Movie purely “American sniper” review

In general, the "American Sniper" it is quite a good biopic with good actors, good approach worthy fight scenes with excessive patriotism

Movie purely "American sniper" review

Americans are so respected by his story that they are ready even from such dubious personalities like Chris Kyle make national heroes.

Should expect to see this film in Oscar race – it is no less patriotic than the “Operation” Argo “and” The Hurt Locker “and Oscar without such films lately is complete.

This is actually a really good biographical drama, but American audiences a film is obviously closer, as not all the values promoted by this tape, will be apparent to a foreign audience. The man laid in the name of the United States, more than 200 people, including women and children, a hero? It is very doubtful. Hardly it any better than dozens of his victims, but in the film he is a legend and an example to follow. Of course, I can not judge that person and not for me to decide which approach to the film adaptation of his life would have been more correct, but it seems that not too Eastwood decided to be original and make the right American film that appeals to a mass American audience. And judging by the box office, it is very possible.

Purely American sniper

Movie purely "American sniper" review

Tape covers quite a long period of life of Chris Kyle – since the beginning of the service and until the day of his death, not taking into account several references to childhood. However, this period of more than ten years served as a crumpled – there is no sense of the passage of time. While viewing it seems that everything happens within a few months. And just by the way children grow Chris becomes clear about how much time has passed from a particular moment. And the hero is still the same stubble, his wife, played by Sienna Miller still as beautiful without any signs of aging. In this regard, the film American sniper is not well designed. For the rest, no serious complaints about the script and the story is not, because it is primarily a biopic, but not much of overclocking. You can complain about except for absolute odnogrannosti film. You can in fact was to bring to the film a little bit of an alternative vision for a change, so to speak. All that is in the film contradicts the general “correct” history – the right motive, right action and right America – the only brother Chris phrase “Burn this place with fire,” followed by a discouraged look Bradley Cooper eloquently giving to understand that there is, America is not will be put in a negative light. But this is initially a purely patriotic American film, as I’m just saying …

Movie purely "American sniper" review

In terms of emotions the film American sniper does not particularly stand out. There is no splashing of the fountain of impressions that were after “Gran Torino” or the same “perfect world”. All somehow Chuzhoe. Yes, sometimes naughty nerves in a particularly intriguing moments, but that’s it. The film does not remain long in my head after watching, and remain, in principle, nothing. If you compare my posleprosmotovoe state after “Gran Torino” and after the “Sniper”, it is completely different things. Eastwood disappoint this time. Yet fictitious characters he manages to do much better close and understandable to the audience, rather than real people.

Movie purely "American sniper" review

Acting work on quite a decent level, although there is nothing outstanding, and again a moot point whether Bradley Cooper earned a third consecutive nomination. There were small hints of high quality performance in episodes of holding at gunpoint a child with a grenade or a telephone conversation with his wife in a bar, but this is not enough, and Chris Kyle Cooper performed does not cause any distinct positive or negative emotions. Played well, the actor fell into the image, but no more.

Movie purely "American sniper" review

Staging fight scenes made very grammotno without reproach. Pleased shooting from a height, pleased with the location – the atmosphere gnustnogo Iraq handed over the best way possible. With this in films Eastwood never no problem. Ladder here. Special thanks to the creators for adding at the end of filming the documentary, which gives a fairly broad idea of what is the attitude of Americans toward this man. But in patriotic they can not refuse …

Movie purely "American sniper" review

In general, the “American Sniper” it is quite a good biopic with good actors, good approach worthy fight scenes with excessive patriotism, but it is possible to make a discount, as I have already written, a film about an American for Americans. There are a number of disadvantages, but they are rather subjective, and simply do not correspond to my vision of the ideal film about Chris Kyle – the most effective sniper in US history. If you think, you can hardly make a film significantly better for mass, primarily American audience. Phenomenal box-office results in the North American box office, excellent audience ratings show that in general, the film was a success. But I’m sick at the Oscars for it will not …

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