The Flash. In Central City come chill

Fans of the TV show The Flash , ready - to Central City approaching cold front!

The Flash. In Central City come chill

Fans of the TV show The Flash , ready – to Central City approaching cold front! 

As the portal TVLine, Wentworth Miller, speaking in a cameo role in the TV series House MD, play Leonard Snart, also known as Captain Cold. Villain appear in the fourth episode of the first season. Currently there are no details about the character or how he got his famous weapon – the ability to withstand flash using extremely low temperatures. 

The Flash. In Central City come chill

Creators also brought some clarity to the image firestorms, which, as we already know, will embody the screen Robbie Amell, brother Stephen Amella. For those who are not sure about the history of the origin of the character, we give a brief overview of the original comic. After the nuclear incident at a nuclear power plant of the Hudson body young guy Ronnie Raymond merged with the mind of a scientist Martin Stein. Stein became a voice that can only hear Ronnie, managing body .Also, they both got superpowers and began to call themselves firestorms. 

On the question of whether there will be on the screen Martin Stein, executive producer Greg Berlanti series said that originally the character was to appear before the audience still in the pilot, but in the end, these scenes were cut.However, do not be upset, because we know that the hero Robbie Amella first get a little screen time in the third episode of the new items. Then he and intersect with the scientist Stein. 

The Flash. In Central City come chill

Another producer, Andrew Kreisberg, told about the difference between Barry Allen from Oliver Queen: “We are not going to do the same projects and talk about the character, similar to the Arrow. In the The Flash we show a regular guy, who is suddenly fallen greatness. “Kreisberg also assured reporters that fans can look forward to frequent crossovers between serials. 

To clarify the situation with the appearance of the Flash. Many fans vividly discussing the future image of the character in the net, complained that his suit turned bright enough and not scarlet relying hero. Berlanti soothes viewers:“Costume will evolve over time – he will get more saturated colors.” 

Premiere TV The Flash show will be held on October 7 channel The CW.

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