Garage: Mazda3

What kind of a car is that? - The new Mazda3. - That's it! And what of the engine - all the same, two-liter, 150 forces? - Characteristics of the same, but the new motor, SkyActiv. - What a beautiful salon! Sorry, no highlighting some fun ...

 Garage: Mazda3

Would you buy the same? Get ready to communicate with the traffic police

Kodo design still failed. In the parking lot, in a stream – all new “three-pointer” is surrounded by the attention that the car-class golf damn nice. And I’m coming up every morning to the car, no-no stop to admire. She enjoyed by boys and girls, regardless of age and occupation. Traffic police waving batons not to check documents – they want to take a closer look still outlandish new “three-ruble note.”

– What kind of a car is that? 
– The new Mazda3. 
– That’s it! And what of the engine – all the same, two-liter, 150 forces? 
– Characteristics of the same, but the new motor, SkyActiv. 
– What a beautiful salon! Sorry, no highlighting some fun …

 Garage: Mazda3

  • Large tachometer and center – once said about the nature of
  • Rain sensor is programmed differently. Adjust the speed manually had never

Multicolored ogonechki – destiny Mini. Mazda is a serious, high-quality and casual – the red line in the cabin looks quite appropriate. The Japanese managed to make the interior very positioning.Comfortable chairs, soft plastic. Buttons and knobs are pleasant to the touch. And especially – the joystick on the center console every time I want to neglect the sensory facilities and score display in the navigation address by rotating and clicking the silver washer. Navigation, by the way, is wonderful: topical maps, route rebuilt immediately.

On the whole, good multimedia. Perhaps the only serious drawback – control the music is not very convenient. First, the album, you can run only from the phone. Menu can be chosen host only one song. And the volume is controlled by one division mu-per-click, and actually a lot of these tions …

  • Navigate quickly rebuilds route maps and fresh. Do not have to wander
  • Six stages of the box, and they are quite smoothly switched
  • Effort on the right handlebar. Turns want to pass more quickly than usual
  • Touch the curb or the bottom of the lower bumper piece of cake
  • In the rain it seems that the wave breaks the arch and we’ll go to the bottom – so-so insulation
  •  Garage: Mazda3

But, of course, a most enjoyable experience from the new “three rubles” – the way it goes.Suspension is omnivorous, and ride comfortably on the tram tracks, which was on my way a lot.Machine works great, but some lag on downshifts can lik vidirovat manually using paddles. There he and honest manual mode.

Oddly enough, trouble waiting in the parking lot. This is where the beauty of the victims demanded that where all the popular and easily accessible climbs up on the curb, you have to turn around and look for another place. Bumpers low, and front parking sensors would not hurt – unfortu leniyu, even in the richest set “three rubles” is only offered back.

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