LEMFO LEM X REVIEW: It’s Just The Best Smartwatch of 2018!

LEMFO LEM X smartwatch with SIM card, Android OS, touch screen and 8MP camera. It looks like the best smartwatch 2018. Price and where to buy it.

LEMFO LEM X REVIEW: It's Just The Best Smartwatch of 2018!

The market of wearable devices becomes really big, and it is because the Chinese manufacturers. For example, Xiaomi is a leader among fitness trackers, thanks to Mi Band 2. But what about smartwatches? There are Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei and others. The smartwatches from these manufacturers are really good, but also very expensive.

The manufacturers from China continue to release to release smartwatches, and now we can say that best smartwatches are from China. One of the main brands of Chinese watches is Lemfo. It produces many interesting gadgets, such as Lemfo LEM4 Pro, LEM5 or LES1. All of them runs on Android and support SIM cards.

Where to buy LEMFO LEM X?

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Today we want to talk about smartwatch with the same features (Android OS, SIM card, 4G networks, built-in camera, etc). It is called LEMFO LEM X.

New smartwatch has excellent specifications, stylish design and a large screen. So, let’s make first review, and find out where to buy it cheaper.

LEMFO LEM X Review: A smart watch with a large LCD display


The front panel of the smartwatch has a big display, but we will talk about it a little later. On the right side you can find 8 megapixel camera and a microphone, which is used for making calls. On the left side, there is only single red button to turn the smartwatch on/off. Next to the button is the speaker.

LEMFO LEM X Review: A smart watch with a large LCD display

On the back panel there is a magnetic charging connector and heart rate monitor. You should lean your watch as close to your hand as possible to have accurate heart rate measurement.

Under the cover is a slot for Nano SIM-card. It is used to receive and make calls, mobile Internet and others.

LEMFO LEM X Review: A smart watch with a large LCD display

The strap is made of silicon. You can easily remove it and change to leather strap. Itmakes LEMFO LEM X perfect for both business suit and sports, just simply change the strap.

The smartwatch is made only in black color. Its size is 27.20 x 5.60 x 1.70 cm, and weight is 0.0740 kg. Yes, it is pretty large watch, but it looks very good on the arm.

The standard package of smartwatch includes: LEMFO LEM X watch, charging cable and user manual in English.

LEMFO LEM X: Display

Now let’s talk about display in detals, because it is really stunning. LEMFO LEM X has LCD display with a resolution of 640 x 590 pixels. The screen diagonal is 2.03 inches. It is good visible both indoors and outdoors.

LEMFO LEM X Review: A smart watch with a large LCD display

The display is really round, without black strip at the bottom or somewhere else, as sometimes happens in other smartwatches. This is touchscreen, so the control of smartwatch doesn’t differ from smartphones.

LEMFO LEM X: Performance

The device is powered by Mediatek MTK6739 processor a maximum clock speed of 1.5 GHz. The watch has 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory. The operating system takes about 3GB, so the user has 13GB of personal files, such as photos, music, apps, etc. In other words, LEMFO LEM X has very good hardware for smartwatch.

LEMFO LEM X Review: A smart watch with a large LCD display

As we already said, the smartwatch has SIM card slot, so it can replace your smartphone. The SIM card allows to make calls, both via SIM card, and in connection with smartphone, receive SMS and use social media. The device supports 3G and 4G networks.

As for sports functions, LEM X can not only count steps and monitor heart rate, but also become a personal trainer for you. When you enter your height, weight and sports goals, the smartwatch creates for you an individual training program.

Another very useful function is music player. You no longer need to hold the smartphone in your hand to listen to music, when training, running or during the walk. You can connect Bluetooth headphones to smartwatch, and enjoy your favorite music anytime.

Also, LEMFO LEM X has built-in GPS, Wi-Fi and 4G.

As we said before, the smartwatch has 8 megapixel camera. It can be useful if you want to take a photo, but the smartphone is somewhere far away. 8MP should make pretty good images, but we are not sure that it is comfortable to use.

LEMFO LEM X has waterproof body by IP67 standard. You should note that you cannot use smartwatch under the water, however, it will be OK, when there will be rain, doing sports or wash your hands. It is also not afraid of a damp or dusty environment.

LEMFO LEM X: Battery

As for the battery, it is another advantage of  smartwatch. The battery capacity is 900mAh. The manufacturer says that single  battery charge should be enough for 3-4 days. Considering the screen size and functions, it is very good result.

The smartwatch is charged via special charging base. Just put the gadget on it, and it will charge.

LEMFO LEM X: Price and buy

So, we make first review of LEMFO LEM X, find out its main functions, advantages and disadvantages. But what about the price? Right now you can buy LEMFO LEM X for about $160 on Aliexpress. Very soon it will be available on GearBest, and the price should be even more attractive.

Where to buy LEMFO LEM X?

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