Fading Gigolo

Really a pleasant comedy that written, directed by and starring John Turturro. Simple and effective for this, Gigolo case is the story of two best friends

Really a pleasant comedy that written, directed by and starring John Turturro. Simple and effective for this, Gigolo case is the story of two best friends who, at the height of economic hardship, are rediscovering the oldest profession in the world.

When Murray (Woody Allen), he receives from his fascinating dermatologist (Sharon Stone), the task of finding a man made to pay for a menage a trois, the friend, Fioravante (John Turturro), seems ideal. Nice but not good with women: corteggiarle knows, understands them, including their needs.

And in no time at all, the customer increases. Until the arrival of a young widow (Vanessa Paradis) communication Hasidic Brooklyn. A woman waiting to be discovered, which breaks down the defenses of Fioravante.

The film touches on several issues, primarily the solitude, intimacy, love and friendship.

It refers to the economic crisis that is gripping the years by small companies such as libraries sector and we talk about romantic relationships often seemingly perfect but actually empty.

With deft touch of style, the filmmaker explores his city, New York, focusing on its multi-ethnic character. Through the clever use of close-ups and details, probe thoughts and actions of the characters, revealing the peculiar characteristics. It is not vulgar nor obvious case for Gigolo is a film that gently and irony, addresses current issues and unresolved. How, for example, that a rich and beautiful woman, married to a man as wealthy and charming, has a desperate desire for attention?

“Very often,” the director said at the press conference held in Rome, “the men are with women for sex but there are better in the company of other men. And it also happens that a man is nice but boring.”


Here then is the gigolo, craft certainly less common than his female alter ego, comes into play to fill voids of various kinds and entities.

In addition to the screenplay, written with care and with the same attention that depicts the protagonists of the story, another point in favor of John Turturro’s film is certainly the soundtrack: a pot pourri of songs ranging from French to American, until You are our na ‘big thing, just to symbolize the colorful New York in which the story takes place and where she lives, really, the director.


Woody Allen – despite the recent scandals and the failure Oscar for his career – always amuses with his digs and gives another brilliant performance, one of the few movies where you leave direct from other directors. Also apply the female protagonists: Vanessa Paradis, Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara. Each represents a different type of woman, with a distinct personality.

To see the point. Because it is a nice movie, the kind that, at the end of the projection, they come out with a smile and a sense of relaxation.

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