Life of Elon Musk, or how a person can become so successful

For me, Elon Musk is one of the most unique people living now.The creator of the most popular online payment system in PayPal, the first mass electric Tesla

Life of Elon Musk, or how a person can become so successful

For me, Elon Musk is one of the most unique people living now. The creator of the most popular online payment system in PayPal, the first mass electric Tesla, one of only two in the world of non-state space stations SpaceX and Mars colonization project.

If someone and take over the world in the future, it will definitely be a mask.

I was wondering how this man lives, what rules to follow, and how he was able to reach such heights in all your endeavors. Information on the Internet about it quite a lot, and in this article we have compiled the rules of life Elon Musk, his attitude towards food, alcohol and productivity.

How he manages to be so productive

  1. It is taken only for the global problems that brings great benefits to people.
  2. He does not shrink from projects that have even the slightest chance of success.
  3. Hard work + no fear of mistakes.
  4. No magic: all the money that was invested in his company were his own and obtained from previous successful projects.
  5. Musk is working 100 hours a week for 15 years.

SpaceX first rocket launch into space ended in failure. Second launch ended in failure.The third launch ended in failure. By this time, the company has already Mask had no money and he was heavily in debt. He had one last chance, and if he, too, would have been unsuccessful, the company and he himself would come to an end.

Ask yourself if you run your own project, you would be able to climb for the fourth time, after three failures? It is this quality distinguishes successful people from the ordinary.They are willing to sacrifice everything to invest their own money and effort just to keep their offspring alive.

Life of Elon Musk, or how a person can become so successful

The fourth rocket launch was a success, and the company SpaceX received billion contract from NASA and a huge number of infusions from investors. SpaceX was saved, but was it a miracle? Hardly. Rather, it helped mask obstinacy and his belief in what they are doing everything correctly.

Habits and Energy

In life, there are two energy Mask: caffeine and desire to colonize Mars.

Until recently, when the mask began to worry about his health, he drank six cans of Diet “Coke” and several large cups of coffee. But even now, employees say that sometimes he is so involved in the work that we have to repeat his name several times, that he finally responded.

In an interview with Musk mentioned that the college did not drink. The reason is simple: he just did not like the taste of alcohol. One of his classmates told me that for this reason the mask is always negotiated with the police, when his friends were driving drunk. However, he can afford to have a glass of wine.

What books to read Elon Musk

In numerous interviews he talked about how he likes to read biographies of prominent people, namely Ben Fraklina, Winston Churchill and Henry Ford. Also loves books of Dale Carnegie and, of course, a lot of literature on the engineering, design, business and physics.

His favorite book he considers the novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams. Resource Favobooks collected 80 favorite books mask, which you can read here .

Life of Elon Musk, or how a person can become so successful


After projects such as the Tesla electric car and the space program SpaceX, the fore as the most successful and successful entrepreneurs. However, if everything was so good? You are able to answer this question:

  1. Nearly bankrupted PayPal.
  2. Was dismissed from his post as CEO PayPal.
  3. Was dismissed from his post as CEO Tesla.
  4. In 2008, almost died of Tesla and SpaceX.
  5. Became bankrupt in 2010.

Elon Musk – is one of those people who are doing what they love, not for money. After selling PayPal online store, eBay, he could live a lifetime of nothing lacking. Could invest their money in securities, or to invest in developing technology start-ups. However, he decided to create an electric car company that produces space launch station for processing and solar energy. Who would have said that such projects are real 10 years ago?

5 Secrets to Success

In his speech at the University of Southern California, Musk gave five tips that have helped him achieve success:

  1. Work when you want to work. For many of us work has evolved into an alternation of social networking and entertainment sites. Needless to say that in order to be successful, you need to work hard?
  2. Find employees who love their job.
  3. Invest in product improvement. As an example, Musk said that they almost did not put money into advertising company Tesla, but instead focused on the research and development of innovative technologies. Do your efforts to help make the product better? If not, stop them.
  4. It is not necessary to follow them.
  5. The younger you are, the more you can take the risk.


I can look at innovation, and can be part of them.

This way of life has its drawbacks. For example, most of Musk communicate with their children via e-mail. Show me a man who wants to do it consciously.

Employees say that Musk – a very demanding leader who believes that if he works 12 hours a day, and everyone else should do the same. Nothing is given for a reason, and before becoming successful, such people go through a series of defeats and failures, as well as any of us.

The only difference is that someone gets up and continues to go on, and someone gives up. Therein lies the difference between people like Elon Musk, and those whose names we do not know.

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