Game Star Wars: Battlefront II

Oh, how we love shooters! Love it? Huh? Well, of course, love. Games like a magnet that pulls and pulls to itself not in an understandable way. We pass

game star wars battlefront ii 01

game star wars battlefront ii 01

Oh, how we love shooters! Love it? Huh? Well, of course, love. Games like a magnet that pulls and pulls to itself not in an understandable way. We pass closer to the subject and tell more about the game.

October 31, 2005, Lucas arts released a game called Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Game developers that Pandemic Studios. Game genre, tactical first-person shooter / third. I’ve always liked the universe Star Wars, movies, games, cartoons, and with the advent Battlefront I sat nights for her and she liked me so that was very difficult to break away! By the way, limiting the age of 12 +, so that kids are out of school, too, can play, there’s no blood, do not be afraid.

The game was released on the old console. Took the game very positive. Pc version of the game received scores of 76.6% and 78/100. The game was ranked 6th in the list of best selling games of 2005 to assess NPD Group, who did it? And hell knows, the main thing that took sixth place and well! We now turn to the general!

And the universe is big!

I want to tell you about the plot, but there is much to tell and what not.

Plot: The plot is simple, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was created based on II-IV episodes movies. If not watched Star Wars, the scat of here and go see those, and then tell me all about it! By the way, a continuation of the first part of Battlefront.


Whoa, and gameplay here affects the most! Like his older brother, that is the first part of the game. Although there is added new mechanics. Goal of the game to eliminate the enemy faction and its people, while capturing the planet. Also in the company added additional job that does not allow you be bored. For example: Protect the gates that keep time on the glue and soon otvalyatsya; kill ten healthy, slimy, disgusting mutants. And so on. So the difference in parts that in the second part more modes: Capture the Flag; battle; capture and hold key positions, points checkpoint. So we can play for different factions and more heroes! Always wanted can fight in the pumpkin “resistance / rebel”, no question! Take Darth Veydara and go ahead, that’s because of this, too, was fun! Just added in the second part in a sprint units, heroes and magic flop.

The game has battles to choose from. So you yourself choose what genre’ll fight and who you’ll play. Just in combat settings you can change the number of opponents, the level of intelligence, access or ban heroes in battle, and so on.

So, the game is divided into two eras. At each of these two factions are fighting. So you choose which side you stand, and every step will be valued the lives of your soldiers, be careful!

The first era.

  1. Old Galactic Republic – Clone Wars vs. Army
  2. Confederacy of Independent Systems – Army of robots, droids.

Second era.

  1. Rebel Alliance – Resistance fighting for freedom against
  2. Galactic Empire – Empire Army, the remaining forces of clones.

The game is simply unrealistic to factions fought from different eras! It is not permissible! Because they were based at different times.

Single game mode


You have to go seventeen story missions! So, the plot begins with the episode II. The first mission will map “Geonosis” if anyone remembers where he first encountered the clone army and separatists! You will need to go for a clone of the first 501-Legion training. Here you get acquainted with the classes and their abilities. Also, you will operate machinery, and in the end will give a character named “Mace Windu”, you must know who it is! And then I will not say because it’s a spoiler.

Capture Galaxy

Company is a plus shooter with economic support. Choose in what era you’ll play, for which faction and forth. First, we will have several of our fleet and the planets, and how it goes on depends on you! Just you and the opponent has the key planet if grab it …. And fuck you, I will not tell! You grab the first! Goal – to capture all of the galaxy and destroy his opponent. For every victory you get “Loans” unit of money if for Russian. Loans are needed for that would buy a variety of bonuses, for example: strengthening your units, the addition of armor / weapons, replenish your troops at a critical moment, which is given to buy a hero in the middle rounds, and so on. You can still buy different classes and strengthen your army that useful in combat! Also on the “Loans” can build their fleets. If you encounter the enemy on the same planet, then the fight will go on its surface between your cruisers. Here is when the action begins! If you’re good to fly a plane, please sit down and shoot other spaceships. I have not turned out so badly, because I oblique and play shooters can not. Constantly crashed and died from it. You can even take your spaceship and go to the enemy cruiser, so I did. Land in his rear and strike back by blowing up the ship system! The most proven and reliable way. But there is not safe as you wake one there, and enemies will often revive long, you will not pull!

