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Every person who decided to begin to engage in entrepreneurial activity, should in the first place, visualize that to build a successful business will

Every person who decided to begin to engage in entrepreneurial activity, should in the first place, visualize that to build a successful business will require investments. And not only investments, and sometimes not even as financial. 

In addition to cash, invest in starting a business will have the mental capacity, a considerable amount of time and energy, acquired skills, creativity. Significant role for the successful launch of a new business is the presence of a novice entrepreneur certain connections and acquaintances already held among businessmen, competent lawyers, qualified specialists and consultants.

The presence of all of the above can safely be called the perfect combination of components to ensure the smooth and painless entry into the business environment.

However, such is not always the optimal combination is present in every real man who decided to open his own business. But even in this case, do not despair, because you can always compensate for the lack of a quality of having another.

Of course, the presence of certain funds can greatly facilitate the beginning of any business . On the other hand, almost any new business is quite possible to start without significant financial investment. Compensate for the lack of funds will cost time, energy, application intelligence. Moreover, given that beginners often make mistakes at first, minimizes the risk of loss of invested money in new business. It is difficult not to agree that the loss of time and energy to any person may not be as painful as the loss of even a very large real finance. But lose skills and abilities, and even impossible. That is why many successful entrepreneurs recommend beginners do minimal cash investment.

All lessons learned previously, being implemented in certain skills. No matter where and when acquired skills: in the learning process, while working in manufacturing or in the process of “moral self.” Ability to plan their actions and time, the ability to realistically assess their skills and abilities, instantly analyze the situation, negotiations can be called the most important skills a novice entrepreneur. The lack of such skills will have to compensate the involvement of competent consultants, contacts and acquaintances with experienced businessmen. Have to accept the fact that the involvement of specialists and consultants will turn investment of finances. Own experience will come later in the process of business development .

Any budding entrepreneur should be aware that success can be achieved only if you have drive and enthusiasm. To overcome the very real and possible obstacles and failures very useful high resistance to a variety of stressful situations. Particular attention should be paid to personal communication skills and charm – without these personal qualities can not be successful negotiation, establishing the necessary contacts and connections. High trainability will quickly acquire and gain the missing skills. We should not think that the absence of all of these abilities and qualities close the road to the top of business.Mental capacity and the availability of money can more than offset the lack of and personal charm, and lack of assertiveness. You just need to find someone who fully possesses these qualities, business trust him, leaving behind a control.

Absence by the start-established business relationships and dating is quite possible to compensate for the above-mentioned already communicate, utmost sincerity, intelligence and personal charm. Sometimes the lack of communication is compensated with money. In general, due, of course, produces only in the course of conducting business.

Time – the irreplaceable resource of all that are needed to open a business. It should therefore be very carefully plan the time required for starting a business, and its subsequent development. There are many examples where the wrong time planning led to the fact that a seemingly promising projects came to a standstill. Lack of time or his inability to properly plan, perhaps the most compelling argument in favor of the fact that it is not necessary to start a new business. Easier and safer to purchase already finished business or invest available cash in the business a stranger. Properly invest in streamlined business can help qualified adviser or investment broker.

For successful implementation of the planned business budding entrepreneur will need a considerable amount of energy.Moreover, the amount of this energy itself is in direct proportion to the scale of the business project. The more complex and larger the planned business, the more energy will be spent on its implementation. That in future no experience bitter disappointment budding entrepreneur is highly recommended to realistically assess your lifestyle, the presence of personal problems. Should not take up the opening of business before will be solved all the problems that can take away the energy needed to start a new business.

Briefly summarizing the above, we can say that the expression “business from scratch” is not entirely correct. Time, energy, mental and personal qualities and skills – all this investment in future business. It is also the capital that an aspiring entrepreneur invests in the beginning and development of their offspring. All business experience suggests that it is impossible to get ruble invested zero.

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