Review ZTE Blade L5: budget smartphone with 5-inch screen

ZTE Blade L5 - slightly stripped-down modification smartphone ZTE Blade L5 Plus. First it presented to our market, and the model Plus for the Asia.

Review ZTE Blade L5: budget smartphone with 5-inch screen

ZTE Blade L5 – slightly stripped-down modification smartphone ZTE Blade L5 Plus. First it presented to our market, and the model Plus for the Asia.

The smartphone ZTE Blade L5, unlike the version Plus is, smaller than the screen resolution, processor and camera weaker.

Body is plastic. The back cover is removable. Under it are established: a removable battery (2150 mAh), two sim card Micro-SIM and MicroSD card (up to 64 GB or 32 GB, according to various sources “?”).

Processor: MediaTek MT6572 with a 2-core 1.2 GHz and graphics accelerator Mali-400MP. The good performance should not be expected from him. On the other hand, the screen resolution is small, so that the processor bundle with 1 GB of RAM is enough to more or less brisk work OS, simple applications, but not for modern games.

Front camera: 2 megapixels.

Of the 8 GB phone is available just 3.9 GB.


Yes the processor is weak, but the screen resolution is low, but no camera, but the price is much lower than one hundred dollars. It is quite suitable for a variety of communications, the Internet and social networking.

Review ZTE Blade L5: budget smartphone with 5-inch screen

Review ZTE Blade L5

Immediately struck by the new package design. Instead, white and blue design we see a bright red packaging. It looks strange.

Included is nothing new for the Blade-series: a battery charger and a user manual with warranty card.

Appearance ZTE Blade L5

ZTE Blade L5 looks similar to other devices of this line – this is a standard candy bar with a touch familiar to Blade-series of touch-sensitive buttons.

Dimensions allow you to use your smartphone with one hand, but maybe I’m just used to the “large” smartphones.

On the front part, in addition to the screen, there is the earpiece, front camera, and three touch keys. Touch keys in the form of a circle and two points on each side – the usual for ZTE Blade. These design and functionality of the menu allows you to swap the button “back” and “menu”.

The rear panel has a camera and speaker. Under the camera is LED flash. I did not like the camera protrudes from the body (approximately one millimeter).

The hardware buttons are on the right side of the smartphone. This audio control keys on and off. Headphone jack located on the top and bottom microUSB connector. Next to the connector for charging (microUSB) is a microphone.

Screen ZTE Blade L5

Five-inch display in Blade L5 has a resolution of 854×480 pixels at a density of almost 200ppi.

The viewing angles are small, and the screen brightness is not enough to use it in sunny weather.

Multi-touch support only two touches.

Communication ZTE Blade L5

ZTE Blade L5 is designed for the use of two micro-SIM cards. Install them only by removing the battery. A separate memory card slot is located in the same place, set it “the hot” does not succeed.

In the settings you can choose the SIM card for calls or the device will be each time asking how to use a sim card. Like the quick contact search – looking for quickly and quite accurately.Interruption of the connection was not under test. The smartphone supports 3G only. There are also Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS.

Review ZTE Blade L5: budget smartphone with 5-inch screen

GPS is slow. Location was looking for a few minutes and then lost a few times.

The ZTE Blade L5 minimum set of sensors for smartphone – proximity sensors, light and accelerometer.

Operating system ZTE Blade L5

ZTE Blade L5 smartphone runs on Androyd 5.1. A relatively new OS. Device model ZTE T520, and the version of the assembly – DIS_RU_QB158D_P172A40V1.0.0. New versions of software at the time of the review, no.

Mifavor shell, but there is additional shell “family mode”. Mifavor is no different, so the shell is installed on all of ZTE Blade phones. From standard android is not very different, except for small improvements.

“Family” mode turns the smartphone into a mobile phone with big buttons, a minimum number of functions, with the ability to disable or block unnecessary options.

Standard lock screen is also possible to change the Start of preinstalled applications. It can be customized quick launch various applications.

Review ZTE Blade L5: budget smartphone with 5-inch screenReview ZTE Blade L5: budget smartphone with 5-inch screen

On the smartphone ZTE Blade L5 applications are pre-installed package of Google (mail, photos, social network, etc.), anti-virus package AntiVirus AVG, Touchpal X keyboard and Google keyboard, CleanMaster application, UC browser, AccuWeather, ZTE support center. In principle, nothing more has been established.

Settings menu does not differ from other smartphones on Android 5.

Top menu extends to the alerts, you can manage some fast adjustments during the second shift.

The left and right touch buttons can be swapped in the settings.

The smartphone can immediately add an Exchange accounts, Google, AVG, e-mail clients.

Performance ZTE Blade L5

Processor Dual-Core Cortex-A7 1.3 GHz with a graphics accelerator Mali-400MP and 1GB of RAM. Typical state employees, low-cost and relatively weak filling, so do not be surprised if you notice slow performance, even in the interface. Perhaps the next version of firmware optimizes performance, but especially not count on it.

AnTuTu Benchmark 6.1.4 writes the result of 16,626 points. Quadrant Professional Edition 4737 outstanding results.

NemaMark2 v2.4 shows the performance of 39.3 frames per second.

Test GFX OpenGL outputs the result 5,7fps.

Review ZTE Blade L5: budget smartphone with 5-inch screen

3D Mark 1017 outputs the result.

Epic Citadel gives 31,8fps result. Vellamo gives the result Explore (Chrome browser 43) – 857 and Metal – 553 points. Some sites noticeable braking.

Performance Processor frankly weak by modern standards, but the minimum power consumption. Some games will not run, and the most “cool” toys will be very slow.

When you load the smartphone is heated to 40 degrees, but apparently it is almost imperceptible.

Memory ZTE Blade L5

The amount of memory – 8 GB. Reserved for the system a little less than half (3.33 GB). A total of 3.8 GB free. The memory can be increased using a microSD memory card installed.

RAM – 1 Gb. When connected we are given the opportunity to choose the script behavior: USB-stick (connect sd card as a flash drive), the MTP device, the PTP camera, only charging and CD-rom.

Camera ZTE Blade L5

In the smartphone ZTE Blade L5 two cameras: front and 2 megapixel main camera of 5 megapixels. weak Cameras – give strong noise and a bit ‘oblique’ autofocus. Standard settings for Android 5.

Review ZTE Blade L5: budget smartphone with 5-inch screen

Photos from the ZTE Blade L5 smartphone camera photo camera smartphone ZTE Blade L5

Battery ZTE Blade L5

The battery capacity is 2150 mAh. If you play or watch a movie, the smartphone will be enough only 5-8 hours. To make calls only – it will last almost two days.

Charger 1A. A full charge is achieved in 2.5 hours.

Conclusion review ZTE Blade L5

As a result, a budget smartphone ZTE Blade L5 with a 5 inch screen. Nothing stands out, but it has a weak hardware stuffing and camera.

Where to buy ZTE Blade L5?

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