Game review “Ryse: Son of Rome”. Beautifully and pointless

By the start of the project lines consoles can not be taken seriously. Typically, this second-rate games, which were collected in a hurry almost on his

Ryse Son of Rome 00

Ryse Son of Rome 00

By the start of the project lines consoles can not be taken seriously. Typically, this second-rate games, which were collected in a hurry almost on his knee to somehow motivate the players to purchase a brand new game system. The same could be said about Ryse, if not to take into account the fact that the game was originally developed for the Xbox 360.


Like all games from Crytek, Ryse somehow tries to seem greater than is actually. Swing on an interesting plot completely countered missing logic and mediocre performance of the actors. Promised fun gameplay and remained in the press releases. Not only changed the schedule that, in general, it is not surprising to Crytek. And in general, why just about the shortcomings, let’s discuss the merits of the project.

In graphic terms Ryse looks great. Roman swords shine in the morning sun cuts through lush trees, crown, and armor visible even tiny rivets and seams. Barbaric axes covered with gore, and fur capes can see every strand of wool. What is striking is the diligence with which designers approached their work. All locations are full of detail and polish, even those that Mari is not delayed longer than 20 seconds.

Stunningly detailed and huge cities and picturesque landscapes – Ryse clearly shows that the new generation of consoles slightly worse doroguschih gaming computers. And this is only one of the first games. What will be six or seven years?

For the first fifteen minutes of Mari Titus covers himself liters enemy blood and literally carpeting its way decapitated and dismembered corpses. It seems that if the game looks so cool already at the beginning, what will happen then? Nothing.

The fact that all of their good sides Ryse shows the very beginning. Decent combat system, based on a good player reaction, in practice turns into the next contest for how long you can batter the same buttons on the controller before you begin twitching eye. Yes, there is blocks, rolls and counterattacks, but they are of little use, because the enemies behave always the same – see shout (or offer to rip the belly), and start running towards the backhand swing your sword (ax, club). Within two or three skirmishes with smelly barbarians can collapse on the couch and playing with his toes, still you have no surprise. Although thicker make enemies again to pick up the controller, but only because my toes get tired faster, and beat these people need a little longer.

Even seemingly spectacular finishing first with amputation of limbs and viscera winding by the sword turn into another sequence of repetitive actions. With each dead enemy you less and less want to do bungling. And oh, how it is bad for the game, putting violence against enemies based gameplay.

Some diversity in artistic cutting enemies to make a Greek salad job in which you need to lead a small unit of Roman soldiers in sieges or manage ballista. But when it seems that this is it, a variety of missions with sieges turn into another tyagomotinu, you just lazily moving forward, sometimes shouting commands (Kinect too!) Comrades “Shields up!” or placing archers on the comfortable position for the attack. Sections ballista generally similar to the arcade: you stupid stupid barbarians fire back awkwardly traveling towards invigorating half-meter arrows launched by Titus. And it is not surprising that these episodes or no effect on the storyline as a whole. Titus masterfully led the siege of the enemy fortifications and helped to break the backbone of the rebellious enemy? Nothing special in the Roman army of activists such as mushrooms after rain.

Brings a lot of joy and a unique system of passive QTE in battle. Just click on the buttons here and do not need – even if you make a mistake, Titus still send a barbarian to the forefathers, drove his sword into his belly to the hilt. The main thing – not to win but to take part. You tried.

Network mode copies the entire problem of the single player campaign. Gladiator fights in the Coliseum only chic commercials looked cool, when in fact also make you yawn with boredom. Run to Slaughter the fool, and then come back a hundred steps back overturn a vat of boiling oil, look at a few more enemies scream in pain as a girl. Also allowed to take a gladiator fight one ability (as opposed to Titus, pacing all at once), increases the damage or regenerating health.

Rating: 5.0

Sample scene with the dramatic swing and mental suffering Mary Titus eventually becomes a series of well-set but empty statements heroes. Amorphous combat system practically does not require the player nothing. Nothing at all. Even QTE works for you. Multiplayer mode made for show. And just stunning graphics.

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