Josh Holloway: “Play spy – my childhood dream”

Josh Holloway, who plays Gabriel in the TV series "Intelligence", spoke about the new show on the channel CBS, his character and long-awaited return to

Josh Holloway 01

Josh Holloway 01

Josh Holloway, who plays Gabriel in the TV series “Intelligence”, spoke about the new show on the channel CBS, his character and long-awaited return to television screens.

What attracted you to the “Intelligence”?

There are several reasons why I decided to return to television with this project.First, I always wanted to play the role of such a plan. I have three brothers and we grew up on the James Bond movies have always played spies. Secondly, I had the right set of skills for this role. The fact is that to prepare for one of the feature films I was learning the basics of the assault team SWAT. So I was quite ready for the role. Third, this episode got me trivial story. My hero – not just a spy, what viewers have seen a thousand times already. He lives with a computer chip in his head. You could say our show on the verge of reality and fiction.

Are you a fan of science fiction?

Sure. But there are projects that are too far from reality. Before agreeing to the role, I became seriously interested in how strong the script science component. Our show – not fiction, but a reality that we face. Imagine what will be able to computers and gadgets in the near future. Our world is changing every year. Can modern people communicate without using gadgets? We were not dependent on them? And what happens in the day when computers begin to make decisions for yourself? Look – we produce drones and working on the creation of artificial intelligence. That chip in my head no longer seems to be something incredible.

But the chip does Gabriel superhero?

That’s what I like about our show: my hero’s abilities are not unlimited. If the chip and gave him another advantage over rivals in terms of physical force, or reaction, it really would be a superhero. This character could hardly be someone interesting. Gabriel vulnerable – it can injure or kill. In this Special Agent Riley has to defend him not only from enemies, but also from himself. He is a man of action, and it is able to stop and analyze the situation. Our heroes are great complement each other.

Tell us about the relationship of Gabriel and Lillian.

They have for each other respect. Viewers will learn more about the circumstances under which they met. I love to watch the game Marge Helgenberger, creating an image of a strong woman who has to make tough decisions and take responsibility for themselves.

How difficult was the work on the show?

I try to perform all his own stunts himself. During the filming of a scene in which my character is fighting the bad guys, I broke my arm, but at first did not even pay attention to it. We stayed on the court for another two hours. In general, we have a pretty busy schedule sometimes we work 70 hours a week. This, of course, differs from the schedule that I was on the set of the series “Lost”. In the show the director had to pay attention to each of a dozen characters, and therefore had a lot of free time. I lived on the island paradise was not overwhelmed and could just go out and go fishing. How great it is to play Sawyer.

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