How to identify and treat oophoritis

Oophoritis - a disease of the female reproductive system associated with acute or chronic inflammation of the ovaries. How to identify and treat oophoritis?

How to identify and treat oophoritisOophoritis – a disease of the female reproductive system associated with acute or chronic inflammation of the ovaries. How to identify and treat oophoritis? Read more.

Reasons oophoritis

Often this disease is caused by the associated adverse factors and bacterial contamination. But the most likely cause will be:

  • inflammatory diseases, especially chronic nature, sluggish and do not have severe symptoms;
  • frequent changes of partners and unprotected intimacy;
  • strong cooling of the body;
  • chronic stress and fatigue;
  • or personal hygiene in the period after childbirth, abortion or menstruation.

The disease can affect one or both of the ovary. If time does not start treatment, the process can spread to the fallopian tubes, and this is a direct way to infertility, as spikes occur.

Symptoms oophoritis

This disease has both an acute form and chronic. In the first version it is easy to recognize, the woman observed:

  • pain in the abdomen;
  • bleeding between regular menstrual periods;
  • severe pain when urinating;
  • whites;
  • temperature increase (sometimes quite negligible);
  • weakness and general lethargy.

In chronic oophoritis will be present:

  • irritability, decreased or absent libido, and during sexual intercourse – the pain and lack of orgasm;
  • irregular periods or amenorrhea;
  • sometimes observed symptoms of the acute form.

So, how to identify and treat oophoritis will tell you only the gynecologist. The first will be assigned to blood tests, swabs, gastrointestinal examination, ultrasound diagnostics, perhaps laparoscopy and hysterosalpingoscopy. By the way, the last two studies are assigned just for suspected chronic form of the disease.


Therapy of acute oophoritis more successful and the disease can be cured as soon as possible. Usually offered hospitalization, appointed cold on the stomach, bed rest, antibiotics, restorative drugs and painkillers.

Chronic forms are treated is very difficult and often require surgical intervention. Of medicines prescribed antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and pain medications, and hormonal immunomodulators. Also, doctors often connected physiotherapy, hirudotherapy, gynecological massages and mud baths.

Until the end of treatment and complete healing of the ovaries, doctors recommend to refrain from sexual activity, and to examine the partner for infectious diseases that are transmitted by proximity. In addition, you need to very strictly observe rules of hygiene, not to overwork, and in any case not supercool. And experts say that the absence of a history of abortion, more than half reduces the risk of oophoritis.

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