HTC Desire 628 Review smartphone

Just recently, HTC has introduced a version of the model Desire 628. Unlike Dual Sim (32 GB Flash-memory), this machine built-in memory of 16 GB and

HTC Desire 628 Review smartphone

Just recently, HTC has introduced a version of the model Desire 628. Unlike Dual Sim (32 GB Flash-memory), this machine built-in memory of 16 GB and RAM – 2 GB. Ironically, plastic cover for the connector remains in place, just in the slot for the second simkarty installed plug – a strange decision, although it is clear that the economy is to create the body.

One of the interesting features – the color design of the gadget: the side faces of the blue, and the front panel with the rear part – white. There is also a smartphone with a combination of red and black colors – looks original.

With regard to technical characteristics, they are standard for any device in the area of 10 000 – 15 000: 8 cores of the MediaTek, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, the camera on 13/5 MP, the screen 5-inch IPS HD. The only thing – disappointing battery, and removable and the entire capacity 2200 mAh. The operating system is only 5.1.

The model will be presented at the price of 15 490 rubles in the company HTC store.

Desire 628: Design, size, controls

The latest generation of Desire line from HTC looks about the same: the unusual design of the side faces, the big round eye camera, bright color blocks. Naturally, the Desire 628 continues this style. Hull shape is rectangular, sloping angles, the back side of the smooth transition to the flanks. Frankly, the dimensions of the device somewhat surprised (with the worst point of view): 146.9h70.9h8.19 mm. If the thickness of questions asked (though with a battery 2200, and even built-in, can be reduced to 7 mm), the length of the smartphone too big. For example, my old LG G4 with 5.7 inch screen only 1 mm long and 5.2-inch HTC 10 by 1 mm shorter. That is, HTC Desire 628 is comparable in size to the 5.5-inch device, which is not good.

HTC Desire 628 Review smartphone

Given that the body is completely made of plastic, the weight is quite normal – 142 grams.

The front panel is protected by glass. The manufacturer is not indicated. For a couple of weeks of use, scratches do not appear. Oleophobic coating is, the quality of the average, the finger slides easily.

The thin frame plastic, silver, matt. “The front part is completely covered with glass, blending smoothly into the side face that leaves a feeling of completeness and conciseness.” Unfortunately, there is no smooth transition.

Side face of a semi-gloss, color blue, fingerprints visible light. The back surface gloss white. Fingerprints remain, but not very noticeable. Long time I did not see the glossy plastic shells, thank you, not dark as it was fashionable to 5 years ago.

The color of the sides painted voice speaker, handsfree speaker and the rim of the main chamber.

HTC Desire 628 Assembling unimportant. Housing although not creak, but the lower part of the periodically crunched.

In general, the design of Desire 628 attractive enough, but there are some nuances that I described above: a longish body material – glossy plastic, just crunches.

On top of the front of the device – for selfie camera, light sensor and proximity indicator of missed calls and battery, voice speaker. The speaker is loud, the interlocutor is heard clearly and legibly, pleasant tone, bass.

HTC Desire 628 Review smartphone

At the bottom of the device – the handsfree speaker, made a speech similar to the Speaker, and the main microphone. Below is microUSB, above – 3.5 mm audio output on headphones.

On the right edge are the power button and the button, the volume rocker. The power button is recessed into the body almost, the progress is minimal, mild depression.

On the left – a large and wide plastic blind stub – not the best solution: with time, it might get loose and no longer securely attached, and later break off altogether. Under the cap – a slot for nanoSIM (thin plastic sled) and microSD.

On the reverse side are the big camera lens, flash, and microphone.

HTC Desire 628 Review smartphone

Desire 628: Display

This device uses a screen diagonal is 5 inches. The physical size – 62h110 mm frame on top – 16 mm, bottom – 19 mm, right and left – approximately 4.5 mm. There is anti-reflective coating, quite effective.

Display resolution of 628 Desire HTC – HD, i.e. 720×1280 pixels, aspect ratio – 16: 9, the density – 293 pixels per inch. Matrix IPS (Super LCD) without air gap.

The maximum brightness of white color – 300 cd / m2 maximum brightness black – 0.27 cd / m2, contrast ratio – 800: 1.

The data correspond almost triangle sRGB. Gray will be close to the natural one, since the values are located in the Delta E = 10 zone.

HTC Desire 628 Review smartphone

Conclusion. Under the screen angles strongly leaves in purple and yellow tones, the brightness is low. Plus – accurate color.

Desire 628: Battery

This model uses a non-removable lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery 2200 mAh. Today, it seems to me, is criminal to install a battery capacity in the Android-devices. I offer developers a ride in a car, in which the tank is 5 liters.

In my time with the device gadget functioned for about 10 hours: an hour of calls, the constant synchronization with Wi-Fi (from 9.00 to 14.00, Twitter, e-mail, Skype, Votsapp), 4-6 hours of LTE. Glow screen in this mode – to two hours.

