In Gotham rides star of “Dexter”

According to Deadline, the cast of the series Gotham joined David Zayas, familiar to our viewers on the role of Angel Batista in the popular crime thriller Dexter.

In Gotham rides star of "Dexter"

According to Deadline, the cast of the series Gotham joined David Zayas, familiar to our viewers on the role of Angel Batista in the popular crime thriller Dexter. 

Zayas embody on-screen image of a mafia boss Salvatore Maroni. Antagonist debut on the pages of DC Comics graphic novels took place in 1942. One of the first enemies of Batman played a key role in transforming the District Attorney Harvey Dent, Two-Face in.

In Gotham rides star of "Dexter"
In Gotham Maroni to join the fight for control of the city with Carmine Falconecrime family (John Doman). It is expected that Zayas appear on the screens in several episodes of the first season.

Premiere superhero show Gotham on Fox is scheduled for September 22.

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