Review Alcatel IDOL 4s: first look flagship

For IDOL 4s prototype made it IDOL 3 5.5 inches, many solutions in the new model came out, but they have added AMOLED-display, increased memory capacity

Review Alcatel IDOL 4s: first look flagship

Attention. This material is written on the basis of the prototype, which has differences from the commercial version, for example, they changed the side face of the metal, different logo spelling modified software stability. Therefore, this material is the first look, but not a full overview.

The Alcatel consistently create a flagship, which compares favorably to the A-brands in terms of price / quality, but at the same time offer the latest developments that occur in them. Perhaps, we can assume that the entire line IDOL – is an attempt to give his interpretation of the leader, when the user does not overpay for the brand, but it gets interesting characteristics. In 2015, the IDOL 3 in two sizes became a successful model, I like PHABLET, while the small model did not cause much sympathy.

For IDOL 4s prototype made it IDOL 3 5.5 inches, many solutions in the new model came out, but they have added AMOLED-display, increased memory capacity, we worked with the battery and extended functionality through the side buttons Boom. This revised concept of Alcatel’s flagship, in which for the first time the cost of the product becomes flush with the A-brands, the unit will enter the Russian market at a price of 35 thousand rubles. What makes it very expensive for many, for the same amount you can buy Galaxy S6, which will be seen by many as a more interesting solution, despite the smaller size of the diagonal of the screen and the lack of VR glasses included.

By the way, IDOL 4s comes in a plastic box, which in combination is also virtual reality goggles. Progress unusual, it increases the value of the device. Another thing is that many perceive glasses of virtual reality as a toy that does not deserve special attention, and would like to get a smaller package, but at a different cost. For the flagship of the second-tier manufacturers cost of the product becomes one of the key characteristics, and the Alcatel moved away from its traditional position, it offers a very different approach.

Review Alcatel IDOL 4s: first look flagship

As in the past year, Alcatel’s flagship has a younger version of it IDOL 4 (without the prefix S). Simply main camera, 13 megapixels, it is less efficient chip – the Snapdragon 617, less the amount of RAM (2 GB, but there is a version, and 3 GB). But the price had about 20 000 rubles, which is almost two times less.

In my opinion, be regarded as an IDOL 4s need PHABLET competing with other flagship companies. The device will find its fans, but let’s look at the outset that it is able to.

Alcatel IDOL 4s: Design, size, controls

Come up with something new in terms of smartphone design is virtually impossible, all the manufacturers are limited to the harsh reality and pay attention to the details, trying to diversify the appearance of devices at their expense. Someone copies the iPhone and its aesthetics, someone draws attention to the Samsung, in IDOL 4s clearly seen the previous generation heritage, combined with the desire to take on the market the best.

Metal side frame, from 2.5D Corning glass on the front and back surfaces, is very similar to the same Note 5.

With one important exception, the back surface is not curved like there’s still a conventional apparatus and in his hand he is not so good. No cuts in the arm, but also some feeling of an old friend does not call.

Please note that Alcatel changed its logo, now there is the OneTouch brand, a logo has changed, it became larger. But on the front panel there is no notation to know the phone at first sight difficult, unless you keep an eye on the market.

Review Alcatel IDOL 4s: first look flagship

Confuse IDOL 4s with some other device is extremely difficult, despite the resemblance, the reason the two speakers, which are placed at the bottom and the top. It is the dynamics of the JBL, they have total power 3.6 W, as stated in a press release. Of the features that each speaker output is made both on the front and on the back side of the device, and it is felt in everyday use. No matter how you take your smartphone, it will be in your pocket or on a table, the volume will always be maximum.

I would like to underline that it is loud, vociferous apparatus. But most importantly, for the first time in the mobile phone has a bass that can be heard in the handsfree mode, listen to music on IDOL 4s nice, and in a small room, the phone may well replace the wireless speakers. The Alcatel made a big emphasis on the musical component, which we discuss below, the more that there is something to tell.

The phone can hold a party in the hands, turn arbitrarily. At each end there is a microphone and each speaker can be used during a call. In this case, you can disable this option and the menu.

On the left side is a slot for memory cards and microSIM-cards, instead of the memory card, you can install a second SIM-card, one radio in your phone. There is also the on / off button, it is taken out closer to the upper end. This is not quite familiar and comfortable, but here it is a habit, and after some time you will not feel discomfort.

About as high on the right side is the volume rocker, the location is inconvenient. But below the Boom endured separate button, which can be multi-functional.

I have this key painfully reminded button on the Xperia smartphone, we have seen it on the previous generation of devices, for example, the Z3.

Review Alcatel IDOL 4s: first look flagship

But functionally, this key is used for entirely different task, you can assign it launch the camera from standby mode, snapshots or continuous shooting, in the gallery, you can mix the pictures and make a collage, in the music player, it is responsible for the equalizer and sound effects. In short, we can say that this button is contextual and updating software may be new opportunities that are driving you.

Novelty in Boom key is not so much, but it is always useful to have additional, custom key to which you can assign the desired function. This is a definite plus for the device.

At the top end – 3.5 mm, at the bottom – the usual microUSB. The phone’s dimensions – 153.9h75.4h6.9 mm, weight – 149 grams. In general, I like the way this phone looks, quality of materials, it is not worse than the more well-known companies. The assembly is also at a good level.

