Review the tablet 3Q Surf Tablet PC QS1023H

10-inch tablet Surf series based on the quad Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 chipset with built-in 3G and GPS modules. Cheap option Large tablet. Options In

10-inch tablet Surf series based on the quad Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 chipset with built-in 3G and GPS modules. Cheap option Large tablet.


In the box, in addition to the tablet, are Charger, USB-cable to connect to a computer, USB-host cable, stereo headphones, leatherette cover, quick start guide, warranty card and a SIM-card from Beeline tariff plan with 4G Internet tablet. Despite the fact that the tablet can support voice calls, this tariff plan does not have this capability. But insights into the high-speed Internet from Beeline, which does not have the support plate. To activate the package required to deposit 300 rubles and call the operator. Automatic activation or USSD-command is not provided, the money spent in the future to use the services.

It should be noted that all components give a budgetary unit. Case is made under the snakeskin, but doubt its artificial origin is not necessary.However, despite not the best shape, this accessory has been quite functional and reliable. We should also note that the charger is not quite standard – it is not microUSB connector, plug, similar to that used in old Nokia devices and some headsets.

Appearance, materials, controls, assembly

Appearance, as you would expect from a budget device, not too expressive. Occupy the entire front panel screen and covers it with plastic panel in black. Offsets from the edges of the housing is quite large and account for more than 20 mm to the right and to the left and slightly less than the top and bottom. Not the most aesthetically pleasing and compact solution, however, has a practical sense – accidentally catch plate for the screen, causing it to fire, will not work. This may be true for games lovers.

Also on the front panel is located above the front camera lens. The location of it seems a bit strange: if the left edge of the lens is separated by ~ 140 mm, on the right, this distance is ~ 120 mm. This asymmetry has a practical reason – in the same place, but on the flipside is the main camera lens. Because of the relatively small thickness of the shell (10 mm) post photographic modules over each other was impossible.

Silver logo located under the screen and covered him with a single protective “glass.”

End faces of the tablet is made of black matte plastic. The ends are quite sharp protrusions that also allow clearly hold the device even with gloves on.

At the top end goes into the rear panel, which is the top made of the same black matte plastic (approximately 15 mm from the top face). On it in a separate ledge-influx is the main camera lens, and on the right – a slot for mini SIM. Under this plastic insert located antenna wireless modules that guarantees the best reception quality.

Most of the back side is covered with a metal plate of brushed anodized aluminum. Its edges slightly bent the ends, but the joint is uneven – the transition from metal to plastic will feel like a small ledge.

In the center is caused by laser graviovkoy logo 3Q. At the bottom – the panel with the minimum necessary markings with information about the identity of the manufacturer, model name, certificates, and prevent unauthorized opening of the device. Just above and to the right of this information sheet is a single slot for the speaker device, covered by silvery mesh. Exactly in the center indented 1 cm from the right edge of the slot is for the button Reset.

On the metal panel handed and labeling connectors and controls. All except the already mentioned slots mini SIM, placed on the left (when viewed from the side of the screen) end. From top to bottom: the power button (it off / on the screen), a volume rocker, a slot for memory cards microSD (without plug) connector microUSB, microphone jack for external power supply (DC 5V) and a 3.5 mm audio jack.

Buttons are made of solid matte plastic, and have a great move clear fixation response when clicked. Pressing pretty tough accidental operation almost impossible. Volume rocker a little backlash, but on the performance or usability is not affected. Connectors for connecting peripherals are all quite tight.

The materials from which the plate is assembled, without pretension, but fairly reliable. Device tend to accumulate grease, except, of course, glossy front panel. Assembling at height – gaps between the individual elements do not all sift. Squeaks and no backlash, even if much bite plate. In my opinion, for the assembly can be put “excellent”, but the design and materials expressionless – only “four”.

Dimensions and weight

3Q QS1023H weighs 665 grams with dimensions 262h176 mm in body thickness and 10 mm. As already mentioned, a lot of space due to the presence of a significant “fields” around the screen. Without them, it might be not as comfortable to hold the device, but it would be more compact.Weight would also like to smaller, but given the fact that the tablet with a screen diagonal of 10.1 inches in a jacket pocket stuff is problematic in any case, as well as hold in one hand, then the shortcomings I would not size and weight carried. Here, as usual for this class of devices.


