The laptop Lenovo is the best among budget

This model laptop Lenovo is attractive not only of moderate value but also a lot of advantages, which are often found in more expensive vehicles.

The laptop Lenovo is the best among budget

Nearing the end of 2016, it will soon come time to holidays. I want to please family and friends (and a loved one) colorful gifts. It is a natural desire to buy the best, but current market conditions dictate the rules. Prices on expensive high-end devices have risen to dizzying heights, and the purchase cost of devices is often a concern.

A similar situation exists in almost all market niches, including in the notebook segment. But sometimes she wants to carry a compact PC for work and leisure. This laptop, which is easy to cope with office applications, allows you to freely explore the internet, visit social networks, watch movies and go through a variety of games. It is very important that the device was available, and its purchase is not breaching the budget.

The laptop Lenovo is the best among budget

KNOW-HOW The experts decided to prove that and now you can buy a great laptop with minimal effort. Confirm it will help a specific example – compact laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-14IBR. We consider in detail the model and answer the question “whether or not to buy a budget laptop for yourself or as a gift?”, Let’s go!

Available benefits

The laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-14IBR relate to the cost of laptops (up to 20 000 rubles), but it has the advantages of more expensive models. In particular, the novelty can boast a simple, stylish design and excellent build quality.

The laptop Lenovo is the best among budget

Housing material – high-quality plastic with a matte finish, velvety to the touch. The laptop is made in business style and combines the black and dark gray color, and the outer surface of the cover has a silver or bright red. It looks perfectly at the level of the most expensive models. It should be noted that among the branded laptops such a sensitive approach to the exterior of the budget model – a rarity. Therefore, acquiring the IdeaPad 100S-the Lenovo 14IBR, future owners can be confident in the fact that the appearance of blush for your laptop is not necessary.

In addition to the design, another significant advantage of a laptop is its size. Options laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-14IBR following – 337.4 mm wide, 234.9 mm in depth and the thickness of new items is only 18.6 mm. Device weight – 1.5 kg, which allows you to comfortably carry it around in an ordinary bag or backpack.

Screen size – 14 inches. This resolution provides the best balance between optimal comfort during operation and high portability of the device. Display resolution – 1366×768 pixels, a low figure for the 2016 model. However, because of the small diagonal of 14 inches, the image looks grainy, even not at this resolution.

An interesting feature of novelty is the possibility of opening the cover 180 degrees. Given the high brightness and viewing angles large enough, this option can be useful, for example, during a business meeting. It is enough to reveal a laptop to maximum to all those present have seen happening on the screen.

A final advantage of the device – a long battery life. The notebook is equipped with a non-removable battery 2200 mAh. A small battery positive impact on the overall dimensions of new items. We conducted tests have shown excellent results – up to 5 hours of viewing Full HD video with the maximum brightness of the screen, and up to 7 hours with a browser or text editor. Charging the battery from zero to 100% takes less than 2 hours – an excellent result for a budget model.

Features stuffing

The laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-14IBR is available in different versions. The sample, which we consider, is based on Intel Celeron N3060 processor (5 out of 10 in the ranking of processors). The video chip – Intel HD Graphics (4 points out of 10 in the ranking of cards). RAM – 2 GB DDR3L. As the hard drive in favor of flash memory eMMC 32GB, of which 16.3 GB available to the user, and the rest space is reserved for the Windows 10.

It is worth noting that due to system load eMMC happens in seconds since the speed of the flash memory is not inferior to the majority of SSD-drives and significantly exceeds the classic HDD-drives.

Novelty is equipped with a sufficient number of ports for comfortable work. Here there are 1-port USB 3.0, 2 ports USB 2.0, HDMI port, 3.5mm headphone jack, and finally, a microSD memory card port. Thus, you can use all the necessary peripherals, and connect to an external monitor, TV, or projector to broadcast images from a laptop.

At the end of 2016, the performance of this laptop Lenovo is not impressive, but not frustrating. The capacity of the filling with a margin enough to perform common tasks. The user can comfortably use with office applications and the browser. Install and run proprietary applications from the Windows Store, including the various instant messengers and social networking clients, such as Skype and Facebook.

The laptop Lenovo is the best among budget

Moreover, at the laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-14IBR, no problem even when watching videos of ultra-high resolution – 4K. This also applies to streaming videos from online services such as Youtube and Vimeo, and films reproduced from the internal or external drives. The audit was conducted through the Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic.

As for the games – the device confidently copes with projects 7-10 years old. Because today’s games will go a variety of arcade, casual, and some multiplayer games, with the stipulation on the minimum image quality settings.

To improve the experience of watching movies and passing games will the excellent sound quality of the headphones, the system provided by Dolby Advanced Audio. Unfortunately, external laptop speakers do not have sufficient depth of sound, but it is played loudly and without extraneous noise.

The conclusion is clear – before us, a budget laptop and its performance correspond to a price segment of inexpensive devices. However, this power is enough for comfortable work and even interactive entertainment at your leisure.

Do not forget about the optimizer programs that help clean the system of garbage and expedite the work of even relatively weak computers. We also offer special services for cleaning and optimization of the system, which could have our experts in any retail store know-how.

To summarize

On the eve of New Year holidays, when consumption increases the excitement, it is natural that each of us is looking for gifts at reasonable prices. In this article, we decided to answer the question “is it worth to buy a budget laptop,” a concrete example model laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-14IBR and our verdict – certainly worth it!

This model laptop Lenovo is attractive not only of moderate value but also a lot of advantages, which are often found in more expensive vehicles. For an adequate price, you get a very compact and stylish device with a productive filling. Opportunities laptop will suffice to carry out the full range of the most common tasks, as well as for the interactive entertainment and communication in the network. Therefore, we conclude that the Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-14IBR will be a reliable companion and a great gift for the New Year!

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