HTC One (M8): comparison with other manufacturers’ flagships

A few hours ago, HTC has presented its new flagship - HTC One (M8) . With the characteristics of new items that you can read in the news. Let's look? look

A few hours ago, HTC has presented its new flagship – HTC One (M8) . With the characteristics of new items that you can read in the news. Let’s look? look like new specifications HTC One champions on the background of other manufacturers.

The smartphone has a recognizable, it can not be confused with other brands. It is well traced continuity. For those who have forgotten or are unfamiliar with its predecessor, offering to read his review .

Dimensions HTC One (M8) increased slightly. First of all this guilt – a larger display, now its diagonal is 5 inches. Resolution remains the same. Frame on the sides of the screen became less sensors and lighting approximation moved closer to the camera. Indicator events remained below the grid dynamics. Softkeys are now three, they moved onto the screen. The screen looks a little brighter than the HTC One (M7), and color temperature much closer to 6500K. Gestures (including screen tap, swipe launch BlinkFeed) smartphone responds without delay. When you double-tapping the screen not only illuminates but also attenuates true gesture only works from the lock screen. In general, the display leaves a pleasant experience, but nothing else from HTC and not worth the wait, they will not bundle their first year one of the best smartphones on the market matrix.

90% of the back of the case – metal. It is also present on the sidewalls. On the right side is the volume rocker and a slot for memory cards. On the left side – a slot for Nano-SIM. At the top end, his right side is the power button / lock himself face made of glossy dark plastic, which is hidden under the IR transmitter. Headphone jack and USB-cable – on the bottom. The back side is rounded a bit more than its predecessor, and it looks more presentable. Instead of a single LED to the left of the camera now two, with different color temperature to give the shade of natural human skin color. Above the main ultrapikselnoy (exactly the same as in the HTC One max ) camera is an additional camera. Its purpose – a measure of depth of field, allowing you to change the point forkusirovki in the final photograph. It’s funny that the main camera resolution lower than the front. Body does not understand and does not creak.

Inside the body hides the battery capacity of 2600 mAh, while the previous model was 2300 mA * h Nourishes battery hardware platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 – the new chip available today. Processor frequency 2.3 GHz, while China it is raised to 2.5 GHz. In our performance tests, we managed to run new results showed comparable with Samsung Galaxy Note 3. RAM size has remained the same, ie, 2 GB built-in storage volume can be 16 or 32 GB.

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Smartphone leaves behind only a pleasant experience, the only thing that I would like to change – ultrapikselnoy resolution camera. Expected retail price HTC One (M8) in Ukraine – 7699 UAH. Online smartphone will appear in the first week of next month.

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