“Fleming”: how to become James Bond

As of playboy become a world-class spy? How to use the irrepressible craving for risk for the benefit of the country and to raise the level of adrenaline

As of playboy become a world-class spy? How to use the irrepressible craving for risk for the benefit of the country and to raise the level of adrenaline in your blood?Tell us about this new, stylish and dynamic miniseries co-production of BBC America and Sky Atlantic. 

Fleming – this is a true and fascinating story about one of the most mysterious men of the XX century, whose life and actions were the basis for the creation of the legendary 007.

Picture shows: Ian Fleming (DOMINIC COOPER) and Ann O?Neill (LARA PULVER)

Major role in the action-thriller takes biographical Dominic Cooper (“Mamma Mia”, “The Devil’s Double”). His character, the future world-famous writer Ian Fleming – a charming and refined lone adventurer and a white crow. All the time he spends on it to entertain. Beautiful women, gambling, luxury cars and boats – it anything does not deny, and comes off in full. But something is missing … Ian Yes and relatives they do not really satisfied.

Action show unfolds in the prewar period, and once Fleming has a chance to prove himself – his recruiting in exploration. And the life of this beautiful and intelligent man takes on new meaning. Ian gets a chance to prove their worth, to realize the ambition to become a hero. First, he considers a new job as the next great adventure, but very soon Fleming understands where his talents can be useful Lovelace and poseur. It turns out that he has all the makings to become a … Perfect spy.


So Ian is among people making history in the thick of things in the middle of the most dangerous operations, including against the Nazis. The viewer a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes intelligence, learn all the nuances and tricks of recruiting the best people for MI6, and – last but not least interesting – to get acquainted with the inner demons Fleming. A man who became the prototype of James Bond.


The director of the new show, Matt Whitecross, was nominated for a BAFTA for documentary war drama “The Road to Guantanamo.” Wrote the screenplay for the project Don McPherson (“The Avengers”, 1998) and John Brownlow (“Sylvia”).One of the producers was listed Douglas Rae (“Jane Austen” “NOWHERE BOY”).

For love story in the show is responsible charming Baroness Ann O’Neill, who abruptly change the lives of Fleming. Baroness played luxurious beauty Lara Pyulve. Our viewer knows this actress for her role in the TV series Irene Adler “Sherlock». In the role of brother Ian made ​​Rupert Evans, and mother of the protagonist played by Lesley Manville.

The basis of the series put the book “The Life of Ian Fleming,” which was writtenby John Pearson – Bond creator official biographer. In addition, work on the show were used letters and diaries wife Fleming, as well as stories of his own life. It was not that he could be trusted … But “a man who wanted to be Bond,” used to say:“You should never let excessive credibility to stand between you and your history.”

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