“Legends”: living someone else’s life

Action-thriller Legends invites viewers into the dangerous world of secret agents. The main heroes of the ambitious project will be the TNT FBI experts to

"Legends": living someone else's life

Action-thriller Legends invites viewers into the dangerous world of secret agents. The main heroes of the ambitious project will be the TNT FBI experts to create bogus individuals for operational undercover. Based on the bestselling book series by Robert Littela successfully combines elements of subtle psychological thriller, tense and thrilling spy detective thriller. 

Martin Odum spent a long time in the ranks of active terrorist cells, investigating its activities as an undercover agent. Returning home, FBI expert is forced not only to restore the relationship with his ex-wife and son, but also to try to leave behind the events of the last months of his life. Odum soon will be in the midst of a new terrorist conspiracy, and his encounter with a mysterious stranger have thoughts that his whole life is just another “legend” … 

"Legends": living someone else's life

The creators of the series were made ​​by Howard Gordon (“Homeland» /Homeland), Mark Bomback (“Planet of the Apes: The Revolution”) and Jeffrey Nachmanof (“The Day After Tomorrow”). The pilot episode “Legends” was removed by David Semel, a track record that includes such popular series as “Suspect» (Person of Interest), «House MD» (House MD) and “Strain» (The Strain). In the director’s chair thriller was also invited Brad Turner, who participated in the creation of “Battlestar” Galactica “» (Battlestar Galactica) and “Police Hawaii» (Hawaii Five-0). 

"Legends": living someone else's life

Equally impressive and helpful cast of the series, which includes Ali Larter (“Heroes» / Heroes), Morris Chestnut (“Visitors» / V), Tina Medzhorino (“Veronica Mars”) and Steve Harris (“The Awakening» / Awake) . Major role in the “Legends” performed Sean Bean (“The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” “Game of Thrones» / Game of Thrones). “I found myself delighted with the script – said the actor. – I like that I’m going to play not only the agent Odum, but he created fake characters, constantly changing characters, and even the exterior accents. Audiences can expect a great psychological thriller, generously flavored action game. “ 

"Legends": living someone else's life

One of the most anticipated premier of this year, without a doubt, would be a great gift to all fans of detective fiction. In this new series will be equally interesting as protseduralov lovers and connoisseurs of projects with continuous storyline. 

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