TOP 10 BEST Xiaomi Car Accessories 2018

Xiaomi is popular Chinese company. It produces different gadgets, including car accessories. We choose the best chargers, DVRs, and other gadgets useful in car. Price and where to buy also here.

TOP 10 BEST Xiaomi Car Accessories 2018

Xiaomi has thousands of different gadgets, such as phones, tablets, laptops, and many other accesories. Today we are going to talk about car accessories. Trust me, some of them will be a surprise for you!

Best Xaomi Chargers

Roidmi is one of the main subbrand of Xiaomi for producing car accessories. There are some very simple devices, as well as really good products.

1. Roidmi Dual Cigarette Lighter

Review of Xiaomi accessories for cars

You insert the car plug into the network charging car, and on the other hand you get not one, but two free cigarette lighter. Yes, you can find similar gadgets for lower price, but Xiaomi inspires trust. If you are Xiaomi and car fan, then you need to have this gadget.

In China, it is cost about $12-15. Also you can find more cheaper option, but it is fake. I recommend to buy original Xiaomi.

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2. Roidmi C1 Dual USB Car Charger

Review of Xiaomi accessories for cars

If the car does not have enough USB ports, then this gadget is for you.

The maximum current output power is up to 3.6 amperes at a current of 5 volts. It has metal case and stylish design.

By the way, the gadget is produced under the brand MI, not Roidmi. You should note, it is the same. The price starts from $14.

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3. Mi Car Fast Charger

Review of Xiaomi accessories for cars

In fact, this is the same gadget as previous one, but it supports fast charging technology Quick Charge 3.0. Also it has an additional connector USB Type-C on side. If you really need USB ports in your car, then you should buy this gadget. Otherwise, you will need to buy it in a couple of years! USB Type-C is the future!

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4. Mi Clip-on Car Charger Expansion

Review of Xiaomi accessories for cars

When you connect the splitter into the cigarette lighter, it is most likely only available to the driver and passenger side by side. But what about rear seats? Passengers on the rear seats are also people and they also need charger.

Fortunately, Xiaomi has a solution of this problem. It is called Mi Car Charger Expansion. It connects to a free USB port of the car, or is attached to the pocket of the rear seat with the help of built-in clip.

Thus, the comrades sitting behind can easily recharge their gadgets from a standard USB or more advanced USB Type-C.

The price is about $20.

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5. Mi Car Inverter

Review of Xiaomi accessories for cars

It is extremely useful thing, which allows you to convert the current of the car into 220 volts. In addition, there are two USB ports with an amperage up to 3.1A. It is a very useful accessory with a single drawbak – it is suitable only for the Chinese plug, so you will need an adapter. In any case, the price is $32.

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Best Xiaomi DVR cameras

Each car must have DVR. It guarantees your safety and insurance in an accident.

6. Mi 70M Mirror Dash Cam

Review of Xiaomi accessories for cars

It replaces your car’s original mirror, and provides a huge, widescreen display with a diagonal of 8.88 inches.

Actually, it is not only DVR, but a real smartphone for cars with a built-in recording function of road events. There are built-in maps, voice commands, built-in GPS-receiver, and even a slot for SIM-card with support for 4G networks.

The viewing angle is 160 degreesa nd maximum video recording is 1080p at 30 frames per second. These are the main specs of video recording. There is a built-in Wi-Fi and function to upload footage into the cloud. The drawback is Chinese menu and control options. If it’s not scary, then the price is about $243.

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7. Mi Carcoder 70M

Review of Xiaomi accessories for cars

It is more simple DVR. Mi Carcorder 70M records video in 1080p. Also there is an option to transfer footage to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. It means that you do not need a Micro SD card.

The price is very attractive – only $31.

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8. Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR

Review of Xiaomi accessories for cars

This is more advanced, but still not much more expensive DVR. It is equipped with 3-inch screen for quick and easy watching the footage. The display is touchscreen, so it’s very convenient to control the camera.

Its price should be about $56.

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Other Xiaomi Car Gadgets

Also Xiaomi has some other interesting gadgets for drivers. Here is some of them.

9. Mi Car Air Purifier

Review of Xiaomi accessories for cars

If the air conditioner suddenly clogged in the car, then you can use Xiaomi air purifier. Otherwise, I have no idea why it is needed.

Nevertheless, the device is attached to the rear headrest and cleans 60 cubic meters of air per hour.

It means that the air in sedan will be cleaned in 3 minutes, while in SUV it takes about 5 minutes, air minivan – 7 minutes.

The price is about $70, so if you found it interesting, then hurry up to buy.

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10. Mi Baseball Cap

Review of Xiaomi accessories for cars

If you have BMW X5, you must have Xiaomi Baseball Cap. Of course, it is a joke, but come on! It is really stylish, neat and comfortable cap. If you are a fan of Xiaomi and like to wear caps, then it is designed for you. The price is only $15.

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