Review LG K10 (K410): simple but tasteful

Smartphone LG K10 is one of those devices, which are almost nothing to say, but that they do not become less useful. Yes, the device is no outstanding

Review LG K10 (K410): simple but tasteful

Korean company LG continues its path in the mobile segment. This manufacturer can please us with decent quality, interesting design solutions and advanced software product component. Along with other devices at CES 2016 exhibition was presented at the beginning of this year went on sale the new model K10. About it in detail, and we’ll talk.

Smartphone LG K10 is one of those devices, which are almost nothing to say, but that they do not become less useful. Yes, the device is no outstanding performance, he was not charged with any unique functionality. This is a simple version with a pleasant, they say, face.

So avid geeks who prefer a unique solution, it is unlikely to be interested. However, only members of the category are not exhausted and that they bet manufacturer by releasing LG K10.

LG has officially introduced in our area, so with the support of Russia will have no problems. Smartphone LG K10 (K410) released in one hardware versions: 16 GB of memory for data storage and 1GB of RAM. With regard to possible body colors, there are two options: blue indigo and white.

Through online store, we have to test turned blue LG K10. The approximate price of this model is at the level of 13 thousand rubles, the benefit of it is already present on sale in the Russian retail. As usual, the hero of the review study will begin with a brief description of the specification.

Review LG K10 (K410): simple but tasteful

What can I say? Before us is a compact and lightweight smartphone with a very low-key, but good balanced filling. It met the required minimum set. It’s nice that there is support for two SIM-cards and memory cards. More nothing special for the money we are not encouraging. It is hoped that with the quality of all will be well and any faults found during testing will not.

It is worth noting that LG K10 is available in a more advanced version of K430ds. This smartphone got more RAM, a more advanced camera, the LTE support, an eight-processor and the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. Benefits missing, and such a device can be interesting, but its price is significantly (by 3-5 thousand rubles) above. But the manufacturer offers a choice, and it definitely comes as a plus.

Packaging equipment LG K10 (K410)

Smartphone entered the test in a small light-colored cardboard box. Material packing quite a budget.

On the surface of the boxes marked logo and basic technical information.

In the box under the unit laid next delivery:

  • USB cable – Micro USB;
  • The charger (5.0 V, 0.85 A);

The quality of all components of the supply is not satisfactory. Earphone, Case and other joy in the package is not allowed.

Appearance and design of LG K10 (K410)

LG K10 is made in a folding case made of plastic. The whole glass front panel covers, under which there is a screen. On the glass is not glued no protective film, because it is scratch-resistant and oleophobic coating.

Glass is used in the latest fashions such as 2.5D. Put simply, with sloping edges is slightly convex toward the front of the plane.

The rear part is completely covered by a blue plastic plate with deep-patterned texture. This material matt and tenacious and does not collect fingerprints. A very convenient and pleasant-looking solution. Fringing ends made of matte silver plastic. This rear panel slides over all the ends and is also a part of them.

Talk about obvious similarities with other specific forms known models do not have to, the smartphone looks original. Here you can see only the design of the LG brand.

Case thickness 8.8 mm. All faces visibly smoothed, angular body shape poorly recognized by touch. Hold the device is very convenient, with the ergonomics is all right.

Review LG K10 (K410): simple but tasteful

The boxes around the screen quite narrow, allowing normal man to hold the smartphone with an average hand. A textured coating the back cover does not allow the device to slip.

The height of the device is 146.6 mm, width – 74.8 mm. Claimed weight of new items – 140 g, which is confirmed and weighed. The weight of the gadget can be called quite normal for its size.

All hardware buttons are traditionally located on the rear panel and the connectors on the ends.

As already mentioned, the new product will be presented in white.

Above the screen is the front camera, earpiece, ambient light sensors and proximity. Speaker received neuglublennuyu notch of small size, but is on the edge of the body that may not be very comfortable for your ear. LED indicator Event / charge, unfortunately, is not provided.

