Halle Berry sheds light on the name of the series «Extant»

Halle Berry told journalists portal The Hollywood Reporter names show their understanding of Extant, in which she starred.

Halle Berry sheds light on the name of the series «Extant»

Halle Berry told journalists portal The Hollywood Reporter names show their understanding of Extant, in which she starred. 

Recall that the new project from the CBS producer Steven Spielberg tells the story of an astronaut Molly Woods (Halle Berry), who after returning from a single space mission was surprised to discover that she was pregnant.

It is noteworthy that the name of the show has not received a single treatment, and each of the project participants understood it differently. At the premiere of the series in the California Science Center in Los Angeles actors shared their hypotheses regarding this rare word in the title of the TV show.

“This is a very unusual word. It is not what you hear or use in everyday conversations “- confessed Michael O’Neill, who plays the head of the International Agency for Space Research Alan Sparks.

« Extant  is the creation of a new being,” – said the father who plays the main character Louis Gossett Jr., clearly alluding to an unexplained pregnancy heroine.

Halle Berry herself gave so different interpretation of ambiguous names: “In my understanding,” extant “means the existence, continuation of life. Name – a strong and powerful, it’s exactly what tells our show – the struggle for survival. “

Series creator Mickey Fisher supported the female lead in her understanding of the name: “Survive – that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Halle Berry sheds light on the name of the series «Extant»

Action of the series takes place in a futuristic world where the mirrors in the bathrooms are converted into digital touch screens, and children androids are becoming the norm. Facilitating some moments of life, technological advances invariably complicates others. Authors Extant sharpen the audience’s attention on the difficulties of natural reproduction, and this important problem translates into thinking about the problem of the survival of the human race, including in circumstances where some alien species comes to Earth from space, perhaps in order to capture it.

Halle Berry added: “In the end, we will fight for the survival of mankind … I do not think we could come up with a better name for the show.”

Let us add that the controversial and powerful series title reflects its essence: telling the story of the life of one family, it reveals to us the global problems of mankind. Exciting new fantastic show, the center of which is the problem of preservation of the human race, is guaranteed to be one of the best new products of the summer 2014!

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