Sciatic nerve: causes inflammation, symptoms and treatment

Sciatic nerve - one of the largest and longest in the human body. It begins at the sacral plexus and descends through the buttock and the whole leg down

Sciatic nerve – one of the largest and longest in the human body. It begins at the sacral plexus and descends through the buttock and the whole leg down to the fingertips. If a person has a neuralgia (inflammation and pain) of the sciatic nerve, it means that he developed sciatica. Sciatica (or a pinched sciatic nerve) causes pain of varying degrees in the lumbosacral region or buttock, extending to the entire back surface of the thigh, leg and foot. May suffer from the pain and one leg, and immediately both. In some cases, the pain of sciatica can not be, and can be unpleasant sensations such as burning, tingling, shooting pain, numbness. But very often, when the sciatic nerve pain, one can not stand, sit, walk, and even sleep.

Sciatica – the defeat of the roots of the lumbar spine-crusade, or, in other words, where they exit the spinal cord causes that led to the disease of the nerve may be several.

– This is primarily diseases of joints and spine (vertebral hernia, due to deformation of the intervertebral discs and degenerative disc disease, etc.), as well as their injury, flat feet.

– Sometimes it can lead to inflammation wrong done by intramuscular injection into the buttock (very rare).

– The negative impact may have hypothermia, diabetes, load on the spine.

Thus, the best preventive measures (but not in acute healing!) Will be active lifestyle, exercise (at least daily morning exercise).

But not lifting weights. The spine should be protected, as even minor injuries can it later in life cause pinching of the sciatic nerve. Sedentary lifestyles and poor posture, excess weight – the enemies of our skeletal system and muscles.

Symptoms of sciatica may vary in different cases, in one case, the pain is a little discomfort, but not in the other allows you to walk, sit, sleep, and so intense that pain medications do not always help. Sciatic nerve disease often accompanies:

– Pain in the buttock, extending from the waist to the feet, aggravated by sitting, standing, coughing, or sneezing;

– Numbness, burning sensation in the legs, weakness;

– Unbearable pain, muscle spasms, weight loss of one leg;

– Shoot back pain, leg.

When these symptoms should consult a specialist. The doctor will do an exam and prescribe treatment.Treatment is carried out taking into account the causes of the disease and its stages. In the acute stage, the patient usually stay in bed. When inflammation of the sciatic nerve entrapped prescribe anti-inflammatory pain relievers (ibuprofen, diclofenac, Ortophenum) prescribe physical therapy, massage, gym, hydrotherapy.Uses various spirits (hot pepper tincture tincture and lilac flowers). In addition, widespread such practices:

– Acupuncture,

– Manual therapy,

– Electric muscle stimulation,

– Fixing wearing belts.

Surgery is performed only when the pain is severe and nothing helps reduce it. However, it is carried out only in the most extreme cases.

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