Below the display are placed only a company logo. Touch buttons are not here, they are the onscreen.

The main camera is located at the top center of the rear panel. The camera module is a little above the level of the body, but it should not be scratched, and the smartphone will be on the table quite smoothly.

In the same block next to the camera placed power button and volume rocker button, get a nice texture. Next available LED flash, and just below a small company logo.

In the bottom left of the back of the hole we were met by the main speaker.

The right and left ends are empty. Only one of them we can see the hook to disengage the rear cover.

At the bottom there are MicroUSB port Elementary microphone and 3.5 mm jack for headphones.

On the top face has an additional microphone.

Rear plastic panel is strong enough and tightly fastened with snap fasteners.

Under the hood we see the familiar layout of all elements of the interior.

The smartphone can install two Nano SIM-card and MicroSD memory card.

The quality of the housing parts and their good treatment. To build there are no complaints, by twisting and pressing crunches and squeaks minimum. Fit parts precise and tight, the gaps are the same everywhere. Smartphone as a whole looks very nice.

Connectors and controls conveniently located. The size of the buttons is sufficient to press it with a palpable and audible click. Installed sensors and sensors do not give failures. The strength of the vibration motor is average. With the active use of the device cabinet is not heated.

LG K10 externally can be called quite interesting compared to other devices due to a successful design. Upset only the absence of the LED.

Display LG K10 (K410)

New LG is equipped with 5.3-inch screen with a matrix of type IPS and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. pixel density of 277 ppi, aspect ratio – 16: 9. This is not the best, but for many people sufficient parameters.

The picture on the screen, rich and clear, black color is visually perceived deep enough.

Review LG K10 (K410): simple but tasteful

Despite the fact that the HD display resolution is not provided high pixel density, an image seen in this case, the structure may be hard, you have to look closely. Visually, no serious claims to the display there. Let’s see what the tests show.

Hardware platform and performance LG K10 (K410)

As the processor in the LG K10 uses MediaTek MT6582 quad-core 1.3GHz. As graphics it uses a Mali-400.

This is not the most productive SoC, but it is able to provide smooth operation of the smartphone interface and most applications.

The amount of RAM is 1 GB. In this case, simple is less than half of the available memory. RAM does not work very quickly, as evidenced by test MemBench.

Firmware and software LG K10 (K410)

As in LG K10 uses Android 5.0 operating system. Established proprietary software shell Optimus UI. Updates over the air (FOTA) are possible. Support for the unit in Russia can be found at this address producer.

root access on the device is closed, but the problems with obtaining it should not be. In the web you can find enough instructions on the subject.

Let us turn to the interface and installed programs. It is traditional for LG-designed and we are waiting for a rich part of the program.

The LG decided not to clutter the interface third-party programs. Basically, the user waiting for a signature services and the necessary set of the Android system options.

Wireless interfaces and communication LG K10 (K410)

The LG K10 has two slots for the Nano format of SIM-cards. Both cards can be simultaneously active in the standby mode. The level of signal strength and speed of mobile data transfer works consistently supported smartphone at a normal level. The conversation is not interrupted.

By the speed of communication and the stability of the Wi-Fi (a / b / g / n) no complaints.

Stated connectivity and data transfer:

  • 2G – 850/900/1800/1900;
  • 3G – 900/2100.

The menu has everything you need to manage the connection parameters.

For positioning unit used in space (A) GPS. Search satellites takes less than a minute, and found enough of them.

Location accuracy is obtained not very high, but acceptable. Trekking in a smooth motion.

According to the Bluetooth 4.1 60.76 MB file size is transmitted in 6.3 minutes.

Review LG K10 (K410): simple but tasteful

Memory and file system LG K10 (K410)

To store data in the LG K10 provides 16 GB of memory. The user can have about 12 GB to store personal data. There is a slot for Micro SD memory cards up to 32 GB. The smartphone also supports external drives using USB-OTG.

