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Less than Zeppelin, more than Z2 and A5, is expensive, looks inconspicuously - this inconspicuous even say too much on the official site. One of those

Less than Zeppelin, more than Z2 and A5, is expensive, looks inconspicuously – this inconspicuous even say too much on the official site. One of those things that will serve you a very long time. Also story about A5, and there is a bit of AirPlay as a whole.

Package Includes:

  • Column
  • Two network cables
  • Remote Control
  • Documentation

About AirPlay and not only

I recall that in the line of Bowers & Wilkins have two devices intended solely for AirPlay, this A5 and A7, they differ in size and therefore sound. Test first device went online for a long time, until all the A7 not get around, and seemed to produce what entity? Is it much of a difference? And whether you want to write in the beginning of 2014 about the A7, because obviously not hot novelty?


It seems to me a good thing never gets old. That’s why buying a MacBook Pro, you can use it for many years and do not think about replacing. I constantly have to deal with the most-most gadgets, but a business model remains the same two or three years, until the ability of the processor no longer hold. So it was with the MBP 17, used to the last and surrendered only after when processing video began to go watch. I do not want to change the camera, watches, smart, old MacBook Air for travel – works okay. There is only one thing: good, when it is possible to choose the right things immediately able to serve you for a long time. There is an intersection with another proverb, we are not rich enough to buy cheap things.

If we talk about Bowers & Wilkins, then in my farm a lot of devices that do not work a month or two, and sometimes even a year or two. The bag is always B & W P3, saving from the noise in a cafe, home P7, quietly listening to music and not to interfere with the home. And Z2 and Zeppelin, even the first generation with the old connector – by the way, feel free to recommend to buy, if you do not want to overpay for Lightning, with the adapter works. By this technique, no questions asked, and it helps to listen to music in a variety of settings and using a variety of devices.


It is understood that A5 and A7 needed B & W at the time when the transition from the 30-pin on Lightning. Solved another problem – to acquaint people with opportunities AirPlay, show that such a system is universal and is not inferior to the sound of traditional solutions with the Cradle.Later came the Z1, Zeppelin with the new connector, but also black rectangles have not gone away and, as far as I know, it is selling well. In Russia sold would be better if the company had undertook active marketing in the network – in the end, because it is here and the target audience hangs out, armed with gadgets iOS. It seems that since the advent of AirPlay years have passed, but still have many formed a false impression about this feature – to the extent that people are afraid of stories and sellers choose any column, but there was a cradle c Lightning or 30-pin. That is, to know exactly: I’ll put here the smartphone and it will work. I have no purpose to prove the opposite, everyone chooses for himself the most convenient solution. I like the system to the dock because the unit is charging while playing music. I do not like such a system, because when a call comes in, you need to go, get a smartphone, answer the call and then paste it back. With the A7, of course, nothing to do is not necessary, the device is always with you.


You can say – well, so is connected to the cradle iPad, so you can safely talk on the phone. Good, but not all support the installation of docks tablets. Say, Zeppelin can stick it, but in no Z2. Generally, universal docking station can be counted on the fingers, often implies the use of only the manufacturer of smartphones. I’ve a lot of talk on the phone during the day and at any time of day, except, perhaps, very late at night. And so in this case AirPlay salvation. If the conversation is delayed, then we can take iPad and quickly connect the system to the music played in the background. This versatility pleases, and so far only allows AirPlay with ease flip flows: Busy iPad – Come on, open iTunes on the laptop, and bring out the music from there.


In my view, such a preface is necessary before a story about A7 – you must understand that the box this system has no tens of thousands of words about marketing a variety of functions, lights, retractable cradles and more. It is very practical and utilitarian speaker system, it is in the spirit of our time. Set, connected, forgot, use whatever you like.


The official website of device design called inconspicuous, in fact, the way it is – how much can be made inconspicuous chic thing. The upper part – table of polished aluminum, for sure you’ll always there to put different things, iPhone, remote control and other things in my house and going.System dimensions here are: 360 x 220 x160 mm, weight – 5.70 kg, it seems easy, but in reality it is not so. Power supply is hidden in the body, can only connect to the network and begin configuring. Shared housing strip of aluminum on the ends – the volume buttons, the inclusion, in the front – a small indicator light – point.

Remote Control usual, allow full control playback. On the back of – 3.5 mm jack, Ethernet to configure, USB allows you to connect directly to your computer A7, only it will be difficult to find a similar cable. It is unfortunate that included no audio or similar USB-cable, it’s all worth a dime, why force the user to look for such things? But this seriously affect the functionality, in some cases, to me it would be easier to connect the A7 MacBook Pro is on cable, not to load the home Wi-Fi while the PS4.


I like the design A7, column suitable for any room, whether living room, bedroom or study in the office. The entire case is covered with cloth, after a couple weeks of use, I can say that the dust is invisible here, although it all depends on your particular room, humidity and other factors.

By the way, the case is made of ABS-resin reinforced with fiberglass.


