Johannesburg – the most extraordinary city in Africa

Today we explain why Johannesburg called the most unusual cities in Africa, as well as tell you what you should definitely make the traveler ventured to

Today we explain why Johannesburg called the most unusual cities in Africa, as well as tell you what you should definitely make the traveler ventured to visit this city of contrasts in the extreme south of the Black Continent.


Johannesburg – one of the most picturesque cities in Africa. Based and equipped Europeans in the second half of the twentieth century as a result of apartheid, he was almost completely inhabited blacks, white were also pushed to the outskirts or even left the country. Thriving metropolis of concrete and glass with the highest standard of living for a few years turned into a huge ghetto where poor settled in huge glittering skyscrapers. Many say that the ride in this city should not under any pretext, but from a different perspective, Johannesburg – is the face of modern Africa, and it is obliged to visit every tourist who is interested in the Black Continent.

So open in the early seventies of the last century Carlton Centre is still the tallest building on the continent. This is a kind of symbol of the former greatness of the city and its transformation into a giant ghetto. From the roof of a beautiful view of Johannesburg and its surroundings, here you can see all corners of the city. Once used as office premises Carlton Centre and now performs this function, but much more modest: less than half of its premises are occupied, the rest are idle and not used by anyone. It also houses a shopping mall and a small hotel. From an architectural point of view, Carlton Centre – rather mediocre work. Huge concrete ducts, leaving the sky were popular in the seventies, and now look scary.

Carlton Centre in Johannesburg

Johannesburg Art Gallery – another legacy of yore – is the largest in the country and throughout Africa Art Gallery, where you can see many pictures as the great masters such as Van Gogh and Picasso, and works by local artists: Gerard Sekot Walter Batiz. Great attractions in Joubert Park – the heart of the business district of Johannesburg. Substantial part of the museum’s collection are paintings belonging Hugo Lane, London’s famous art collector and founder of the largest galleries in Dublin. For the European audience gallery owing to the complex geography of work will look quite unusual. Unfortunately, a full-fledged website the museum does not, and the only place where you can get information on the location and operation agencies

Johannesburg Art Gallery

Medical History Museum in Johannesburg – perhaps one of the most unusual and interesting museums in South Africa. Here is a whole variety of medical instruments, collected from ancient times. Apart from various adaptations for healing, (many of which people with exuberant imagination can cause trembling knees, there are many works on medicine. Within the walls of the museum regularly hosts film screenings and various exhibitions on medical subjects. There is also a separate exhibition dedicated to Professor Bernard, who was able to conduct the first successful heart transplant.

Medical History Museum in Johannesburg

One of the most popular places among dared to go to Johannesburg tourists is the lion nursery. It’s pretty unusual institution that is neither a zoo nor a nursery in the full sense of the word. The territory is divided into two zones: one inhabited by herbivores in the other – predators. For everyone organized tours by car, in which you can see adult lion in the wild at arm’s length (in this case a hand out the window of the car is highly desirable not to stick). If you have your own car, you can take a ride through the camp on their own lions. Separately from adult predators are growing cubs, which anyone can play – this is perhaps you can not do in any other zoo in the world.

Mingle with the local “natives” in the village of Lesedi can. Translated from Zulu “Lesedi” means “road of light.” It is a small open-air museum, which tells about the life of indigenous tribes in Africa and help learn more about the life, culture and traditions of the south of the Black Continent. Feature of the village natives is that it is not dedicated to any particular tribe or nation, and is divided among several different tribes. However, on the very fact, Lesedi village – this is only a tourist place and the people who play here the role of Aboriginal people are likely to while away the evening not near a fire, and the monitor with a gamepad in hand, but from the museum is no less atmospheric and charming. In the village organized a small market where you can find a couple of interesting souvenirs that are worth to keep the memory.

Lesedi village in Johannesburg

At the end of our tour we can not say one important detail that will ensure your successful trip to Johannesburg. There are not very revered people with white skin and white not considered as treated blacks in the USSR is not curiosity, but rather dislike. So you should not travel alone to roam the outskirts of the city at night, and even better, if the city you can find friends who will take you through all the sights and help you find a common language with the local population.

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