Connecting the unit to a computer is possible in the multimedia device mode (MTP), send images (PTP) and only for charging. Connecting to it is not provided by a USB-drive. Data exchange takes place with the help of standard USB 2.0 connector.

Below are the test results storage benchmarks. The speed of the internal drive was normal. Do not let down it and in the exercise of writing a file to the internal memory of the smartphone.

The file size is 682 MB copied 33 seconds. Obviously, a long time do not have to wait for the transfer of large media files.

Battery life LG K10 (K410)

LG K10 is equipped with a removable battery capacity of 2300 mAh.

This is not the best, but acceptable option for this smartphone.

Fully charge the device by USB 3.0 can be implemented in about two and a half hours. From USB 2.0 it will charge for about five hours. Staffing memory (5.0 V, 0.85 A) will charge it a little more than two hours.

Now an autonomous work. AnTuTu test showed moderate 5000 points. This is an average of the background of many other devices. Under full load the smartphone lasted more than three hours.

What will PCMark? Seven o’clock – it is also average.

In Geekbench 3 review hero lasted seven and a half hours, which is the result of certain average.

But this result has given a battery test on GFX Bench.

Actual tests have shown that it is possible to calculate the normal autonomy under normal use of the screen and the smartphone processor (games without abuse, movies and so on.). However, some records in terms of “survivability” the device does not show, so I have to keep an eye on the battery status.

in «HD Battery” program below for a more complete picture of the results of the calibration.

For further save battery settings have power-saving mode.

The smartphone is capable of autonomous operation with moderate use for eight to ten hours. Continuous operation in the three-dimensional heavy games will eat the battery in around three to four hours. Large mixed load (games, movies, web surfing) discharge its average for five to seven hours.

If the unit is used in a power saving mode (eg, mainly for listening to music with the screen off, and not for browsing), you can expect to work offline for one day. In operation very minimal activity smartphone is able to lend a little longer. Fortunately in a simple self-discharge and the discharge of the implementation of the basic functions is expressed not so much.


Camera LG K10 (K410)

The LG K10 installed two cameras: the main 8.0 megapixel resolution with autofocus and LED flash, and a front – 5.0 megapixels.

The maximum photo resolution: 3264 x 2448 pixels and 2560 x 1920 pixels for the main and front cameras respectively. Video cameras capture both in resolutions up to Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels).

The camera interface is user-friendly and intuitive. But there is only the necessary settings and a set of basic elements. In LG’s clearly decided to go to the camera from a position of minimalism, in the creative impulse is not clear.

The manufacturer focuses on features such as shooting on hand gesture, the virtual flash and front camera shot with one touch. By AF shooting performance claims and no, it is fast and accurate.

Now it’s time to evaluate the quality of images and videos obtained with LG K10. All photos below, including comparisons of images of other cameras, we get


If we talk about the external component, LG has created a successful model, as pretty and practical smartphone find its buyer. Is that the latter may opt for a more advanced version K430ds, rather than the K410. In this case, for a fee of a few thousand, we offer the best option, devoid of most of the observations specific to the tested device.

What is the result? Variation K430ds, no doubt, deserves attention. But things are not so simple to review a hero. The price range of 12-13 thousand rubles, there are many interesting solutions, and the final choice will depend not only on price but also personal preferences.

Review LG K10 (K410): simple but tasteful

Pros LG K10:

  • A nice appearance and practical design of the housing;
  • Large display with relatively small dimensions;
  • In general, acceptable performance;
  • The developed and functional programming part;
  • Extensive multimedia capabilities;
  • Good sound in the headphones;
  • Support for two SIM-cards and memory cards;
  • Acceptable battery life.

Cons LG K10:

  • The average quality of the cameras;
  • The price a little too high.

Can not arrange:

  • Scarce equipment;
  • A small amount of RAM;
  • The lack of LTE support;
  • No events indicator / charge;
  • It is not always correctly working flash;
  • Problems with standard video player.

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