The easiest way to configure the A7 – use proprietary application Control, it is available in the AppStore (of course, free). There are step by step instructions how to do it, just in case, tell here:

  1. A7 include network
  2. We must wait until the LED flashes yellow, and select the program this indicator, all very clearly and simply
  3. Then you need to go to the smartphone or tablet in the Wi-Fi settings and select the settings for A7
  4. Again, go to the program, were the last steps, actually connect to the access point – select it from the list, enter the password
  5. After setting recommend to register, it is necessary to obtain updates, access to music service B & W, you can download music for free for a while. Catalog is small, but interesting things are there, at the end of the free period, you can get a paid subscription
  6. Everything on the menu to choose iOS A7 AirPlay devices from the list and start listening. Let me remind you, this is for the player to do in the menu Control Center, some programs icon appears when there are devices AirPlay – for example, it SoundCloud


I was faced with the fact that after setting iPhone 5S not seen around any device AirPlay, A7 rebooted using a hidden button on the rear panel.Reinstalling does not help, reset the device, then it worked. Therefore, if you suddenly encounter a similar problem, turn on and turn off the iPhone / iPad / iPod. I recall that A7 – a truly versatile device that can work with any gadgets for Android too, there are programs that support AirPlay.


Quite another thing compared to the A5, especially when it comes to low frequencies, at A7 with this, things are much better. On the official website of the sound tell, as always, thoroughly: “Wireless audio audiophile DAC A7 resamples to 96 kHz with 24 bits, reducing noise and a wide dynamic range to get a more detailed and natural sound quality from the speakers.” And here’s another: “Not all sounds equally good. In A7 installed tube-loaded tweeters, first used in the flagship columns Nautilus ™. They absorb radiation from the rear side of the dome tweeter, ensuring clear treble. ” The traditional B & W reflex port with hollows called Flowport, and such is A5, and Z2. More official information: “The most advanced wireless system A7 is equipped with 6” subwoofer with a diffuser, reinforced with Kevlar – for rich and deep bass, and 4 speakers, specially designed Bowers & Wilkins. They provide excellent sound dispersion. Together with five specialized audiophile amplifiers class D A7 gives a truly impressive sound quality. “


Immediately after purchase advise to try different places to install speakers, let the official site say that you can put next to the wall, in fact, have a better supply of distance. Column much louder than A5, and, as I said, is particularly evident difference in playing the bass – well, some musical genres as a whole, and it about electronic music, and about the rock. Compared with Zeppelin no special meaning, both are good in their own way, but Z2 compared to A7 seems teenager next to a grown man. Here are the characteristics:

  • 2x 25mm (1.0 in) aluminum tweeters with Nautilus pipes
  • 2x 75mm (3.0 in) Midrange
  • 1x 150mm (6.0 in) woofer
  • Range often 36Gts – 42kGts,-6dB
  • Output Power Amplifier 2 x 25W (tweeter), 2 x 25W (midrange), 1x 50W (subwoofer)

In fact, you have at hand is a very powerful wireless system, for it is very difficult to find a competitor. Same Zeppelin larger and more demanding in terms of installation, it is best to install it separately to around there were no walls (ideally some large table and emptiness around). Bang & Olufsen system are more expensive, although they may be interested in the sound. Sonos have its advantages – the same Play: 5 easy to turn in AirPlay, but A7 sound interesting, it’s not just about the lowest, but also about the quality in general, there is something to listen to. And the result is an interesting situation that A7 remains in splendid isolation. If the search system more expensive, then it is better to choose a separate monitors and other systems cheaper hardly so you will be pleased with in terms of sound – worth a little too far with the volume buttons on the remote, and A7 explodes, and do not want to stop, too painfully vivid sound even long-familiar songs. A simple exercise to include No Surprises / Radiohead and hang on those same 3 minutes 49 seconds. Then repeat with the other tracks. By the way, if you have a big house, you can easily solve the problem with the sound (if you do not want problems): put a few A7, connected to the same network, called in accordance with the rooms where they are installed and transmit audio on the fly. Very comfortable and inconspicuous A7 perfectly cope with the task.


In the retail column worth about 34 000, can be found a little cheaper, can be a little more expensive. In my opinion, the unit has no competitors, this small (relative) box capable to surprise you very much, even if you had to deal with much more serious equipment. On the plus side I’ll take versatility, ease of setup AirPlay, the ability to connect to the computer via a cable, the presence of traditional AUX. The application is very intuitive, although some moments worth to explain separately. Beautiful appearance though Zeppelin Air will surely enjoy many more – if you decide to buy, recommend and listen to that, and another, let “zeppelin” and more power, but playing bass A7 is fully capable to give him a head start. Anyway, the sound – it is very personal, almost intimate, better decide. In the end, my goal is simple, eternal search for things that might serve me for years and – A7 is just one of them. As I said above, set, plugged forgotten on Just enjoy the sound yes sometimes blow with aluminum “table” dust.

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