Former deputy director of the CIA called the Olympics in Sochi “most dangerous” in their lives

In the United States continue to express serious concerns about security during the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi. Former deputy CIA director, Mike

sochi 2014 00

sochi 2014 00

In the United States continue to express serious concerns about security during the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi. Former deputy CIA director, Mike Morrell, said that in his opinion “the most dangerous Olympic Games during his adult life,” and that the Americans, who will travel to Sochi, there is nothing to worry, writes The Washington Times .

“There is a skillful, dedicated, determined terrorist group, which has existed for a long time, and recently made two attacks in Russia. It says it wants to attack during the Games” – the newspaper quoted one of the former heads of the security services. Excerpt from an article published InoPressa .

The other day some Islamist group “Ansar al-Sunnah,” presumably Dagestan and not well-known Iraqi same name, claimed responsibility for the bombings in Volgograd on 29 and 30 December 2013, which have claimed more than 30 people, and said that militants preparing to launch new attacks during the Sochi Olympics.

Venue Olympic most probably well protected, but the real threat to Americans may be in hotels, motels and airports outside the Olympic village, Morrell said. He said that would be worried for the airport and the “Western” hotels “elsewhere in Russia,” the article says.

A day earlier, a similar statement was made by the chairman of the House Committee on National Security, Michael McCaul in an interview with CBS. According to him, in terms of security threats Games in Sochi, “are the most serious of those that he had seen, because of the proximity to the Olympic Village terrorists.” He also said that in case of deterioration in United States, “may be considered a” question of cancellation of Americans in these Games, adds The Washington Times.

A week earlier, McCall has said the threats in connection with the upcoming Olympics in Russia. “Basically it calls for attacks on the Olympic Games. I think attempts (terrorist attacks) will follow,” – said the congressman American journalists. He suggested that, as in Volgograd, target militants in Sochi could become a public transport as the most vulnerable area of ​​infrastructure.

Russia minimized the U.S. security assistance in Sochi

Against this background, a former senior FBI spokesman in Moscow David Rubinkem complained that Russian authorities are reluctant to accept the proposed American aid in securing the Olympic Games in Sochi and suspicious of her concern, writes The Washington Post .

Washington offered to send in Sochi 100 staff, including specialists honored by explosive devices, but Russian, according Rubinkema were willing to take no more than a dozen security officers the U.S., eventually agreed to send a few dozen Russian agents, the article said, as quoted by InoPressa .

“They agreed to only a small fraction of what we have proposed,” – said Rubinkem, who worked in the Russian capital from May 2011 to October 2012. According to him, the promise is clear: “You can express yourself, but only for show.” While forecasts for U.S. security in Sochi “not optimistic,” said Rubinkem, but did not go into details, citing the secrecy of the information, the newspaper writes.

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