Review Android smartphone Huawei G8

Huawei has launched the next generation of line G at number 8. In contrast to the popular model of G7, the Huawei G8 set the camera module with optical

Review smartphone Huawei G8

Huawei has launched the next generation of line G at number 8. In contrast to the popular model of G7, the Huawei G8 set the camera module with optical image stabilization, mounted fashionable nowadays fingerprint scanner, update the system, thoroughly worked on the design: the new version has more metal and glass 2.5D, the camera now protects not ordinary glass, and even Corning, a sapphire crystal.

Huawei G8: Design, size, controls

In terms of appearance, the Huawei G8 meets all the latest modern trends:

  1. It looks like Apple iPhone 6
  2. Available 2.5D curved glass
  3. Many metal
  4. Glass from Corning

On renderers and photos online Huawei G8 is really much like iPhone 6, but without the key. In real life – a very different design and ergonomics. The gadget looks noble and elegant with the right combination of aircraft aluminum, its grinding, smooth outlines the body, pleasant rounding of glass on the front panel.

Review smartphone Huawei G8

The hull shape is rectangular angles severely sloping, flat side faces on the corners – sanding, which is nice playing in the light. “The back” of the device is flat, but closer to the edges slightly rounded.The top and bottom on the back surface can be detected two insertions inhomogeneous surface of which resembles a nail file. Naturally, this is a purely subjective impression.

Almost 90% of the housing is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum. Colors can be: dark gray front side and heel, white bezel and silver backdrop, gold front and back panels.

The screen is protected by a piece of glass from Corning. In just a few weeks of use is nothing wrong with the display did not happen. Oleophobic coating is, it is very effective: fingerprints remain, but they are invisible, are removed quickly. Finger slides on the surface easily, smoothly.

Review smartphone Huawei G8

Two plastic insert behind. They are used for signal transmission of wireless technologies. They are colored in a color rear of the machine.

Assembled device is ideal for optimal display size of 5.5 inches – 152.5 x 76.5 x 7.5 mm, weight is not the small – about 170 grams, however, is a payment for the abundance of metal.

Above the center of the front of the smartphone arranged speech speaker, “SELF” Cam, sensors, LED missed events.

At the bottom end – 6 holes, behind which hides the microphone, and the center – microUSB. Above is a second microphone for recording stereo and video noise reduction, 3.5 mm audio jack. On the left – combined metal slot two simkarty (microSIM + nanoSIM) or a sim-cards and memory cards microSD. Left – also metal button on the device and the key, the volume rocker.

On the reverse side: the imposing size of the camera module, acting on a couple of millimeters over the body, a fingerprint scanner. Options fingerprint sensor typical, but there are also original feature: the answer to the challenge of holding the finger on the sensor, create photos, turn off the alarm, opening the notifications panel. Works fast, no problems.

Huawei G8: Cameras

The main module 13 MP (RGBW-based matrix, aperture F2.0, angle 28 mm) plus the optical stabilization, a front – 5 MP (aperture F2.4, a very wide angle of 22 mm). There is a small dual LED flash cool and warm glow.

Using the matrix RGBW (white photosensor introduction) allows to obtain a brighter picture (the light falls on the pixel smoothly and gives a stronger signal) in low light conditions, increasing the dynamic range. However, as they say in clever books, possible loss of color detail.

Review smartphone Huawei G8

The quality of pictures taken on Huawei G8, still, perfectly: precise white balance, wide viewing angle, perfect detail, the picture is silent, fast and accurate focus. We should also mention that the G8 manufacturer has provided optical video stabilization. If we are talking about the photo, special difference I noticed is on or off stabilization, but noticeable in the video.

“Self” is well-camera shoots, even at night to obtain decent shots, just not enough flash. Video wrote in resolution HD.

The main camera shoots videos in FullHD resolution at 30 f / s during the day and at 24 f / s in the evening / night. As a standard for such devices. The sound is clear, stereo.

Huawei G8: Performance

Smartphone Huawei G8 is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 616 (MSM8939v2). Inside it employs 8 cores ARMv8 (4 core Cortex-A53 processor with a clock frequency of 1.7 GHz, the other 4 core Cortex-A53 processor with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz), 28 nm process technology, as a graphic accelerator Adreno 405 acts.

Review smartphone Huawei G8

The user interface is very smooth, with no slowdown and mikrolagov, friezes shell.

Unkilled game is on the highest setting, but it is felt that the number below 30. Star Wars Heroes can be played without lags. The Dead Trigger 2 you can play without lag, but it seems that at some point shots subside. In Godfire Rise of Prometheus can be played without lags. With other games similar situation.


The quality of communication did not cause my complaints, vibrate average strength. In the pocket of winter jackets, you will hardly feel the vibration motor rather hear it.

Huawei G8 can be purchased on the official website of the company, is no rush – the gadget available.

The unit made a positive impression on me in the first place, due to a cool design: pleasant in the hand, metal, with rounded glass. The second – bribed image quality. Last, Huawei and pleasing modules “dopilennuyu” software for cameras. In the third – the screen, it is juicy, bright and contrast, color rendition, as I like, extended. Everything else is relatively typical for such gadgets.

Minus at the smartphone I did not find.

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