The device uses a screen with a diagonal of 10.1 inches and an aspect ratio of 16 to 9, which is the standard for Android-based tablets. The panel is made by technology IPS TFT. Capacitive sensor and supports up to five simultaneous touches. The resolution is 1280 by 800 pixels (density – 149 pixels per inch). Cover panel plastic, glossy. This is speaking of a purely technical characteristics.

In practice, the only advantage of the IPS screen before TN TFT – in angles. Stock lacks brightness, the screen faded perceived in any light. Safety glass is quite glare, although the overall picture remains readable in most cases. You can select one of two modes automatically adjust screen brightness – normal and dynamic. In the latter case, the picture more intense, but more battery power. With everyday use especial difference between these modes is not noticeable on any screen brightness or on consumption of the battery. Light sensor is missing.

The touchpad is also clearly not the best in its class – no accidental operation due to low sensitivity. Nevertheless, the gain can be quite small text and it will be more convenient than a phone or tablet smaller.

Operating system

In the tablet is running Android Jelly Bean today in version 4.1.2. The company plans to update the OS, but when this happens is unknown. In addition to standard tools OS updates Android, there is a separate section for availability of firmware updates from 3Q. The rest of the system has undergone minimal modifications from the manufacturer.

It is worth noting that in some cases Russification poorly executed, as you can see, if you look at the screenshot below screen brightness settings.


In the tablet is not used for traditional Chinese foods platform from MediaTek, a product of Qualcomm. Chipset Snapdragon MSM8625Q (aka Snapdragon 200) with four cores ARMv7l clocked at 1.2 GHz and Adreno 203 graphics subsystem. Performance this system can not be attributed, as despite the presence of the four processor cores, graphics module frankly weak, which affects the overall result. Although the fact that use of the platform from Qualcomm – forte tablet that promises a more stable job. However, we must admit that playback Full HD video and 3D-games this tablet can not handle. Braking or jerking when working interface no.

The RAM is 1 GB DDR3. Has 4 GB of internal memory, of which the user can at least 2 GB and even a little less than 1 GB is reserved for the installation of programs. Supported card format microSDHC up to 32 GB.


The device has a built-in battery capacity of 6000 mAh. Charging can be done both from the bundled charger issuing 5B and 2A, and through the microUSB connector. In the latter case, the full charging time varies considerably depending on the power supply for the device. Full-charge time of a complete device is about 3 hours. Operating voltage of the battery is nominally 3.7 V.

Claimed battery life is 6 hours. In practice, the tablet allows you to get up to 6 hours of video playback, but at the same time work on the Internet when connected via Wi-Fi is much smaller and is only 4-4.5 hours. In the game mode, you can only rely on the hour and a half, if the game is not demanding on resources. In mixed mode – mail checks (every 30 minutes), reading (~ 1.5 hours), watching videos (~ 40 minutes) and a little internet surfing (~ 30 minutes) – 10 hours of use tablet discharged by 60%. The greatest consumption of the battery is the use of GPS – with the included screen in this mode, the device can not work out and one hour.

In general, we can say that the battery life tablet is average. His performance can not be considered satisfactory, but also a long-time work as expected is not necessary.


The model is equipped with two cameras: basic, with a resolution of 5 MP autofocus camera with support and focus on touch, and frontal VGA-resolution and fixed focus. Expect something from the camera for video communication is not necessary. In Skype you quite interlocutor can see and recognize that it is you. But the main camera with a resolution at the secondary level suggests that it can be used for photo shooting.However, in fact, rely on the good stuff can only be a very good light. In low light conditions the results are satisfactory, no more. Situation makes the presence of several tachfokusa capable of obtaining photographs of distant objects, but the problem with color reproduction in low light remains. Noise matrix at the secondary level.

