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That's what is written on the official website about the name and the beginning of the company Onkyo: «Name of Onkyo Corporation is formed from two

That’s what is written on the official website about the name and the beginning of the company Onkyo: «Name of Onkyo Corporation is formed from two Japanese words: On means sound, and Kyo – harmony. Argue that in the beginning the company’s founder took a job only people with an ear for music, because I wanted to everyone who creates new components were as committed to music and understand it with halftones, like himself. In September 1946, an electrical engineer Godai Takeshi (Takeshi Godai) founded Osaka Denki Onkyo KK, which is the predecessor of Onkyo Corporation. The company started with the production of the cartridge CP1000, which could easily be classified as High End (although the concept in those days did not exist yet), because cost about 300 yen, despite the fact that the average salary in Japan was then only 500 yen. In 1948, Takeshi was able to develop a new type of diffuser – “non pressed cone” (from pressed paper) which produced literally a “revolution” in the production of dynamic speakers. Onkyo has laid the basis for the production of speakers on the basis of its engineers created materials.

Package Includes:

  • Headphones
  • Cable
  • Cover
  • Documentation

Design, construction

Headphones come in a box made of cardboard, the bundle includes a cover of fabric, it’s nice. All three colors in its own interest, it is black, white and purple, glossy black headphones, others dull, I loved the white version. There is nothing superfluous, invisible fingerprints, not only from a metal cup, pleasantly cools hand.

Headphone can not be folded, weighs 240 grams. On each plate are plugs for cable connections, refer to the note left and right channels, should not be confused. On the official website states that if you want you can change the cable, but where to buy this accessory in Russia, I do not know.There are four different kinds of cables, the usual three different colors, and one with a transparent sheath.

Headband decorated with thin kozhzamom, the same material and in the embouchure, it is unlikely to skin. Rails of metal, the assembly no claims.Cable – noodles, not confused, length – 1.2 meters, and can comfortably use with laptop and mobile appliances.

When headphones only brought home were guests design white model really liked the two girls, both white iPhone – has long been observed that the fairer sex is exactly what technique is chosen, because of the beauty, functionality is secondary. Perhaps that is why FC300 and praised. About Onkyo they have never heard, but overall appearance, listened, liked interested. Spontaneous testing on human beings – part of the profession, and it is much easier life.

Curved plug, if you plan to use your smartphone or tablet, in a case, it is necessary to remove protection. To build no claims. For the design model is worth praise, that’s really really nothing more.

The method of wearing, comfort

As can be seen, this big headphones, ear cups completely cover the ears, but the weight is not too large, long-term use is not felt. Passive noise isolation at a good level, while listening to music ambient noise disappears. Due to the long rails model will sit well even on big head, so I took all push each side with a pair of centimeters.


Here can see how to construct the design of headphones, at the same time there can also learn about the speakers – 40 mm, there is a special camera for better transmission of low frequencies. Features headphone here are:

  • Maximum power: 1000 mW
  • Sensitivity: 97 dB / mW
  • Frequency response: 10 – 27000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms

The best results have been obtained when listening with laptop (MBP 15 Retina), yet the model is very demanding on the quality of the file if the plug on the economy models, the difference is not particularly noticeable, here you’ll hear literally every artifact – I repeat, it is best with a laptop, it’s best files to ALAC (FLAC), MP3 well or in good quality.

I then managed to meet new nodding Beats Studio, and so, Onkyo ES-FC300 leave a better impression. They are powerful, good in the entire frequency spectrum, there is no emphasis on low or high, yet they are very accurate. For example, I would recommend them could easily home DJ, if you need something to reduce, to play a little with the equalizer and it can be used for their hobby.

With electronic music sound quality is outstanding, but for the classical model is not very suitable, high frequency strange here – focus on the middle and lower classes. However, as always with headphones, very much subjective. My only task is to ensure that you and give you the most important thing – is it worth looking at Onkyo ES-FC300 in the store or not. Worth. For my money thing outstanding.


In the retail model costs 5000 rubles, which is to say, I highly recommend to pay attention to your headphones, especially if you are looking for cheap overhead headphones. What good have Onkyo ES-FC300? Cup of metal, comfortable to wear, detachable cable, good sound quality – especially when used with appliances serious than iPhone, I really enjoyed listening to the laptop, interesting experience. About brand many of you probably have not heard, I did not so long ago started dating – so, the best acquaintance came headphones Onkyo ES-FC300 for their money very interesting acquisition.

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