Review of business-class ultrabook Dell Vostro 5470

Ultrabook Dell Vostro 5470 refers to the primary level, but it is already equipped with series processors Intel Core i3 or i5 fourth generation (Haswell).

Review of business-class ultrabook Dell Vostro 5470


The company produces a lot of Dell models, which are positioned as intended for office use. Among them are both devices for a couple of thousand dollars, and very inexpensive proposals that are in the price range up to 15 000 rubles. Ultrabook Dell Vostro 5470 refers to the primary level, but it is already equipped with series processors Intel Core i3 or i5 fourth generation (Haswell). Price range models depending on the configuration – from 20 to 36 thousand rubles. On review unit came in a minimum configuration with the processor Intel Core i3 4010U 1,7 GHz, 4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz HDD: 500 GB (5400 rev / min). Complete and Windows 8 64-bit version. The cost of this option is in Moscow, about 20 thousand rubles.

Design, materials, housing

Ultrabooks Vostro 5470 series is the younger brother XPS, which inevitably affect the design and quality materials. If housing models XPS series performed entirely of aluminum, the Vostro series is part of the plastic housing elements, and only remaining covered with aluminum plates. Similar solutions are used by other manufacturers. In practice, the difference in feeling between the hulls is insignificant, but the combination of different materials look cheaper. So, this laptop is an example of a cheap model, which tried to give the appearance of more expensive.

If we abstract from the comparison with the more expensive devices, the design neutral and pleasant – just what you expect from a laptop “office plankton”. It does not cause any hot emotions, but also the rejection may be only the most ardent fans of “Poppy”. Anodized aluminum grayish-brown color (classified Dell, «flake graphite”) on the top cover, the same gray-black aluminum inside and slightly rough black bottom panel made of plastic.

The top is covered by an aluminum cap. In the center – the traditional logo Dell, made in the form of Notch element polished shiny aluminum. Catchy, but eventually this item accumulates dust and dirt. Besides, on the lid there are three small apertures for the external microphone.

Screen covered with a plastic panel around which – cheap but functional matte plastic. Simple but effective – matt not actively collects fingerprints and glare.

Review of business-class ultrabook Dell Vostro 5470

Centered above the screen – the camera lens, the right of which – a microphone, and the left – LED backlight. Dell engineers usually placed opposite.

The inner part is divided into finishing aluminum and plastic. Plastic around the keyboard is the same as in and around the screen. Gray, matt, non-staining and cheap. Front panel keyboard is covered with the same aluminum as the top cover. Middle – large touchpad without division into sensory field and a button. Right, just below the keyboard – fingerprint reader, a standard for business class.

Above the keyboard on the center – three indicator of enabling, battery and hard drive. All three bright LED white backlight. It is clearly visible in the dark and in daylight.

Quite right perched small power button, also equipped with indicator white. Again, typically in notebooks Dell (and not exclusively), it is on the left.

Front end panel has no indicators or connectors. All indicators are only visible when opening the laptop (although if you try, you’ll see them with the lid closed). But behind all housed “nozzle” radiator cooling system.

Bottom panel piece – the battery entirely hidden under it, and simply replacing it is not provided. Distributed by her slit-speaker audio system and the lattice covering the built-in subwoofer. It is worth noting that the speakers are positioned asymmetrically, and part of the slots – it’s just vyshtampovki designed to make the panel look more symmetrical. To access the internal parts of the laptop panel is removed entirely.

Legs on which the device stands quite massive, spherical shape, made of rubber.

In general, the apparatus impresses a thin and accurate. Ultrabook does not look expensive, but neat and neutral design, build quality give enough positive experience. This is a good example of a laptop for every day.

Connectors, connection devices

As mentioned above, the front and rear ends no indicators or connectors. All indicators are hidden under the hood, and the connectors brought to the right and left ends. On the left is the lock Kensington Lock, power supply connector, two USB-ports and a slot for memory card standard SD. They all shifted to the rear end and marked with the standard way.

Right connectors are HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and audio 3.5mm.

All three USB ports are made according to the standard USB 3.0, no differences between them. Reader has minimal functionality and supports only SD-card format. Combo audio jack, and is input and an output connected to a laptop computer headset usual will not work.Connector for the network card, like most ultrabooks, shell thickness was not enough – it is equipped with a spring-loaded hinged lid.

