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Hello again ! Vacation finally ended and we have for you at four news, another interesting one ! Let's start with the fact that at CES 2014 was officially

Sony news 00

Sony news 00

Hello again ! Vacation finally ended and we have for you at four news, another interesting one ! Let’s start with the fact that at CES 2014 was officially announced Xperia Z1 Compact, which many have dreamed of back in the fall , in addition to approach music smartphone Xperia E1 and affordable 6 – inch device Xperia T2 Ultra. And finally , in the soon to be released incredible bracelet SmartBand, which can be classed in fitness gadgets , if not for its additional functions.

Compact phone

It seems that the battle for the diagonal direction is gradually changing . Race for inches pleases not all users and those who would like to purchase a smartphone with top-end features and a screen smaller than 5 inches is growing. I personally know a few people who still enjoy pozaproshlogodnih Xperia S and Arc S , and refuse to upgrade because of the impressive size of modern flagship devices. It is for this audience , primarily designed new model from Sony – Xperia Z1 Compact.
In contrast to the small versions of the flagship smartphones many manufacturers who often are trimmed anything , Xperia Z1 Compact does not differ from Xperia Z1, absolutely nothing , except , indeed, sizes. All other virtues “big brother” , including the most powerful 20 -megapixel camera, cheryrehyaderny Snapdragon processor 800 , Adreno 330 graphics accelerator , 2 GB of RAM – in place. IPS- diagonal display is loved by many 4.3 inches, and resolution – 1280×720 . The device is available in several versions – not only in the traditional black and white, but also in yellow and pink colors , which makes it attractive not only for respectable citizens, but also for fashionistas .

Screen: 4.3 -inch , 1280×720
Processor : Quad 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800
Memory: 2 GB RAM , 16 GB of internal slot for SD- cards
Battery: 2300 mAh
Colour: white, black, pink, yellow

Loud And Proud

Next novelty is designed for those who long for music phones series Walkman. The new model Sony Xperia E1 can cause you a warm nostalgic feelings , expanding their delight from modern technology. Four-inch smartphone is equipped with a powerful speaker , providing the volume up to 100 dB , and a dedicated button to launch the player and switch tracks . Feature «Shake to shuffle» lets mix composition simply by shaking the phone , and with software and technology ClearAudio + xLOUD provide quality playback of any music at maximum volume. In addition , Xperia E1 excellent feels surrounded by wireless gadgets from Sony, such as , for example, speakers or headset SRS BTV5 SBH50. Incidentally , it is proposed as one embodiment of SIM- card, and two ?

Display: 4-inch, 800×480
Processor : Dual Core Qualcomm MSM8210 1.2 GHz
Memory: 512 MB ​​RAM , 4GB of internal slot for SD- card ( ? ?)
Battery : 1700 mAh
Colour: white, black , purple

Big One

If Xperia E1 is designed primarily for music lovers and compact devices , the next novelty – Xperia T2 Ultra will delight those who love huge screens and can not live without movies and videos. A six-inch screen Triluminos no one would call small! However , unlike the giant flagship Xperia Z Ultra, this model belongs to the mid-market and can afford it anyone. However , accessibility does not come at the expense of performance , which is responsible for the quad-core processor . 13 – megapixel camera is equipped with additional features, such as Portrait Retouch, allowing you to make perfect self-portraits or Background Defocus, with which you can create the effect of blurring the background , like a reflex cameras. For these dimensions requires solid powerful battery , so T2 Ultra fitted battery capacity of 3000 mAh. Developed versions of one and two SIM cards .

Display: 6-inch , 233 ppi, 1280×720
Processor : Quad 400 MSM8928 Snapdragon
Memory: 1 GB of RAM , 8 GB of internal slot for SD- cards
Battery: 3000 mAh
Camera : Exmor RS 13 Mn
Colour: white, black , purple

Bracelet for bloggers

Now a bit about the wristband SmartBand. At first glance it may seem that this is another sports tracker, which measures the distance traveled and calories burned . Yes, it is also able , but , unlike analogue , SmartBand is not only for sports but also for everyday life , allowing to maintain detailed statistics of all your daily activities ( and not just action – inaction is also taken into account) . In a special application LifeLog will be recorded not only your morning jog , exercise or bicycle ride , but the bus ride or a few hours in front of computer or TV.
In addition, the bracelet can monitor sleep cycles , and also allows you to control the player and answer incoming calls. The device is protected from water and is available in nine colors. The platform will be open to third party developers , so it is expected to appear absolutely incredible applications , as it were, for example, 2 hours SmartWatch .
SmartBand can use not only for fitness and entertainment , but also for time management – to gather information on how the day goes allows more efficient to manage your time , or at least , get to know what you spent it .

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