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Everyone loves meat? Huh? I ask you! Naturally everyone loves meat, blood, guts, ketchup and tearing the limbs of any critters and people. But in 2009,

game prototype 01

game prototype 01

Everyone loves meat? Huh? I ask you! Naturally everyone loves meat, blood, guts, ketchup and tearing the limbs of any critters and people. But in 2009, these games was little and now the light has gone out nominee in the “Game of the Year”, but it bypassed InFamous. And so I present to you the Prototype! Game genre Action, where there is freedom, violence and much more.

I’ve told you that before 2010 or 2011, I played on a laptop. On the feeble, fucking laptop. Although I was glad that I have something. Friends on a story I really wanted to try this game, but I did not fit my laptop system requirements that upset me and I fell into a depression – again acting dofiga. I watched the gameplay and the walkthrough, and admired! She just looked at height. I do not know why, but still I liked it.

And here came the same time when I bought a powerful computer, oh yeah baby! I was glad, and on the same day I bought Prototype. I looked forward to when he is established and that 98%, 99% … 100% “Hurrah still life is good”, that’s how I ran around the house and yelled, and then another 10 minutes waiting for the established DirectX. The game showed its best side. When that game came out in 2009, and I played in 2010 or 2011, I do not remember. We now turn to the subject closer, and then I got carried away.

Spawn monster!

Oh, the story, the plot is good, but that would be all his retell it takes a long time. And it will be very boring and tedious to read. I try to make it smaller.

The game take place in New York in 2009. The city was discovered by the deadly virus. The whole city is in chaos! Alex Mercer, was the name of our main character wakes up in the morgue of the corporation “Gentek”. He woke up, which is still a couple of seconds and his doctors would sawed in half. But he did not remember what not, and doctors immediately scared and ran away from the morgue. Alex had a hard time getting on its feet and trying to get out of the morgue, covered in blood, he goes to the door. He went out and was seen by soldiers. Immediately try to kill him, but Alex survives, he is shocked that such a concentration of lead in his body he was able to survive. After he hides and reveals the ability to absorb any living organism and get their memory, as well as to change the shape in their body. He understands that he is not a man but a monster. He did not remember that and wants to put everything in order, so she decides to take advantage of its power in search of his past! “Black Watch” Alex is trying to find and fix, Alex codename “Zeus”

And then everything is clear, Alex will have to eat all through their abilities and learn the truth. Here and think not. We proceed to the gameplay!


The most beautiful part is the gameplay. Open world of the game there and it is also good! From the beginning, after the passage of the first job, you can also wander around the city once and collect blue spheres that give points. Points need to improve and upgrade capabilities. You do not have enough speed? Bleed run and Alex will move faster. And so every action: jump, dash, dodge, leap in the air, flight and elements of parkour. Yes, parkour game is, and that is also nice. Running around the house, at the end we execute parkour element, such as flips or somersaults. Very, very nice again if traveling through the city is not doing quests.

The most important thing is the ability! Yes abilities. They are not so much, but they are nice and each different actions. What is also pleasing to the eye. As weapons includes bare hands, with which we can take the enemy and then absorb! Absorption is very beautiful and each time differently. For example: We throw a person on the floor and his head davim foot or pierces through his hand, which is also nice and there is a lot of action! Oh yes, some are able to open for the passage of the company.

  1. Claws – claws are primary missions. Nice look. Chop all the right and left. Not quite effective against vehicles. Secondary Attack – Alex has claws into the ground and claws come out of the ground bumping their opponents in the sharp tips.
  2. Hands-hammers – very effective against any kind of transport, but there is one drawback, long swing and impact velocity.
  3. Whip – one of the nice weapons Alex. Effective against helicopters and crowds usual zombies. You can pull subjects using the whip or catch up to the helicopter, and sit on it.
  4. Blade – opened for the passage of the plot. Effective in all forms, fast, powerful and sharp. The game is considered the most powerful weapon.
  5. Shield – creates a barrier on the arm of Alex during the sprint or when just standing sight on the object.
  6. Muscle mass – the hands are as titanium. Resemble hands – hammer. Increases the strength of the cast and its range.
  7. Armor – Alex covers the body strange thing. As it is difficult to break through the armor, and speed sprint, jump cut.

Weapons like everything. Oh yeah, forgot to say that in transport, which can be used to take the military and you! Also in the game has a base on which we must wade quietly inside the base and can kill all or pass on stealth and kill only a specific target. Yes, the game is stealth! You can quietly absorb opponents while also saying that it’s Alex in the form of a soldier then shoot his other soldiers. Or you can call in the form of artillery captain and undermine all to hell! Sorry for the mat, but in a different way and not say.

Game better place to the music genre of “rock” or “metal”. I took it under «Linkin Park» and it was fun, cool and in the subject. Well, you choose how to pass. I admire the game now. Actual game where you can kill and destroy all. You played the “Hulk”? In the game “Hulk” also has an open world, and people. If you accidentally hit a man, then he departs at 10 meters, and then get up and run. Like, he’s a super hero and do not want to do this. In this Prototype and can not hack everyone who you do not like.


What do we have? Game with an open world and dismemberment, genre Action. To summarize.

Pros: The elements of parkour; Abilities that affect gameplay; Guts, meat and ketchup!; Melee, spectacular battle.

Cons: Graphics at the time was good but not up to par; Inarticulate plot and conversations; bosses that can kill one ability, in the second half of the game would be boring; cardboard city!

And I have that’s all. As one great gamer “Do not listen to anyone not playing in what you like,” and he was damn right!

Peace to you people, yet!

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