New species discovered smallpox in Georgia

The list of ten epidemics that have claimed the greatest number of lives, honor recently took the smallpox virus. But the mere fact that, among other

New species discovered smallpox in Georgia

The list of ten epidemics that have claimed the greatest number of lives, honor recently took the smallpox virus. But the mere fact that, among other viral diseases, smallpox came to this rating shows the extraordinary danger that causes the disease . It is known that it has become a major smallpox caused the extinction of 90 percent of the indigenous inhabitants of the American continent. That “thanks” to this gift, which introduced the ball from the European continent by the colonialists, priceless culture Incas and Aztecs represented only reminders of antiquity. Since indigenous New World immunity to smallpox was not, and could not be, and medicine for more than half a millennium ago was not very good, almost all indigenous people were killed.

Old friend in a new guise.

U.S. scientists from the federal Centers for Control and Prevention of infections in the territory of the State of Atlanta Georgia has been detected and identified a new species of the smallpox virus, it became known to the experts in “Medicine” magazine for investors and traders “Market Leader”. According to the staff of the Centre, the new virus injured three people.

In the media, a new virus has been added to the family of variola between the degree of relationship is already installed. Found in Georgia virus called a second cousin of the legendary neighbor, smallpox. The first victims of a newly discovered virus were two shepherds from Georgia. It was found that they were infected after contact with sick animals.

Patients shepherds approached Georgian doctors, suspecting anthrax. Laboratory studies have refuted this version, but to give a definite answer than shepherds sick, and could not. Therefore, Georgian doctors appealed to the American colleagues from Atlanta. The Center for Prevention and Control of a new disease pathogen research led Neil Vora. Soon, a group of scientists has determined the object belongs to a family study of so-called poxviruses – that is, the viruses that cause smallpox disease or very similar to them.Further studies have shown that this type of virus before scientists were not described. In addition, this virus so far is not even got its own name.

According to Neil Thieves, follow-up study of a new virus has become very great importance for the reason that poxviruses can be used as a biological weapon with a very impressive lethality. So far, American scientists have not been established infections healthy person from an infected person, the carrier of the virus. Furthermore, it is unknown whether this virus is fatal to humans.

It is worth noting that both the shepherd, who are the first victims of the virus, has recovered. But was later found another person with the same disease, also in Georgia, but in another area of ​​the state. In addition, cases of infection have been found so far nameless poxvirus some pets and rodents.

Vora said that after scientists from the World Health Organization announced the final victory over smallpox vaccinations against him do not cease. And now, says microbiologist fixed poxvirus infections in humans, caused by, among other things, and is reduced immunity to this type of pathogen. Over the past year the Government of the United States were purchased several lots of new drugs to treat smallpox disease. The cost of these drugs was about 460 million dollars . They were purchased by the U.S. government in the event of an attack with biological weapons, but are designed to protect the 2 million inhabitants.

Smallpox remained only in military laboratories.

At this time, smallpox is the first and only case of the victory of humanity over the agent through the use of mass vaccination of the population. According to the decision taken earlier by the World Health Organization, the few samples of the virus should be destroyed in the current year. However, research scientists smallpox Russia have a different opinion.

It is worth emphasizing that because of great danger to humans posed by the virus, it is stored in only two laboratories in the world. To avoid using the virus as a biological weapon, security laboratories that study goes variola organized at the highest level.

Microbiologists believe that destroy samples of variola virus can be at any time. But then, perhaps, you will lose the beneficial properties may possess this microorganism.

More recently, scientists have made a sensational discovery. It turns out that one of the poxviruses, vaccinia pathogen, paradoxically, has useful properties. As has been established, it can be used to overcome other disease – triple negative breast cancer. At this time, scientists have conducted studies of variola virus to detect similar beneficial properties that can bring great benefit to humankind.

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