Keen IO will provide an opportunity to work with “big data” in their own

Young company Keen IO prepares to challenge Google and other leaders in the field of analysis of "big data." Its co-founders believe they can offer two

Young company Keen IO prepares to challenge Google and other leaders in the field of analysis of “big data.” Its co-founders believe they can offer two key success factors – an easy way to combine multiple third-party online services and make it a convenient way for a particular client.

One of its founders – a graduate of the University of Illinois Spreets Ryan (Ryan Spraetz). He describes the future of online business, using metaphors and references to the Renaissance. In particular, recalling how the analysis of large (for the time) data stimulated the first scientific revolution.

Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe bόlshuyu spent most of his life, recording observations of the night sky. For more than thirty years, every night he recorded the position and brightness of the observed stars. After his death, a young assistant Johannes Kepler formulated on the basis of these records laws of planetary motion and was able to mathematically prove Nicolaus Copernicus revived the heliocentric model of the ancient astronomer Hipparchus of Nicea.

How Spreets concludes, had already identified the development of data analysis and outlook led to the division of scientific labor, “Tycho Brahe devoted his life to the collection of data. Kepler remained analyze them and write his name in history. ” On this analogy Spreets explains that provide software solutions KennIO online companies around the world like the ability to effectively use the already existing data and “become the new Kepler.”

Companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, today achieved huge success. To a large extent it is due to the ability to handle huge amounts of data generated by their online services. Now ambitious startups tend to bring the benefits of Big Data to other companies through various projects with open source.

Some developing sophisticated analysis tools that require rare technical talent and powerful IT infrastructure. Others provide users with easy-to-learn, but less powerful predictive analytics application that runs even on smartphones. The company is looking for a way to combine KennIO ease of use with the power of specialized platforms and data centers.

Wilde previously worked as a programmer in the company FableLabs, dedicated gaming applications. Then he spent several months on the creation engine for processing and analysis of usage statistics of user actions in real time. Study of the reaction of visitors to the different changes helped him make the best guide for players: it did not put its volume and contained sufficient evidence to support the initial interest: “This result can be achieved only with the help of a really deep analytics. He allowed us to rise almost to the level of Zynga with a minimum number of employees. “

Seeing the potential of their development, Wilde left FableLabs and co-founded Kenn IO. This year, the team received an initial investment of $ 2.35 million ready yet only basic web service and several software libraries. All interested are invited to use them to extend the functionality of third-party analytic applications by sending queries to the service through Kenn IO API.

Daniel Kedor explains that it’s easier than it may seem: “Google has a similar service Big Query, and at Amazon – Red Shift, but Kenn gives you more control over the data. You can use simple logical questions, and we will take care of all the complicated things: we will think about how best to store your data on our servers, and scale the system to process queries faster. “

This thesis is confirmed by one of the first customers – Edward Dowling (Edward Dowling), author of the project «I was under the impression not so much of what Keen handles millions of events, but the opportunity to do it differently. Other services are always impose their own methods and forms. “

Today, instead of having to start to build the entire online business from scratch, you can collect the basic infrastructure of the existing services. Amazon cloud services provide basic computing power, Keen – analyst in a convenient form, Imgix – image processing, Twilio – voice and text communication -, etc. According to the founders of Keen IO, a new paradigm of online business: “Now you must create only part of his personal web site according to the main activity, and maximum use third-party services. “

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