Review of business-class ultrabook Dell Vostro 5470

If we talk about connecting peripherals, it provides minimum requirements ultrabook, but no more. Wireless interfaces are presented combined module 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth version 4.0. Network card supports data transfer up to 1000 Mbit / s. In general, everything is standard, without any achievements – the minimum standard.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Keyboard with Dell Vostro 5470 is typical for models with screen sizes of 14 inches. That is, without the numeric keypad, but quite a decent size. Buttons are made of black plastic, no lights. The key travel is soft and deep, the size of their medium – to long-term use as a typewriter is perfectly acceptable, but the keys have a small gap in their nests, it takes some getting used to, because the small distance between them allows the finger to slide smoothly, causing accidental pressing.

Further habituation requires touchpad. Despite the large size and convenient location, call it comfortable to use does not work. First, even at the maximum level of sensitivity, it remains insufficient for reliable triggering falls significantly pressed a finger and gesture control does not work correctly. Second, engineers seemed a good idea to perform the touchpad of aluminum. The idea itself is not so bad, but with good texture tangible longitudinal stripes of milling prevents its comfortable use. In addition, prolonged use with high load heats the entire front of the notebook, which also is not too pleasant.


Screen models, as might be expected from cheap ultrabook has a TN TFT matrix with a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels at a diagonal of 14 inches. However, it is quite capable to compete with low-cost IPS options. While viewing angles can not be called maximal if available opportunities deviations screen vertically they are sufficient – with a laptop equally comfortable working as putting on the table and resting on his knees.

LED lights are very bright, its stock is enough to work in any conditions, but still the screen is glossy, and delivered back to the light source is not necessary – if the glare will not hamper the work, then it will not add to the pleasant moments.

Review of business-class ultrabook Dell Vostro 5470

Color as possible for TN TFT, bright and saturated. Perhaps this contributes to the screen coating TrueLife. In this parameter have no complaints. We can say that the screen resolution is low and its density is currently insufficient, but here it is necessary to stipulate that the minimum configuration Vostro 5470 is worth less than 25 000 and all of its competitors has a screen with the same resolution and density.


Ultrabook received HD-camera with a resolution of 1 megapixel. Maximum video resolution – 720p. Despite the seemingly not the most outstanding performance, the model was successful in this regard. When a video image is transmitted through Skype clear, your partner will not see blurry shapes out of focus. A nice addition is also an external microphone, which helps to get a clean sound – it is clear that video found an important parameter for the business model and the module worked.

There is also an LED that provides visibility of your face in low light. Dimming he has not, but it is set quite successfully – even in total darkness with the screen brightness at 15% LED is not blind, and the person on a typical removal while working at the table fully lit.

In general, the parameter webcam laptop deserves a very high rating.


Laptop got sound card high definition technology to support Wave MaxxAudio 4.0. Behind these words lies the usual loud sound that can be found in mid-level laptops, no fundamental differences from most of these devices when you connect headphones, you will not find.Similar results are demonstrated by most of the smartphone flagship level two or three years ago. When listening to music in mp3 format (320 kbit / s) with no difference losless format I could not hear. Several things are changing when watching movies and running games.Here surround sound more so effective solution would be to use earphones average.

Review of business-class ultrabook Dell Vostro 5470

If you use the built-in sound system, then the situation will also be ambiguous. Dell Vostro 5470 has two stereo speakers located asymmetrically 1.5 watts of power and one subwoofer output of 2 watts. This seems to be enough to comfortably watch a movie without using any external audio devices, but experience has shown that only the subwoofer makes the situation by taking part midrange.Speakers do not have enough power, and the derivation of the maximum volume the sound turns to mush. No wheezing, but to make out the words, must exert attention. That is, if you watch a movie or play a game, it is better to find a quieter space to not show the volume in 60% of the maximum. To this level sound is acceptable.

Office orientation device affected and that the primary position for device engineers saw solid surface table. The direction of propagation of sound is that when hit on a soft surface dynamics fade away. When placing a laptop on his knees as easily overlaps either the right or left channel for stereo than ends.

In general, satisfactory rating for the model to 25,000, but it is unacceptable for the top versions for 30 + thousand.


