Five reasons to get acquainted with “Modern Family”

If for some reason you still have not seen a single series "Modern Family» (Modern Family) and wondering what would sort of look

Five reasons to get acquainted with "Modern Family"


If for some reason you still have not seen a single series “Modern Family» (Modern Family) and wondering what would sort of look, here are five reasons to pay attention to this long-running and studded awards, among which appear “Emmy“and” Golden Globe “sitcom channel ABC.
Five reasons to get acquainted with "Modern Family"

1. soulful. “Modern Family” – perhaps the most soulful series on modern television.Despite the fact that he makes fun of all existing aspects of family life, the show downright blows warm. Each episode of “family” ends with a touching little speech one of the characters, or a ten scenes, which at times with fire tear of emotion in the viewer, laughed incessantly over the previous 20 minutes. Looking at how sincerely, despite all podkoly, love each other Dunphy, Pritchett and Tucker, you catch yourself thinking that for a long time did not call her parents.

2. The absence of moralizing. It is impossible to have a conversation about family relationships without digression into the topic of bad behavior. Children sometimes fall to the police, while adults can enjoy too much. No less painful for many of us are matters of adultery, homophobia, mixed marriages or bullied. Writers “family” is so masterly that manage to beat the fun all sharp corners, doing at the same time without unnecessary moralizing.

3. Pearl Phil. Phil Dunphy – just a storehouse of wisdom. In life, he may not be ideal: the awkward, sometimes childish, loves movies Krysminoga. However, if you listen to what he says, you can learn a lot. For example, if a son sees you as one of their friends pridurochnyh, you completely took as a father. By the way, Ty Burrell has two personal “Emmy” for this role. He also composed the entire ensemble cast for four consecutive years received a collective US Screen Actors Guild Award.

4. Humor in stock. Even the weakest series “family” contain placer strong jokes that meet the tastes of the most demanding audience. One gets the feeling that the writers show somewhere hidden inexhaustible source of irony and sarcasm.Modern Family knows a million ways to amuse himself gloomy beech, using the whole arsenal of comedy of his predecessors, as well as modern techniques humorous. If at any point, or that joke you think is too old-fashioned or flat, you can be sure that in a minute you’ll be laughing out loud: Range funny “Modern Family”wide as anywhere.

5. “Modern Family” is not boring. Unbelievable but true. The series lives on the air since 2009, and as he began to collect premiums at the start and can not stop.Altogether this sitcom 94 professional awards and 223 nominations. Usually when some comedy keeps the air for so long, critics of her gradually forgotten and it is broadcast by inertia, while the big bosses arrange ratings. “Modern Family”confidently holds the quality bar, so the love of the audience to these cute characters with their shortcomings unabated. For many, Phil, Claire, Cam and Jayhave become close relatives with whom you can not see each other for a long time, but do not miss them does not work.

And finally, a bonus offer you two good reasons to watch this show …


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