Two in One: Review of headphones AKG N40

The AKG catalog has another hybrid model - headphones folding review AKG N40. High detail and excellent bass by AKG N40 specs and features.

The headphones folding review AKG N40 Specs and Features

Fittings sound detail, the dynamics – vigorously. What comes out when you cross one another? It depends on who is involved in mating. If it is taken for the AKG engineers, for results you can not worry, it is no accident that their flagship three-way K3003 many audiophiles believe standards among hybrid headphones. Most recently, the AKG catalog has another hybrid model – headphones folding review AKG N40. Mindful of the excellent reputation of its predecessor, we were looking forward to the opportunity to meet with the novelty of a closer look. And here it is in our hands!

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Nice bonuses

The headphones folding review AKG N40 Specs and Features

To get to these products is not so simple: headphones folding review AKG N40 packed them in conscience, in several layers of a good black cardboard. On the way to the headphones come across a nice bonus that the manufacturer carefully packed in a box. In their multiplicity and variety of AKG N40 features confident ahead of almost all other models that we’ve ever had to be removed from the packaging! Judge for yourself: an adapter for use on board aircraft, a tool for cleaning the headphones from ear wax, hard carrying case for them and a set of silicone tips for their adaptation to the different ear canal sizes. By the usual set of three pairs of nozzles, S / M / L added a fourth pair of tip sizes XS, designed, apparently, to the pygmies. That’s not all! To finally slay us the generosity of bundling, the AKG issued in addition to a pair of headphones, three replacement filters designed to change the nature of their sound, in accordance with the owner’s wishes. How do these filters? More about this later.

Assets additives

The headphones folding review AKG N40 Specs and Features

Replacement filters to customize the sound headphones folding review AKG N40 – an ingenious solution that AKG engineers have managed to try out their top “hybrids”. These filters are miniature modules intended for screwing to the sound emitters. Their task – to accentuate different parts of the frequency range, making the sound headphones dark, bright or neutral. These “supplement” the new AKG is not only easy to adapt to the tastes of any owner willing to meet his requests for a powerful bass and bright top but also in harmony with any audio source, carefully straightening the possible distortions in the frequency of its balance sheet. Headphones are equipped with three pairs of filters, differing color labels. Filters for the separation of low frequencies is quite logical indicated by the dark color of the rim, “neutral” gray colored filters, and high – white. Can not be confused, even colorblind!

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Special signs

Replacement filters and hybrid design – it all got new headphones folding review AKG N40 inherited from the flagship K3003. But this does not mean that the newcomers are trying to copy their successful predecessors! The differences between the two models are obvious at a glance instead of the classic bullet-casings fresh “hybrids” N40 equipped with impressive buildings with precisely figured out bends that provide comfort for prolonged use. To give the headphones a special reliability and aesthetics, the designers used in Stainless Steel with engraved AKG logo and to make them more convenient for the user, cover the surface of a special rubberized material.

The headphones folding review AKG N40 Specs and Features

Thanks to him, the headphones do not slip out of your fingers, even when they are inserted or removed on the fly or on the run. Additional convenience provides a detachable cable is easy to detach when transporting the headphones and replaced if damaged without problems. Soft covering cable reduces friction when the rustling of clothes, allowing the user to move freely and BTE mounting ensures the secure fit even during the most violent exercise. These headphones can safely engage in fitness even though sports! A replaceable cable two options – plain and three-button remote control – allow the use of N40 not only in conjunction with an audio player but also to mobile devices as the stereo High-End class.

What is inside

The headphones folding review AKG N40 Specs and Features

In contrast to the three-band predecessors, headphones folding review AKG N40 performed using two sound emitters: for the high and mid-frequency driver is responsible rebar, and for bass – mounted behind the him-size speaker. Developers of new headphones carefully optimized the design of reinforcing the emitter – it has allowed them to expand the range of high-frequency models up to 40 kHz, required to obtain a certificate Hi-Res Audio. The bass speaker provides solid support in the lower register, easy going down to the sub-audible 10 Hz mark. By combining a small 20-ohm impedance and high 115 dB sensitivity headphones are universal and are ready to successful performance in a pair with any portable audio source. They do not need the support of a portable amplifier, to play even with the low-powered mobile phone. Of course, if someone came into our heads at all this weird idea – stick thoroughbred High-End hybrids in something like a simple mobile phone. We chose to listen to them in conjunction with serious portable apart – iBasso DX90 and Fiio X5 second generation.

As sound

The idea to connect the valve to the speaker in a dream-team looks very tempting. But when it comes to its implementation, often it turns out that to achieve the well-coordinated work of the sound emitters with such different devices and characteristics is not easy! Especially a lot of problems can arise in the area of the midbass and lower Serena. That’s why when testing the N40 we first drew attention to the quality of the study of these registers. Fortunately, the new AKG managed to dispel our fears from the first seconds of listening! Unlike many other “hybrid” on the market today, N40 give absolutely neutral and plastic Serena not satisfactory either to clean or to detail. Vocals passed with the utmost clarity and complex brass and violin textures are drawn without the slightest signs of blurring. Instead of the characteristic for certain hybrid models resounding “hump” on the midbass, headphones folding review AKG N40 issued barely noticeable decline, but the bass itself have truly luxurious!

The headphones folding review AKG N40 Specs and Features

Each blow to the bass barrel in these headphones sound like a revelation – a combination of depth and get far from any model with a price tag twice or even three times higher. Treble by N90 serves purely reinforcing grace, with excellent resolution and with no “sand” overtones, characteristic for headphones with an artificially battened sharpness. The scene is built without much scope, but with the utmost care – each musician is given its own individual place, tools are not mixed in the bunch, even in the most turbulent symphonic fragments. Replacement filters are successfully coping with their work – light accentuates the high frequencies, adding lightness acoustic recordings, and dark highlights the low-frequency register, so that no one fan of hip-hop and techno no more questions to the amount of bass. Replacement filters arranged no more difficult than bolting a new lens for SLR. And the result is much more interesting!


High detail and excellent bass headphones folding review AKG N40 specs – these newcomers have all chances to become a benchmark in “hybrids”. And three pairs of interchangeable filters – not only a great gift for lovers of diversity but also a great offer for those who like to spend money with maximum efficiency. For these filters, we, in fact, get from AKG three different High-End headphones folding review AKG N40 for the price of one!

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