As has been said, is based on a processor Intel Core i3-4010U 4th generation (3 MB cache, 1.7 GHz). This low-voltage version, which has no function Turbo Boost, which saves battery power, but allows to obtain gain power. Two cores in a chip, but four logical. Given the fact that in the former version on the review had only integrated graphics adapter Intel HD 4400, say anything about the performance of laptop is not necessary. This is a typical “typewriter” for office applications and a photo editor. No other tasks to put this configuration is not necessary.

According to standard testing of Windows, the current configuration laptop scored 4.8 points. Bottleneck was traditionally performance Aero, but in all other tests showed decent device in its class results – not less than 5.9.

Review of business-class ultrabook Dell Vostro 5470

Minus steel RAM and hard disk. DDR3L 1600MHz memory is a kind of standard for notebooks, and in the case of this model can select the version with a large amount – up to 8 GB. Also there is room for maneuver in the event of a drive. In addition to 5400 rev / min hard disk 500 GB or 1 TB, there are options and additional SSD 32 GB SSD drive with 128GB. Incidentally, in the latter case, only the model in terms of Dell, is ultrabook although Intel-defined parameters fall all the versions.

If we talk about performance in general, it is sufficient for everyday tasks: web browsing, text editing, photography or just a video editor, as well as watching movies or running is not too heavy, and new games. Slightly better results should show the version with discrete NVIDIA card and processor Core i5.

Heating, cooling, noise

Cooling system ultrabook implemented quite well – the main heat dissipation is through the radiators at the rear end. If the load consists of a tabbed browser with a 2-4 and a text editor, the cooling system does its tasks. A few things are worse when playing video – hour and a half after the viewing laptop gets hot if you do not, then uncomfortably warm in the area of ​​the touchpad and under the brush. That is a big load for a long time still cooling system overloads. Moreover, in order to cool the laptop, you have to turn it off, otherwise the temperature will remain above the comfort level.

Hold warmed laptop on your lap can. The most intense heat is centered, ie knees, he will not overheat.

With all the noise well. Model not only quiet, but very quiet. Even when running benchmarks remained barely noticeable noise, the fan feels like a slight rustling plus conspicuous current of warm air through the nozzles. In general, this parameter is all on the level of the market – due to the noise model or intense heat or heated.


In the three-element model has a removable lithium-ion battery 48.6 ~ 51.2 W • h Manufacturer does not indicate the battery life. In practice, I could not get from ultrabuka work for more than six hours. Basically, with moderate use (browser, Skype and text editor, 50% brightness), he was discharged in four or four and a half hours. Six hours – it’s just web browsing, and when it reaches 30% battery brightness reduced to 1/3 of the maximum. In standby mode (screen is off) a little bit – up to 5% per hour. In sleep mode, full charge comes after 1.5 days.

However, surprisingly, the best Dell Vostro 5470 showed himself when playing videos. 42 minutes of play Full HD MKV file (one standard series series) discharge capacity was 18% (from 96% to 78% of the maximum). Subsequently discharge rate ranged from 20 to 25% in series, thus generally have a further 8% of the charge after viewing 4 sets or more than three hours.

Review of business-class ultrabook Dell Vostro 5470

Comes with 65-watt power supply. Importantly, it has no connection standard for laptops from Dell, as the reduced diameter. Yes, and the unit is made as compact as possible, although very heavy. The disadvantages include the fact that the cable from the plug to the block – the standard. That is thick and heavy, with heavy fork designed for grounding. The time required to fully charge the battery – about two hours.


Despite these shortcomings, the ultrabook Dell Vostro 5470 can be called a successful model. But if you take a minimum configuration for a minimal cost. Additional energy consumers in the form of a touch screen, faster processor and graphics card are not supported in the form of a more capacious battery, which adversely affects the operating time. But if any cost increases, almost comparing to more expensive models. At the same time, exactly as typed economical combination of the processor and the integrated graphics are sufficient. Given the low cost of the solution looks reasonable, but good design and quality assembly only added advantages. Not fit this ultrabook only those who require at least six hours of full operation – to abandon the power supply does not work, and it negates the light weight (about 1.5 kg) and compact size (18.3 mm (H) x 233 5 mm (D) x 337,6 mm (W)) device.

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