Camera settings for photographing allow you to change the white balance, exposure, enable / disable the geotagging, select size (QCIF to 5 MP), set the quality of pictures, select a focus mode (including macro), to include face detection, touch focus on , adjust the color, contrast and sharpness of the frame, select the metering (matrix, center-weighted or spot), adjust ISO (Auto, or from 100 to 1600). These settings are also valid for the front camera (except the impossibility of obtaining a picture with a resolution greater than 1 MP). Thus, by adjusting the camera, you can achieve if you do not radically improve the quality of the frame, then take pictures, it is suitable for placement in social networks.

To adjust the video you can: set the white balance, turn on the slow-motion, select the resolution (from QVGA up to 1280×720), enable geotagging, anti-flicker, watch video codec (H264), adjust the audio codec (AAC or AMRNB), adjust the duration of a clip (30, 10, or 30 min) and select expenditure battery (normal and economical.


Initially, the tablet is equipped with a modest set of features for working with the media – only that is built into the Android OS version 4.1.2. There are gallery viewing multimedia, Google Photo and standard music player. It should be noted that initially available codecs for video do not allow the full potential of the hardware platform (without delay played only video resolution up to 480p). After you install third-party applications (for example, MX Player) can safely watch videos with a resolution of up to 720p.

Volume is regulated corresponding rocker, with playback control via built-in speaker actually ends before the supply is exhausted displayed movement of the slider, the volume does not increase further. When connecting an external headphone or audio sound at the same time will become louder. Audiophile device is not called, but you can watch movies.

GPS and wireless interfaces

The tablet is equipped with Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth. Wi-Fi standard is supported 802.11 b / g / n, for Bluetooth – 3.0 HS. Both modules work flawlessly. Built-in support for 3G modem 3G, EDGE, HSCSD, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA +, GPRS, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900. The average sensitivity of the antenna, to the modern smartphone. The presence bundled SIM-card from Beeline can be considered a plus, although not optimal tariff plan.

There is also a full-fledged GPS module with support for A-GPS. Cold start time is about 1 minute, hot – 20-30 seconds. Apparatus confidently finds satellites and determines the coordinates with an accuracy of 10-20 meters in motion foot. In determining the accuracy of the vehicle falls, depending on the speed variation can be 30 meters or more. The bundled navigation software available. In general, the module demonstrated expectedly more stable than in the prior platform MTK. However, the use of 10-inch tablet as a car navigator fraught with obvious difficulties.


3Q Surf QS1023H tablet is a typical low-end solution for the tablet market Android OS with a screen diagonal of about 10 inches. It is much larger and heavier than the models with a screen diagonal of 8.7 inches, but at the same time, smaller than devices with an aspect ratio of 4 to 3. On the background of analogues, most of which runs on chipsets from MediaTek, the model is different, on the one hand, it is much more stable, but on the other – plays in performance. Selecting a platform with Adreno 203 graphics subsystem is difficult to name the best. As a result, we have a model that can cope well with the basic work tasks, but it is unlikely to be seen as a multimedia entertainment center. Significant advantage can only be a more reliable GPS and built-in 3G-modem.

Technical characteristicsOperating systemGoogle Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean)Processor / platformQualcomm MSM8225Q, 4 cores, 1.2 GHzScreen10.1 “(1280 x 800) IPS, multitouch to 5 point touchRandom access memory1 GB DDR3Drive4GBBluetooth3.03GBuilt-in ModemWi-Fi802.11b/g/nCameraFront – 0.3 MP, rear – 5.0 MP with autofocus mechanismGPSYesAccelerometer (G-sensor)There is a three-axisBatteryLithium-polymer battery, power consumption 22.2 Wh (6000 mAh @ 3,7 V)Data interfaces (ports)Micro USB 2.0 host / client, slot for memory cards microSD, the SIM-card, headphone jack (3.5mm)AudioBuilt-in mono speaker, built-in microphoneManagementAdjust the volume, power on / offDimensions in mm262 x 176 x 10.39Weight, g665ColorBlack bezel, silver back panelOptionsCharger, carrying case , USB-cable to connect to a computer, USB-host cable, a short multilingual user manual, warranty cardTags: 3QReviewSurftabletTablet PC QS1023H

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