With a history of creating Republique 're probably familiar with a lot of players: all 2013 stealth-action about the ill waited on the future of iOS as

With a history of creating Republique ‘re probably familiar with a lot of players: all 2013 stealth-action about the ill waited on the future of iOS as much as waiting Watch_Dogs many owners of the PC and consoles. Wonder then, in general, coincidentally, the creators of the game – the people who participated in the development of some parts of Metal Gear Solid, in the state of dubbing actors – Jennifer Hale (many female voices in video games) and David Hayter (known as the man who gave the bright tone Solid Snake). Of course, iOS-team blockbuster that level helped win the love of the public is almost absent, and after a brilliant debut trailer was no longer indifferent.

Chief ideologue Republique, Ryan Payton, in his time left to develop Halo 4, to enjoy this creative freedom, and ironically independent project Ryan appeared just about the importance of freedom in human life. The main heroine Republique – a girl named Hope, which attempts to leave totalitarian state Metamorphosis, where carefully monitor the content of literature and life of the population is monitored by the ubiquitous cameras. After the heroine was able to study the forbidden material, the authorities set out to erase the memory of her – but then I got to help the player.

In Republique we stand in the original role of the invisible assistant to simplify the process for Hope escape. Miraculously, he penetrated into the security system and, therefore, could easily manage the cameras, doors and other electronics on the locations. The relationship between the heroine and the mysterious intruder – this is what the authors were able to masterfully intriguing since the first series of adventures, one of the most interesting moments in history. But much of the script while holds.

The key point of the hacker is to switch between CCTV cameras, lenses through which we monitor all the activities of the girl. Thus, among the guards filled sterile corridors are assessing a player for his ward more or less safe route orders Hope, where to go, and pushes to some actions (for example, to hide in the ventilation or use the detected aerosol can, if you saw the character). It turns a simple Metal Gear Solid indirect control: run, hide in lockers, occasionally from someone defend ourselves and all that – by simple commands, to give the finger touches on the touchscreen.

On the one hand, such a control method allowed the authors did not score a dozen digital screen buttons, but on the other – to play on two fronts is still uncomfortable, sometimes it requires attention even more than in the same MGS. However, to his challenging role towards the end of the episode (lasts about two hours) has been successfully used to, so that such difficulties in future releases of the game should be longer.

It remained only for the authors: for example, now Republique noticeably lacks gameplay bright scenes. The plot is interesting from the first dialogue (although it is unclear what will result in the end), the picture looks amazing places (a year ago, this level of facial animation on iOS was difficult to imagine), and mechanic here for the mobile platform itself is quite original. Only now roam the corners and crack the door for five episodes will obviously boring – I would like a little more variety of tasks.

We hope that lies ahead for us in store surprises judging from the start, with due diligence in Republique developers have the potential to become one of the best stories told on screen tablets and mobile phones. What game Camouflaj absolutely not ashamed to compare with any stealth action game for the “big” platforms already agree, rather big achievement.

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