Alcatel IDOL 4s: Display

Diagonal 5.5 inch, 2560×1440 pixels, AMOLED. Like all manufacturers, it uses a matrix of Samsung, which lags behind the characteristics of the flagships of the South Korean company for a couple of generations. Also, there is no additional power saving modes associated with the operation of the screen. But a quality matrix that behaves well in the sun room and the picture is completely different. Adjust the backlight settings are typical, this setting works well.

Review Alcatel IDOL 4s: first look flagship

I liked this unit so that it has good color, watch movies – it is a pleasure, especially without headphones! The volume is higher than that of counterparts, the sound does not overlap hand, if you hold the phone so as not to put on a table or other surface. In short, the screen – this is a strong place in the IDOL 4S.

Alcatel IDOL 4s: Battery

The device is able to work a full day at a load higher than the average, with normal or moderate – 1.5-2 days, which is not bad. Capacity Li-Ion Battery – 3000 mAh. Claimed standby time – up to 300 hours, talk time – up to 11 hours.

Continuous video playback time – 8.5 hours.

The phone has a built-in utility for power limitation (disables certain functions), it is enabled by default when you reach 15% charge. Also there was a “Optimizing battery”, in fact, this restriction background application performance, you can add or remove them from the list, something similar we see on Samsung’s flagship.

Full charging time – about 80 minutes, supported Quick Charge technology.

Review Alcatel IDOL 4s: first look flagship

Alcatel IDOL 4s: Memory, RAM, hardware platform

The device 3 GB of RAM, built-in 32 GB (system and applications take about 5 GB), can be expanded with memory cards up to 200 GB.

Inside is an 8-core Snapdragon chipset 652, this is an excellent and balanced performance solution. Good performance at nearly the top performance, and most importantly, it does not affect the operating time. The solution I see a balanced look at the results in synthetic tests.

Alcatel IDOL 4s: Camera

The front camera has a flash for the Self, its resolution – 8 megapixels. The standard for the latest generation of devices have uluchshalki skin, oval face, and similar stuff. They can be turned off. Photo quality is good.

The main camera has auto-focus phase, resolution – 16 megapixels. The picture quality is not perfect, but very good for this level of device. Before the flagships in the iPhone / Galaxy does not reach the face, but much better than many Chinese manufacturers.

Alcatel IDOL 4s: Сommunications

The model supports 4G (LTE FDD 3/7/8/20), also has NFC, Wi-Fi, BT 4.1, USB & BT Modem Tethering – in a word, a standard set of technologies, without any special features.

Alcatel IDOL 4s: Software features

About the standard Android applications, there is no sense to speak separately, you can read about them in a separate review.

The Alcatel trying not much change the standard Android, but still bring their changes, including the Android 6. In the main menu mode from the icons have a circle, and when pressed opens a mini-window. Want to uncover the entire application – click on the button again.

The phone has FM-radio, a set of typical functions. Voice recorder, calculator, compass, and built-in memory manager, antivirus AVG.

On the role of music app launched “Mix”, it can not only listen to music, but also to mix it, apply different effects, turn the machine into a horizontal orientation sufficiently. Do I need it? For young people, such entertainment may be appropriate, but it is a toy, which should not be overestimated, become a DJ will not work with him, although understanding of this and can be formed.

EQ from Waves’ MaxxAudio is called, it can be configured to automatically detect the sound (for music, and for games, movies), and you can set all the settings manually. EQ works well.

Review Alcatel IDOL 4s: first look flagship

Speaking about the pre-installed games or other applications there is no point, they do not represent special value. Take a screenshot, you can see a window with the two buttons “Send” or “Change”. Here you can crop the image, or someone send it. Of the minuses only that, making a lot of screenshots, you have to wait a couple of seconds, when these keys will disappear on the screen.

One of the chips IDOL 4S – is the constant change of wallpaper on the screen, they are selected from those that created the company. To some extent, this is interesting, the phone is constantly transformed.

There is also a screen with various corporate news, exchange rates, and applications, you can customize it on your own.


No complaints on the voice quality is not, the ringer volume is very good, it was clean and vociferous. Vibrating alert is average in power.

The model will be available in the second half of May at a price of about 35 000 rubles (the price in Europe – 450 Euro). For the manufacturer, the second tier is a very high cost, but the filling is well worth it, as the unit has turned the music, and then to him no complaints, he plays music very well. It is clear that the majority are satisfied with the way it happens in the current models, but here the difference is palpable, especially due to the JBL stereo speakers. They sound fine, and watch movies on the device – it is a pleasure, largely due to the quality of the display.

I do not have the impression that this device can act rival ruler Note, this device from different worlds. But, for example, be a quality device in the middle price segment, it is capable of. This is a good “flagship” for those who are looking for AMOLED-display, a good time, high-quality sound. But it is clear that it is often people will focus on what they can get for comparable money, and then comes to the fore that the Galaxy S6, which has no memory card has a lower screen sizes, but wins over all other parameters, and at the same time It is exactly the same 35 thousand rubles.

In this comparison IDOL 4S loses, because the price is decisive. But there are also a host of Chinese people who have similar or similar characteristics. Among the most prominent note Meizu Pro 5, this model also AMOLED-display, slightly larger screen size. Cost model 32 GB in official supplies – 39 990 rubles, but you can easily find it on the gray market at a lower price.

But perhaps the biggest competitor to IDOL 4s acts last year 3 5.5 inches, which is objectively lower class, but extremely attractive cost – in Russia it is about 15 000 rubles. The main problem IDOL 4S becomes the value of the device, it is too expensive for the perception of the brand Alcatel.

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