Quick Scramble

Any card, any team, any style of battle! You select a card to your taste and color. This does not affect what is not, so that you can have fun there! Just choose the style battle, also to your taste. Choose a faction of your choice, and then we can no longer taste that either! Not all cards are available for all modes of battles, so that where here you upset.

As still there is a supplement to the company. Can either download or buy. In addition added one faction and its plot. Faction called “Imperial deserters” who like the name, that guy.

Character Classes

Total eight characters in the game, and each different features / abilities. Four class standard, two for space battles, and two special classes and each faction they are different. Each is unique in its own way, so you should be able to play these games and winning tactics. This is not a contraceptive, so you have to think a little before attacking. In the game you can give orders to his troops and mostly they listen to you. Properly use this opportunity!

Standard classes

  • Soldier – In the role gunship. Good soldiers at medium ranges, weapons: Assault rifle, blaster and four grenades. Average running speed and health.
  • Rocketeer – against technology is unique. Arsenal: Homing bazooka blaster, mines and two grenades. Speed ​​is slow, but a large supply of health.
  • Sniper – We all know how a sniper! Sniper effective over long distances. Arsenal: Sniper Rifle, Blaster, two grenades, and a turret. High speed, but less than all health!
  • Engineer – A class that heals allies and restores turret droids assistants. Arsenal: Shotgun cutter to repair equipment, set of cartridges with health and bomb with a detonator. Average speed of movement and supply of health.
  • Special classes

For each fraction for two special classes of characters. And also different possibilities.

Clone Army:

  • Clone Commander – Heavy soldiers. Arsenal: blaster gun, capable of leading heavy fire while overheated, effective at medium ranges. Skill improvement and protecting allies droid spy.
  • Reactive clone soldiers – Equipped with jet packs! Able to take off, but not for long. Arsenal: blaster, missile launcher. High speed sprint, but little health.

Droid army:

  • MagnaGuards – guard General Grievous. Arsenal: rocket launcher and a grenade launcher. Have the ability to toxic poison sprays, thus killing his opponents.
  • Droideka – The most powerful droid! Moves like bun with vulnerable. In the expanded state is covered with a shield, it is very difficult to break!


  • Imperial officer – Arsenal: blaster and a grenade launcher. Sprint speed and size of health, as well as for ordinary soldiers.
  • Dark soldiers – is carrying a jet-pack. Just able to take off on a small building. Arsenal: Blaster, Rocket. Level peredvezheniya fast, small stock of health.

Resistance / Rebels:

  • Bothan Spy – Arsenal: Rifle, Blaster and the ability to burn the enemy at close range. Low reserve of health, but a quick run.
  • Wookiee warrior – all familiar to us by Wookiees. Arsenal: crossbow and a grenade launcher. Large supply of health but it is not hardy and weak sprint.


Almost all maps have a technique for different factions. You can get to the enemy spawn, take their own vehicles and shoot all to hell! All equipment is divided into land, air and space. Also, you can order your troops to take the technique and follow you. Looks nice from the outside, just like the convoy!


It is time to sum up! I am happy with the game despite the fact that the game was released in 2005, and now it does not look bad. Besides graphics, of course. It’s like Battlefield! Only in the old covers, without damage, but with great potential. Let’s not forget such masterpieces!

Pros: dynamic battles, lots of maps, modes and features, facilities and management detachment; graphics (for 2005).

Cons: And fuck you, the game has no cons for me! I put this masterpiece 10/10 and this is my final decision!

And it’s all. Peace to you people, yet!


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