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Channel AMC, gave the audience such popular projects as "Breaking Bad» (Breaking Bad), «The Walking Dead» (The Walking Dead) and "Hell on Wheels» (Hell on

Channel AMC, gave the audience such popular projects as “Breaking Bad» (Breaking Bad), «The Walking Dead» (The Walking Dead) and “Hell on Wheels» (Hell on Wheels), offers a new, hitherto undisclosed glance on the most important and bloody period of American history – the war for independence. Historical drama “The Turn» (Turn) is based on the novel by Alexander Rose “Spies of Washington”, which describes the real events. 

But Turn – not boring history lesson, limited to a certain set of facts. TV show plot unfolds slowly and gradually, without abusing action and special effects. But this is exactly the highlight of the series. The viewer has a chance to observe the history of origin and development of espionage, as well as the process of establishing the United States as an independent and powerful state. Unhurried action punctuated by epic and brutal scenes of battles, shootings and car chases, sharp political intrigue and personal drama of the characters.

In the story, British troops captured most U.S. territories, setting the cities own despotic orders. In one godforsaken controlled by British occupiers, village Setoket farmer Abe Woodhull trying to make a living selling cabbage. Tired of unfair harassment by the colonial authorities, he decided to start the first espionage organization whose members extract secret information and reveal the plans of the British authorities. Over time, it becomes thereby reconnaissance, whose activity leads to the turning point in the war for independence. 

Also set correctly and thoroughly thought-out scenes of military battles, costume drama also boasts a strong casting. The role of the farmer agent performed Jamie Bell (“King Kong”), whose critics praised the game, calling it a hero “is radically different from the usual facial features of the protagonist.” 

“Abe – ordinary man, a family man. He’s not one of those people who want to become famous, his only desire is to end the war. He is forced to make serious decisions, because this is its policy – to be responsible for their own destiny “- describes the character Jamie. This character is definitely interesting dominance of selfish narcissistic on small screens.

Bella company made ​​no less distinguished actors – Kevin McNally (“Pirates of the Caribbean”), Angus Macfadyen (“Lie to Me» / Lie to Me, «Kalifornikeyshn» /Californication), Samuel Roukin (“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”), Bern Gorman (“Game of Thrones» / Game of Thrones, «Always Sunny In Philadelphia»It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and others.

In the formulation of the project were involved veterans of American television, whose curriculum vitae is really impressive. Among the directors appear on Ed Bianchi (“Murder» / The Killing, «Bates Motel» / Bates Motel), Nick Copus (“Boom» / Arrow, «Revolution» / Revolution), S. J. Clarkson (“Dexter» / Dexter, «Bridge» / The Bridge) and Rupert Wyatt (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”). Rupert – the only one of the company for whom the “Rotation” became teledebyutom.

Turn – the kind of drama that despite the specificity can tighten their networks in the widest possible audience. It will appeal not only to fans of this period of U.S. history, but also lovers of quality major motion pictures with spectacular scenes, succinct dialogue and beautiful location shooting.

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