With games the situation is slightly worse: battery lasts 1-1.5 hours of continuous “battle.” Video device “cool” about 5 hours (HD).

PC Mark test showed 6:00 31 minutes – not enough.

HTC Desire 628 Review smartphone

Desire 628: Communications

The device operates not only in the 2G / 3G networks and 4G:

2G / 2,5G – GSM / GPRS / EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

3G – UMTS / HSDPA: AWS / 850/900/1900/2100 MHz

4G LTE: Bands FDD: B1 / B2 / B3 / B4 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B20 / B28, TDD bands: B38 / 40/41

Support Cat.4 LTE, download up to 150Mbps / sec, sending up to 50Mbit / s

The phone with two sim-cards both slots operate in 4G.

NFC Chip is not, the rest is standard for all of Android-smartphone: GPS and GLONASS (the speed of determining satellites average, but high sensitivity), Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.1, USB 2.0 OTG without support.

HTC Desire 628 Review smartphone

Desire 628: Memory and memory card

HTC Desire 628 uses 2 GB of RAM. The internal memory of 16 GB, 10 GB free but (read speed of 162 Mbit / s, write speed of 38 Mb / s). There is support for microSD cards up to 2 TB.

HTC Desire 628 Review smartphone

Desire 628: Cameras

Traditionally, there are two modules of cameras: 13 megapixel (aperture F2.0, BSI) and 5 megapixel (F2.4 aperture). There is a LED flash.

HTC Desire 628 smartphone is photographed in the afternoon quite well on the level of other similar devices: the white balance is accurate, natural colors, good detail (in the corners a little soaps), decent sharpness. So much for landscape photography.

Close-up, at first glance, excellent quality (in miniature on the phone screen), but with an increase in the photo is blurred. I did not like pictures with HDR – too much of a delay between frames, the picture often doubles.

Oddly enough, with insufficient lighting conditions Desire 628 takes pictures well: little noise, precision BBs, clean image, good detail.

Selfies are not wide-angle, picture quality is slightly above average and very bad day in the evening.

Clips recorded in FullHD resolution at 30 f / s in any lighting condition is good. The sound quality, stereo. The front camera also shoots video at 30 FullHD / s.

Among the options is the restriction of the ISO setting. Useful stuff! For example, if you are sure that the lighting relative bright expose «MAX ISO 200″. Just sometimes overstates the automatic ISO and reduces the shutter speed is too much.

In addition, the configuration has a fully manual mode: ISO 100, shutter speed from 2 seconds to 1/8000, the focus from 5 cm.

HTC Desire 628 Review smartphone

Desire 628: Performance and software platform

The device is built on a 64-bit 8-core chipset from Taiwan’s MediaTek – MT6753. ARM Cortex-A53 processor, clock speed of each core – 1.5 GHz. As the graphics used ARM Mali-T720.

Sometimes retarding interface device (for unlocking when floating the applications menu and in other places). This is clearly a problem of firmware. With games Standard situation: run all, but the graphics in the best case at medium settings. The case is almost not heated apparatus.

Desire 628: Software platform

New functions at a relatively old version of Google Android 5.1 operating system. Most likely, the Desire 628 will not get Android 6.0. Shell branded, so about the “six” and you can not remember.

Desire 628: Multimedia

The music player is standard for HTC. It is simple, and there is almost no sound settings. The phone settings present HTC BoomSound point. When activated, the sound in the headphones becomes deeper. However, it seems to me, all this is pure marketing and conventional soft karaoke uluchshayzery. The same effect can be achieved by any program to play music. Quality I liked it, but would like to have an equalizer.

The sound quality of the speaker through the middle, low.

This model has FM-radio.

Desire 628: Conclusion

As I understand it, HTC Desire 628 was created for young people dedicated company HTC: the appearance of bright, attractive, recognizable and … actually, all. Unfortunately, we have a typical representative of the middle class without any chips. Cling but the design is no longer for that: a simple screen, the battery is weak, the usual camera freezes interface stale OS, as the small amount of internal memory and RAM.

I was always at the end of the review ask myself, and I wanted to tell us the manufacturer, producing a particular model? If the answer is, the machine in any way a success, and if there is no response, the company, as a minimum, have worked long and hard to explain the meaning of a particular device to a potential buyer. A customer often does not want to think he must simply and clearly know what the smartphone: running through the eyes of the parameters, it should be on something to stop. For example, a fast processor, or capacious battery, or mnogopikselnoy chamber, or “sea” of memory …

In short, I would say that a potential customer, running his eyes over the TTX HTC Desire 628, it is unlikely to stop your eyes on some details.

Competitors Desire 628 (with screens up to 5.5 inches)

Meizu M3S mini. It is better in almost all respects: the metal, there is a fingerprint reader, the processor faster, capacious battery, compact dimensions.

Huawei Honor 5C. Excellent screen (though without OP), metal, battery, fresh Android.

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