In Kiev the authorities replaced the barricades protesters on a reinforced concrete wall

Ukraine opposition instead of barricades erected concrete slabs power: so Hrushevskoho street in Kiev at 13 o'clock local time lecturing barrier valve,

Ukraine opposition instead of barricades erected concrete slabs power: so Hrushevskoho street in Kiev at 13 o’clock local time lecturing barrier valve, said “Ukrainian Truth” by posting photos. The picture shows that the wall is lined so that was a narrow passage for one car.

Earlier, the authorities have tried to protect the concrete blocks at the corner of the street Institutskaya with Shelkovichnoe. The same units was barricaded in Odessa Regional State Administration. Recall that the wall was erected in Odessa in late January, to protect the building from the assault. Share Photos published the first blocks portal “” .

Meanwhile, at the Independence Square in Kiev, where the confrontation of demonstrators and security forces, dismantled almost the entire pavement. On both sides of the roadway from the House Khreschatyk unions to the main post office dismantled almost all pavers, reports .As protesters continue to dismantle the remains of paving near Independence Monument. In addition, activists collected glass bottles, probably for making “Molotov cocktails”.

During the protests demonstrators managed to capture the Post Office, which they dismantled the cobblestones. In the metropolitan police head office reported that information about the attempts of protesters break into the building during the night came the main post office. Subsequently, protesters managed to seize the building of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting, located near the Maidan, said “RBK-Ukraine” . Activists, according to one of them, are going to make a bed in the building and a medical center.

Note that, according to the Minister of Health Bohatyreva currently in hospitals in Kiev are 263 participants of mass actions, as well as 342 police officers, mostly with gunshot wounds. “Ukrainian Pravda” reported, citing data from activists that the police takes hospital injured during the protests. Activist Alexander Kravtsov said on Facebook: “In the Red Farm trafficked children! Will Fight! .. Kharkiv highway 121.” Another activist in his Twitter wrote: “Cops all patients after surgery threw in beads and taken to an unknown destination.” However, her words denied other activists, stating that the hospital will not let law enforcement.

Earlier the head of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine Pavel Lebedev said that in Kiev from Dnepropetrovsk directed airborne brigade. However, the Defense Ministry assured that the units of the armed forces continue to operate in the normal mode and will not be involved for the dispersal of radical opposition.

The situation escalated in Kiev on February 18. Despite the fact that on the eve of opposition parties failed to agree about the amnesty and release of administrative buildings, riots out of control. Clashes with protesters “Berkut” claimed the lives of, at last count, 26 people .

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych accused the current new aggravation of the situation of the opposition leaders who “crossed the border”, calling people to arms.

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