Review HP Pavilion x360 – new old laptop model

Laptop HP Pavilion x360 has long attracted the attention of users and the manufacturer decided to leave us without the possibility of once again

Review HP Pavilion x360 - new old laptop model

In the notebook market, too, there is a tendency to release the same line of notebooks, but with an improved iron or some other chips. The developer simply does not want to take risks – to produce something entirely new means to involve themselves in the risk to remain without customers, and if the line has become a popular and buy it, you can simply processor to deliver higher performance, slightly tighten performance and sell the device safely to all who wish modern and reliable gadget. Laptop HP Pavilion x360 has long attracted the attention of users and the manufacturer decided to leave us without the possibility of once again to buy something like that would be a very big mistake. So meet the updated laptop with a very interesting and colorful body, modern filling and a large set of additional chips. Believe me, it is really very cool and interesting.

Review HP Pavilion x360 - new old laptop model

Specifications HP Pavilion x360

It is worth noting that the manufacturer is positioning HP Pavilion x360 as a product for the different types of users and a minimum configuration the device operates on the Intel Celeron N3070 processor. This is not the most top-end processor, but its performance is enough for working with documents, software and the Internet. With this processor, the laptop gets 4 gigabytes of RAM. If you want Intel Core i5 processor or higher, you will have to pay a little more money. Especially if you do not want 4GB of RAM, and 8 GB, the price will be even higher. In terms of built-in storage computer totally did not surprise – or 500 GB HDD drive or SSD of 128 GB. It should be noted that the variant from HDD to SSD-much cheaper option, as the cost of the two drives is about the same. In general, in terms of filling the computer is not heavily processed, as well as relevant to pricing.

Design HP Pavilion x360

Manufacturer rarely departs from its corporate identity, but at this time we are still pleased with the bright colors. The body of HP Pavilion x360 can be painted in red or blue colors that complete with a matte finish gives a very interesting and eye-catching effect. It should also be noted that the hinge on which rests a laptop display for models with a diagonal 11 and 13 inches, and it differs clearly seen in the screenshots. We are body colors are very popular, they make the gadget a fresh and modern, but definitely not for business red suit – looks too cheap.Review HP Pavilion x360 - new old laptop model

Bonuses HP Pavilion x360

HP has repeatedly praised the duration of laptop battery. According to official data, the duration of work without being connected to the power supply is 8 hours. This, as I understand it, a minimum configuration, because i5 processor accurately pulls more power. In addition, for some reason HP decided to rejoice in the fact that the laptop goes to the operating system Windows 10. And show me a device that came out this year, not the OS. But here everything is good with the slots at the periphery and in the largest model, even a place in the optical drive found. Who needs it – it is not clear, but the place is found.

Review HP Pavilion x360 - new old laptop model

Result HP Pavilion x360

The minimum configuration of HP Pavilion x360 costs $ 380 and it’s very cool. You get a compact product with the possibility of transformation of the laptop into a tablet, touch screen and other benefits, which has no competitors. Of course, more powerful hardware, and more diagonal display cost will be slightly higher, but even in the maximum configuration this product will be significantly cheaper than any analog apple. This, it seems to me, is the main advantage of this laptop.

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