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The creators of the tape Need for Speed were on hand all the cards. The series "Fast and Furious" has mutated into «Call of Duty on wheels", and

The creators of the tape Need for Speed were on hand all the cards. The series “Fast and Furious” has mutated into «Call of Duty on wheels”, and underground races left without a worthy representative on the big screen.Legacy game franchises offer a couple of explanatory stories. Finally, the painting did not expect revelations, fans would be enough simply dynamic races. But the “master” of Hollywood revenge for all the “play-by-movie” time – they took a good game and abused her.

The first forty minutes of the film puzzling mixed with boredom. We show the main character – a talented driver and body shop owner. He has companions, and they all represent “strong friendship”, but do it with stone faces. The hero of “It’s Complicated” antagonist and “more difficult” with a former girlfriend. Also on the guy pushes the bank threatens to take away for the debts of the business loan.All this tighten-and-a-Anuti nonsense exists to bring the story to the simplest complication – the death of a comrade, bases, stints, revenge. Under the “revenge” of course, refers to the victory in the underground race.

Authors to force the viewer to empathize with the characters cardboard is not the only problem the film. Star of TV series “Breaking Bad” Aaron Paul does not fit well into the image of an experienced road warrior. Antagonist reminds spineless teenager and allocated only stupidity. Not everyone is smart enough to keep the evidence of his crime in a shared folder on your computer.

However, Need for Speed ​​- not about the rivalry between the two sworn enemies, and not about the world of illegal racing. Then the film turns into a romantic melodrama, then returns to the theme of the hero and his “faithful companions.” Happening diluted strained jokes and languid glances. Entrusted to write dialogues whether Captain O., whether random generator replicas.


Chases made “under realism,” the machines do not even nitro accelerators and tricks – rare guests on the screen. During many races cars just roll each other to the accompaniment of deafening screech of wheels and engines roar. Directed by trying to squeeze dynamics due to the constant change of plans, jumping and camera view from the cockpit demonstration. Turns out badly. In this accident made in the spirit of the game series – without the terrible consequences of collisions and turning cars into a pile of twisted metal.

It only worse plot holes. Companions hero who rushes across America on ultrafast wheelbarrow appear on your jalopy always one step ahead. Black buddy without clear explanations finds that plane, then a civilian, the combat helicopters. Cops use lethal methods to stop racers like their task is not to detain and destroy fans of extreme sports.

Not in the movie and feel the cult car. Internal machine and the engine did not show. Mechanics resemble wizards who do the job just swinging wrenches. The process of creating the dream sports car worth millions of dollars behind the scenes.

Game series Need for Speed ​​fans delighted quality music. But in the movie at any convenient and inconvenient case-pretentious drawl play melodies like guys are not discussing the machine, and decide the fate of the nation or are going to sign the Declaration of Independence. Chase tested under typical for any Hollywood blockbuster “hard” orchestral music. All this makes the show not only tedious, but even painful.



The plot is lost somewhere between the strained comedy dull criminal fighters and tear melodrama.Racing component fails combines realism, no dashing stunts and violent accidents, as a result, it is unable to distract from the silly stories.

It is two o’clock abuse awareness and the famous racing series. If you feed a warm feeling to the Need for Speed ​​franchise, or enjoy movies about race, it’s not worth watching under any circumstances.

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