HP Pro 608 G1 Review

HP Pro 608 G1 review - is a tablet for those who are open to experiments. the tablet from HP Pro 608 G1 running under Windows 10.

HP Pro 608 G1 Review

Today the hero of our review – the tablet from HP Pro 608 G1 running under Windows 10.


The plate with the charging (USB Type C) is located in a giant box. In this, you can fit 6 of tablets.


Almost the entire front side of the device takes the 7.9-inch screen, framed by a black border. On top of it, there is the lens of the front camera of 2 megapixel and speaker grille, bottom – Windows key and the second speaker grille.

HP Pro 608 G1 Review

Along the perimeter of the body is framed by metal edging. Right at the end positioned power button and volume control button. Below is the USB-connector on top – 3.5 mm headphone audio. On the side, there is a memory card slot and a connector for a docking station.

The back part is made of matte gray plastic, the HP logo is located in the center – silver letters on a black background of the circle. Directly above him 8MP main camera lens, framed with the metal thin frame. Below derived the model of the device.

Nothing more, in general, the tablet looks neat and even harshly.


HP Pro 608 G1 Review

The capacitive 7.9-inch display has received permission to 2048×1536 pixels and a pixel density of 324 ppi. IPS tablet provides wide viewing angles, and in general, the picture quality: natural color reproduction, high resolution, and clarity, what else is necessary for a good image?

Watch movies and work on the screen G1 Pro 608 is a pleasure.

Software and interface

As I mentioned earlier, as the operating system for the HP Tablet chose Windows 10.

HP Pro 608 G1 Review

Unfortunately, the interface looks strange, since the tiles are not located over the entire screen, and concentrated in the center (in any orientation). That is a lot of desktop space … And it looks strange, on the other tablets with Windows, I did not notice this.


As the processor in the HP Pro 608 G1 uses 4-core Intel Atom x5 Z8500 clocked at 1440 MHz, with the schedule meets the Intel HD Graphics (Cherry Trail); RAM – 2 GB built-in – 32 GB with the support of the expansion using microSDXC up to 2TB.

HP Pro 608 G1 Review

Performance is more than enough for office applications, but the game suffered a low frame rate, lethargy and hang. We have to reduce graphics settings.

On the other hand, Windows tablets in most cases are just taken for that would expand their workspace out of the office. If you purchased a tablet for work and surf the Internet, and games you are not a priority, then the problems should arise.


HP Pro 608 G1 got two cameras – front – 2 megapixels and with a basic resolution of 8 megapixels. Images obtained with good color and high detail.

With regard front camera, it will provide you good enough image for video communication.


tablet battery lasts 8 hours of moderate use on the tablet, t. e. at full-time. If you use the tablet more active, the device will be enough for 4 hours.

To summarize HP Pro 608 G1

HP Pro 608 G1 – is a tablet for those who are open to experiments. Behind it, you can perform certain tasks at work, or just use it as a gadget for killing time, but do not rely on the use of serious games and programs – and it’s not just about the hardware, OS personally itself to me is inconvenient to use on tablets, it must still be finalized.

Design, display quality, compactness – to these items have not the slightest claim. So if you are looking for a stylish device for reading books or watching serial spare time, consider and Pro 608 G1, though what that alternative android.

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