How to start the game? RPG - with a couple of coins in his pocket and unclear goals ahead, shooters - with machine gun and ammo packs, and quests ...

How to start the game? RPG – with a couple of coins in his pocket and unclear goals ahead, shooters – with machine gun and ammo packs, and quests … Quests usually begin with a problem, which is put in front of the main character. The central character Gomo problem though small (in our opinion), but very important (in his opinion): evil aliens have stolen pet dog and require in exchange for her rare red crystal, hidden deep underground. Homo, being incomprehensible race, but obviously rag origin (eg, personal equipment, he, without further ado, sews a straight, opening the zipper on the back), boldly goes on a journey. And with it we are.

Developers obviously inspired by such genre diamonds as Samorost and Machinarium, – a game they get a stylish, in a kind of beauty she can not refuse. Gomo world is in a nice eye sepia, individual frames even want to sketch and use the best of abstract cards or children’s books, and the moments when Homo moves itself, without our tips reminiscent of tube-Soviet cartoon. In short, the authors succeeded in really beautiful picture. But to make a good game – no.

We humbly we skip ahead to locations (to return to the previous screen you can not) and solve the puzzle, the meaning of which is to “pick up the object and find the active point.” Logic, though parts of the country in riddles like as there is, but here’s the problem – sometimes it is unclear what kind of thing you have in your hands. Here you picked up something small, black – at first glance, a credit card. But equally likely to be razor. Often it is impossible to understand, so only the notorious “poked everywhere, until the cursor changes color.” Yes, developers priests talis make this annoying routine variety, but using what? Puzzles-pyatnashek and combination locks, password which even pick up is not necessary – it is very hard to miss on the locations.


But the main problem is not even in Gomo mechanics – in the end, it is a disease of many quests. Far worse than the problem with the story: here you do not sympathize with any character, or history. The main character, reminiscent eyed wallet on legs, sometimes stupid and sleepy gygykayuschy worth leave it unattended for a few seconds, and does not have a modicum of charm, which were endowed robot from “Machinarium” or crumb of dwarf “Zamora”. Honestly, even his dog (breed rag too, by the way) seems prettier itself Homo.

It is also worth noting that the task to rescue a dog should take you all of an hour and a half. It would take less, just a fellow Homo too slow. While he thoughtfully examine the subject, put it into a “zaslinny” pocket dotopaet need to place again will undo his pocket and pull thing have time to turn gray.

Simple as cotton towel, humor, cute picture, goofy hero, poking his arm over random surfaces … If you miss a very graphic style “Machinarium” or want for an hour or something to do with a child who loves these games – you can see Gome. Another thing is that it’s not a free flash game, but it is a commercial quest for which ask six dollars – seems to be ridiculous money, but if you know that the same “Machinarium” is worth only two, making a purchasing decision becomes more complicated.

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