I, Frankenstein: My father – Watch or not?

As the idea to make a movie that Frankenstein's monster, galvanized and therefore soulless, gradually becomes a man and the soul finds the judges, in the

As the idea to make a movie that Frankenstein’s monster, galvanized and therefore soulless, gradually becomes a man and the soul finds the judges, in the course of the play taking its unnatural origin, it would be very bad, another thing that comic thriller with this task can not handle, you do not vampire elegy Neil Jordan and Jim Jarmusch. And then there’s someone known only feasible participation in creating a storyline to the first “Pirates of the Caribbean” Stuart Beattie after the release of teenage nouneym-boevichka “Tomorrow, when the war began” (in our localization “Invasion: The Battle for Paradise”) sharply felt the director- blokbasterostroitelem and off to the winds with the budget and Aaron Eckhart.

It is clear from this that get anything worthwhile could only under one circumstance – if the appointed Stuart Beattie suddenly remembered that he was still primarily a screenwriter, and wrote a comic book would be normal script with dialogue there a coherent logic of actions and characters Boring other about which is not written in Manuals for ‘gold standard’, and glimpses which flashed, for example, too utterly zashtampovannoe “accomplices” .


Beattie but this time it all without interest, he dabbles with animal electricity and slightly shramirovannym Eckhart in a scene, but because the film began as a mournful “He made me a bastard and I drove it for his wife and killed himself left the wind driven and he me but caught cold on the way and then I brought him back and buried as it is with a book in his bosom that what animals are we “because, in general, and continues with the same level of motivation. Ah, the demons came for me, so I’ll hunt demons (by the way, as he did without gorgulinyh crosses), ah, gargoyles for the main Miranda Otto, means for gargoyles I will not hunt. And other daisy-like I do not.

So do not shoot movies and TV shows, of which half a dozen now similar in level. Especially seriality added secondary characters forever for someone mowing Hollywood (former synulya John MacLane Jai Courtney so frankly decimated by Worthington that last for even uncomfortable), clumsy staging and delusional boevok dialogues about who when and why to release the Kraken will kill all humans. Well at least as a result of endless snoozes premiere visual part managed to bring to the screen relative to the normal level, although the flying stone gargoyles somehow still do not believe that they are not flight physics.

In the course of a few general gloom brightens futuristic shpetseffekt revitalize the rat (also, of course, roughly shramirovannoy across all without this in any way), but not for long, because it starts again running for a book, then for Adam, then again for a book, then again for Adam. Have you already decided!

In fact, going to the movies are only one and a half minutes – the penultimate scene of “luring”, where Eckhart all this in slow motion, and the camera, which is across the bottom of his flies. The viewer has been waiting for a kiss on the diaphragm, but it will leave us at last, and yet blunt gargoyle mindlessly rushing into the room, while we strongly hinted at a sequel.

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