First look at Sony VAIO Fit A multi-flip and VAIO Tap 11

At IFA this year Sony had a lot of interesting announcements, about some things not written just lazy (sorry), others have been bypassed attention of

At IFA this year Sony had a lot of interesting announcements, about some things not written just lazy (sorry), others have been bypassed attention of journalists. 

Updated with Android Walkman players do not cause interest, PS4 will not look here, except that the joystick, video, audio recorder, camera support 4K for simple consumer systems that support high definition sound – everything is great, but is addressed too niche audience.

Quite another matter – laptops. For example, Sony VAIO Fit A. Most importantly, you need to know about this device – below the display is the lever by moving it, you can fold the cover mechanism is made interesting. And what is necessary to combine the cover? Right to have turned the tablet. Moreover, there Fit A with screens 13, 14 and 15.5 inches. Displays naturally sensor. On the back is a 8 megapixel camera, a lot of metal, and this applies to the panel next to the keyboard, and cover – metal here literally at your fingertips. Features of interest, let’s talk about even younger model with a diagonal of 13.3 inches.

Display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the processor Intel Core i7-4500U and Intel HD Graphics 44000, SSD up to 512 GB. Supported digital pen, weight 1,2 kg, dimensions 223.4 x 14.3 x 325.4 mm. There is also support NFC, of ​​course, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. Two colors, black and silver. On price yet say nothing, as they do not tell about the time, just promise something of a series of “several hours.” I liked the laptop, the photos does not look great in life quite well. The large touchpad – it is also a plus. As you know, here are running Windows 8 with all its consequences. How will normally work with the tablet with a diagonal of 15.5 inches – hard to say how hard it is to know who might need this functionality.

But with the tablet Sony VAIO Tap 11 (Windows Tablet PC) to understanding, no questions asked. When you are in Russia, unknown, very light, thin, the keyboard is quite comfortable on the back of the folding legs. Inside Intel Core i5-4210Y, 4 GB of RAM, 11-inch diagonal display. Judging by the sales of such devices Microsoft, at Tap 11 is a complex fate, apparently it is very cool, weighs little, almost grown operating system – so sit yourself and work in the cafe.

But even during the exhibition zankomstva were some glitches, bugs. For example, not changing very quickly display orientation, the display reacts SOCA late, well, in the end I managed to achieve that 11 Tap turned off and is no longer involved. Two colors, black and white. About Microsoft tablet can read the review on our website, I think, very much like a lot.

Again, the design is cool. Has a magnetic platform, you can add a keyboard and a tablet. Traditionally, the VAIO (and Xperia) neat caps, plastic velvety, in general, with an all cool.

We are waiting for Sony VAIO Fit A in Russia, will be studying the details. I would be interested to try a model with a diagonal of 13.3 inches.

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