, the Spaniards took lunch at least a couple of hours, and then goes on mandatory siesta sleep. Only by 21:00 local chosen for dinner, but came in the usual time (19:00), you can catch on themselves bewildered looks and instead of fresh food to get the remains of lunch.

Take care that don

The heat and the atmosphere of absolute relaxation – not a reason to break etiquette. Unfortunately, many tourists in Spain freely walk the streets in bathing suits, beach clothes come into the stores and even restaurants. On the beaches of visitors may choose no limits but outside the coast (especially in rural areas), better comply with the general rules. Another important point: when you visit the church need to be concerned about the appearance and give up provocative images. In Spain, do not always make a remark regarding improper clothing, but conviction can not be avoided.

Typical tourist in Spain

Siesta for any resident of the south of the country – part of a lifestyle. And for the sake of tourists from the habit of a relaxed lunch and plenty of sleep are few who refuse. Therefore, it is important to plan your day in Spain so as not to face the locked door of the store. Better get out for shopping by 19:00, when the heat subsides, and the sellers are returning to the usual schedule.

Do not rent a car for journeys between major cities

The car in this case becomes an additional burden. Navigating the bustling cities and meetings on the road to emotional Spanish drivers will do little good moments. Most likely, in a major city could not find a good place to park, and for the movement will have to use public transport. And if you remember of fees to be paid on motorways, car rental can result in a lump sum. But when you plan a trip to the Spanish province and villages, the car will be a true friend on the way to a bright impressions.

Typical tourist in Spain

Do not choose too remote from the center of the hotel

If the purpose of the visit of a Spanish town – a desire to see a maximum of fun, and not much time, it is better to choose a hotel as close as possible to the historical center. Otherwise, the road will take away all the power, and yet there is still a long walk to the sights. As a rule, all the fun is in the center of the compact. Hotels are expensive, but in the surrounding areas will be pleased with the price.

Visit not only large cities

Barcelona – the purpose of the bulk of travelers. But the more experience you get in the quiet villages, which often remain undervalued. They also have a lot of attractions, and the price of food or residence times below. And let the ignorance of the locals do not bother languages: impressions from this trip will be more.

Typical tourist in Spain

For example, you can go to the village of Bagh with castle ruins, or scenic Albarracin, composed almost entirely of the attractions.
Bullring in Valencia

Solid conviction that bullfighting in Spain can be seen in any city – typical tourist misleading. Recently, Catalonia (Barcelona and in particular) refused this bloody entertainment. Now the fighting is outlawed, but still held at different times in Alicante, Madrid and Valencia.

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